There was a bug in the pillow. I got it.

I love this photo. Reminds me of our first dog, Moose. My wife had to drive in to San Francisco to pick me up at work and for some reason she decided to leave Moose home. Usually she would leave Moose in the garage, but our recently purchased Christmas tree was in there and she was afraid Moose would eat it. So she barricaded Moose in the family room, gave him a big bone to chew on and left. When she picked me up I saw that Moose wasn't with her and she told me where she left him. I said "he's going to eat the sofa!". She pooh poohed me and told me there was no way Moose would eat the sofa. As you'll see in the next paragraph I'm a little bit psychic.

Well we got home, walked into the family room and there was Moose surrounded by what was left of our black leather sofa. He had eaten the sofa, the thrown pillows, even part of a blanket that was on the sofa. On the floor in front of him was the untouched bone. As soon as he saw us he walked over to the bone, started chewing on it and gave us the most innocent "who me" look I've ever seen a dog give. We later came to call it the "Robbers. Robbers broke in and ate the couch, but I scared them away!" look.

Moose is now 12 years old and lives in retirement with some friends of ours. He was getting a little too old to be run around in circles by two small kids and I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack during his hour long bubble blowing/popping sessions with Alex. These days we have a one year old White Lab named Daisy who acts just like Moose. Needless to say she's never left alone with our sofa!

Playing snowball fetch w/ Moose - January 2004