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About Us

Alex at Diagnosis - 11/10/98Alex's Coupons evolved from two different sites that I created. The first site (Alex's Place) was started on January 10, 1998, the day my daughter Alexandra was born. Initially the site was simply a place to post photos of Alex so friends and family could see them. That all changed on November 10, 1998 when Alex was diagnosed with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia. At that time Alex's Place became a site to not only keep friends and family apprised of Alex's fight against Leukemia, but also to educate people about Childhood Cancer.

On September 30, 1999 after seven months of remission, Alex relapsed for the first time. We immediately relocated to Duke University Medical Center in Durham, NC, so Alex could undergo a lifesaving Cord Blood Transplant. During that time our financial situation was very precarious. Even with many donations from friends, families, strangers and aid organizations, we spent the bulk of our savings in the four months that we were there. At the suggestion of a friend I started a second site, Affiliates for Alex, a collection of affiliate links designed to bring in some much needed income for my family. I also became interested in "coupon shopping", for the obvious reason that we didn't have much money to spend! Overall Affiliates for Alex raised about $400 for us, at a time when every dollar counted.


Photo Gallery

October 1999 to August 2001
Alex Before Her 1st Transplant - 10/18/99 Alex & Todd - Christmas 1999 Alex's 1st Snow - January 2000 Alex's 2nd Relapse - June 2000

August 2000 Halloween 2000 July 2001 Andrea & Alex in Florence - August 2001