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Thursday January 20, 2000

Hi Everyone,

I'm Two!Time is just flying by! Only nine more days until we can go home! We'll still waiting to hear if we'll be able to hitch a ride home on a corporate jet. We have three different organizations helping us, so I'm sure we'll find something.

Things have been pretty crazy around here. January 10th was Alex's second birthday and also the day she had one of her broviacs removed (she'll only need to go home with one). We felt kind of funny about having the broviac removed on her birthday, but realized that she doesn't understand the concept of a birthday yet. To her every day is a day where she gets presents! <grin> Anyway we had her 2nd birthday party the day before and her two favorite nurses (Michelle & Trish) and a few of our friends came over for cake and ice cream. Unfortunately we couldn't have any kids over (except baby Holli who also had a transplant) because of Alex's condition. Keeping her away from other children (because of the health risks) is going to be the hardest thing when we get home. Until she gets off the Cyclosporine (immuno-suppressant drug) she is going to be vulnerable to every little cold and something like chicken pox could be deadly.

My Little Snow Angel!AND IT SNOWED! We had about 3 inches of snow on Tuesday, so Alex finally got to play in some real snow. As you can see from these pictures she had a blast. She was throwing snow up into the air and yelling "WHEE!!!". Then she threw some snow into her face by accident and went "OOOH!". It was pretty hilarious to watch until we decided we had to go inside. Then she threw a massive fit and threw snow down Andrea's coat! When she got inside she kept it up until she realized there was still snow on her coat to play with. She played with that until it melted then went to the door and said "LET'S GO!". The great thing is that it snowed again last night, so we're going to go out later today and play some more. This is the most snow they've had here in years, so we're feeling pretty lucky. Unfortunately people in North Carolina don't know how to drive in the snow. There were 750 car accidents on Tuesday and that was after they closed all of the schools and most of the businesses! Three inches of snow in New Jersey (where I grew up) wouldn't even be a Snow Day!

WHEE!!!Alex's numbers continue to be great. All of her counts are within normal range and the doctors continue to be amazed by her progress. Her platelets were 354,000 last Monday which is well within normal range! We're only going to clinic once a week (Tuesday) now which is pretty uncommon. Almost everyone else has to go at least twice a week for the first 100 days. You can't imagine how blessed we feel right now. Next week we'll have a full day of tests (EKG, breath test, etc...) to make sure we're ready to go home and then one final day in the clinic. It's amazing how fast the 100 days has gone by.

We're still waiting to hear from PEOPLE magazine about which issue Alex will be in. I'll send a message to Alex's mailing list as soon as I know for sure. Thanks again to everyone for your love, prayers, financial support, cards, letters, toys & generosity. We don't know where we would be without all of you.


Todd, Andrea, & Alex Martini


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