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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Hi Everyone,

Kicking Back at the HospitalShe is growing cells! Alex had a White Blood Count of 0.1 yesterday and 0.2 today, which could signal the start of engraftment. I say "could be" because there is no guarantee that the cells coming back are not her own, so we'll have to wait a little longer to have a definitive answer, but for the moment everything is looking good.

Compared to the last time the transplant so far has been relatively uneventful
<knock wood>. She did spike a fever of 102 degrees earlier this week, but it broke that same night and hasn't returned. Other than the fever, some mucousitis, a staph infection and the constant transfusions of blood and platelets, things are almost normal around here. At least normal for us.

Ready for some Football!Nick continues to do well. He was 9 pounds, 2 ounces when we weighed him last Tuesday, so he's probably closing in on 10 pounds by now. He's still not sleeping through the night and he seems to grunt 24x7, but at least he's healthy.

We managed to get ourselves moved into our new apartment yesterday. The new apartment is a 2nd floor walkup, so Andrea and I are feeling the effects of the move today! Getting too old to be moving every 30 days. As long as things go well we shouldn't have to move again for a whole 90 days!

We're waiting to hear from NCCS (National Children's Cancer Society), as to whether or not they will help out with the rent at the new apartment. When we were at The Forest Apartments, they helped out with a partial payment, but so far they are denying our request for help at the new apartment. They used to help out regardless of where you rented an apartment, but now they're only working with The Forest, which is a shame since their apartments are in sad shape. Anyway we're appealing their decision and hopefully we'll have an answer soon. If not we'll be covering the $1890/month rent by ourselves, and yes that's not a misprint. A furnished 2 bedroom apartment in this area runs $1800 and up. Hard to believe our mortgage payment is only a few hundred dollars more. I should have just bought a house here four years ago!

There's a bunch of new people to thank this week:

  • Dora for all of her help over the past few weeks and for rubbing Alex's head for 3 hours when she had a fever the other night!
  • Dave & Corinne Roberts for all of their support and love over the last 3 years. Congratulations to Dave on winning his Workman's Comp case against the City of Oakland. (Dave developed Leukemia while working as a firefighter.)
  • Michelle & Trish (still Alex's favorite nurses!) for all of their help and support since we've been here.
  • All of the people who continue to make donations to Alex's fund. We really appreciate all of the support you've given us. Hopefully this is the last time we'll have to relocate 3,000 miles for treatment!
  • Krissy & Pat for taking care of our house and pets, and for coaxing our cat Katie out of hiding after only a few weeks!
  • Margot for all of her help over the past few weeks and for helping us to move yesterday.

Well I'm going to wrap up this update and go home and resume unpacking. Thanks again for over four years of love, prayers and support. Take care.

-- Todd

Donations for Alex

We are in the process of raising money for the expenses we are incurring during Alex's 2nd Transplant At Duke. We have 3 ways in which you can make a donation:

Mail to: Frontier Bank
c/o Alexandra Elaine Martini
P.O. Box 527
Lake Stevens, WA 98258


via PayPal using your checking account or PayPal Account (this account cannot accept credit cards)


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