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Alex’s Coupons Temporarily Suspends Donation Program

Hi Everyone,

It's with great frustration and sadness that I'm writing this message. On December 27, 2005 Alex's Coupons was dropped from the Google rankings, which had a devastating effect on our income to say the least. Nevertheless, we continued to donate at least $1000 each month hoping that the drop off would be short lived as it always had been in the past. Unfortunately, 8 1/2 months later there has been no change and we have no way of knowing how much longer this will last. With this being the case, we have no choice but to suspend our monthly charitable donations. This has been a very hard decision for us, but one that has to be made as we are no longer making enough to meet our monthly expenses and our savings are nearly gone.

In May 2005 it became clear that Alex's Coupon's could no longer be a part time job. Given this, I had to make the decision to close down my web design business and devote all my time to making Alex's Coupons a success. I'm very proud of everything that we've accomplished, especially the fact that we've donated over $9000 to charity this year. Hopefully our Google rankings will improve at some point and we'll be able to resume making our donations to charity. In the meantime I would really appreciate it if you would help get out the word about Alex's Coupons through social bookmarking sites (e.g. Stumbleupon, Digg.com, Del.icio.us, Furl.net, Blinklist.com); social networking sites (e.g. MySpace.com, Friendster.com); bulletin boards and forums; or even by just telling your friends and family about the site. If you have a website of your own please feel free to link to us. You can find instructions and banners at:


As always thanks for your support. Take care...

-- Todd Martini