The Perfect Martini

"Martini Yes" by Guy Buffet

"Martini Yes" by Guy Buffet - Framed Size: 34.50" X 29.50" - Frame Desc. : 1.5" Matte black mica - Keywords: Figures, guide, how-to, drink, mixing, Man, Objects, Bottle, Tableware, Wineglass, Contemporary, Figurative, art, prints, posters

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** Martini Standard ** 3 oz Beefeaters gin 1 oz dry French vermouth Lemon peel Put the gin in the freezer and the vermouth in the fridge overnight. Also chill the shaker and frost the glasses. (Stemmed martini glasses by strong preference!) Combine gin, vermouth and several ice cubes in the shaker. Add lemon peel, twisting so that the lemon oils are released into the drink. Shake vigorously and strain into glasses. Garnish with additional lemon twists, rubbing them around the rim of the glasses first. 2 servings.

** Martini Esoterica ** 2/3 - 4/5 Dry Gin 1/3 - 1/5 French Vermouth Add Pernod to taste (1/2 tsp) shake with ice, strain and serve.

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