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Monday February 28, 2000

Hi Everyone,

Alex watching her personal video screenWe're Home! Well actually we've been home since February 3rd, but this the first chance I've had to update the page. Alex passed her 100 day mark on January 28th and we were given the green light to go home. We spent the next week scrambling for a flight home. Corporate Angel Network was able to arrange a flight on a private Lear jet owned by Alcatel (telecomm company). We flew from Raleigh to Dallas on February 2nd, spent the night in Dallas, and then flew from Dallas to Santa Rosa (which is about 45 minutes from our house) where our friend Connie picked us up.

The people on board the Alcatel flight were fantastic. A few of them even offered to drive us back to the airport from the hotel for the second flight the following morning. In the end we didn't need a ride as one of the pilots picked us up that morning. As you can tell Alex really enjoyed the plane ride home, especially the personal video screen. I think she's just a little too comfortable flying on Lear Jets! Hopefully she won't assume that this is the norm, as 1st Class is about the best we can do and only with free upgrades.

Winter WonderlandThe week before we flew home we had two feet of snow. It was the biggest snowfall they've had in North Carolina in 100 years! Alex had a great time running around in the snow, although she was a little concerned when Andrea pushed her down into the snow to make a snow angel. She really got into it though when Andrea starting moving her arms and legs to make the angel and she had the biggest smile when she saw her handiwork. It was really hard to make her go back inside, but I placated her by letting her bring a snowball inside the apartment. That kept her busy until it melted! <grin>

Since we've been home Alex has been doing great. She's down to bi-weekly visits to the hospital for checkups and is starting to eat more. She even gained weight this week! We did spend one night at Children's Hospital of Oakland when she spiked a fever, but we signed her out the next day.

On top of everything else we're househunting up in the Seattle Washington area. Andrea and I went up there for our anniversary and found some great houses in the Snohomish area. It's about 25 minutes from Children's Hospital of Seattle which is one of the best hospitals on the west coast for pediatric leukemia. We'll miss all of our friends in Vallejo, but it's gotten to the point where it's almost impossible to be a single income family in the Bay Area. We also want to be closer to Seattle in case Alex relapses again. We would either go to Seattle or Duke if she relapses and if we're in already in Seattle it would make our choice a lot easier. We don't really want to think about a relapse, but it always pays to be prepared. If we hadn't started the search for a cord blood donor right after Alex was diagnosed, we wouldn't have been able to get her out to Duke so quickly.Ready for my bath!

We bought a house in Snohomish Washington earlier this week! Of course our offer is conditional on our selling our house in Glen Cove first. Our house is now on the market at $299,900 which is a bargain. The house across the street from us just sold for $315,000. A client of mine (Jim Hildreth) has donated his realtor services in exchange for work on his web site. I posted the listing for our house at and it includes 9 photos of the interior and exterior of the house. Please pass along this address to anyone you know who might be looking for a house in the Bay Area. We only have 30 days to sell our house, so we have to move as quickly as possible.

We just wanted to say thank you to everyone for your help and support. We'd also like to especially thank the following people:

  • Mariya Gendelman: For being the best buddy we could hope for.
  • Trish Kearney: One of Alex's primary nurses who helped up pack up for home on our last day in North Carolina.
  • Michelle Smith: Alex's other primary nurse who stayed overnight with Alex so Andrea and I could go out to Asheville to see the Biltmore at Christmas.
  • Harry & Roe Witherspoon, Herb Squires & Corporate Angel Network: For working so hard to get us a flight home.
  • Brad & Nancy Shelton: For all your help and friendship.

Hope everyone is doing great!


Todd, Andrea, & Alex


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