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Saturday May 4, 2002

Hi Everyone,

Hiding in the TulipsAlex has been doing great the last couple of weeks. She had her PIC line removed on April 25 which means she can once again take baths more than once a week. (It's a good thing she's not a little boy or the smell would be nasty!) She also had her monthly bone marrow aspirate which showed that she is still in remission. We're still waiting for the results of the flow cytometry and cytogenetics which will tell us if a relapse is imminent. Hopefully we'll have those by early next week.

We're back to monthly clinic appointments again which is great, but also nerve-wracking. We're flying down to Southern California in a couple of weeks for the birth of Wendy's (Andrea's sister) baby, and I'm probably going to ask Children's Seattle for a blood test before we go. I don't want to find out she's relapsing when we're 1000 miles away from our hospital and then have to arrange for a medical flight home if she's neutropenic.

Last weekend we took Alex and Andrea's Mom to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival. It was the last weekend of the Tulip Festival, but the colors were still incredible. The weather was fantastic, the tulips were beautiful and Alex ran circles around us the entire day. Days like this make up for all of the lousy days stuck in a hospital room. Of course Alex threw a complete fit when we finally left after spending half the day there, but other than that it was a perfect day.  

Alex & Jordan On the fundraising front, Lakewood High School held a talent show on April 26 with Alex as the Guest of Honor. They raised almost $500 for Alex's expenses and of course Alex stole the show. This time she sang three songs in front of everyone and got another standing ovation! She really doesn't know the meaning of the word "stage- fright". Unfortunately I missed her performance (and a few others) as I had forgotten the digital camera and had to run home and get it. When I did arrive at the Gym I sat down next to Alex who proceeded to tell me that she had a boyfriend! Turns out she liked the emcee (Matt) who was on stage with her while she was singing. She used to flirt with 12 year old boys, now she's flirting with 17 year old boys. I've revised my dating plan for her. Now she doesn't date until I'm dead! <grin>

She's getting a drum kit for Christmas! We want to thank everyone at Lakewood High School, especially Jordan & Riley Taitingfong, Matt Mattson, Amanda Bargabos, Erika Bergan, Mary Doherty, Eileen Neff, Tiffani Norton, Susie Strickler, Emily Jacobson, Trevor Gemmer, Josh Mattson, Ashley Foxley, Miles Mcgillvary, Josh Lange, Patrick Mcmahon, Ada Kienzle and No Reason. We all had a great time and really appreciate your efforts on Alex's behalf. And as you can tell from this photo Alex really appreciates that No Reason's drummer left his kit up after the show! Andrea doesn't know it yet, but Alex is getting a drum kit for Christmas. <grin>

We were hoping to fly back to Duke for the Rainbow of Heroes Walk at Duke, but things didn't work out as we planned. Corporate Angel found us a flight from Seattle to Winston-Salem NC, but couldn't find a return flight home in the next two weeks. We once got stuck in North Carolina for three weeks while waiting for a Corporate Angel flight home and we really don't want to experience that again. We love North Carolina, but that stay ended up costing us close to $3000 and our insurance doesn't cover those kind of costs. Plus my business has been picking up some lately, so I can't afford to take much time off while I dig us out of the $25,000 hole we're in.

Sunset in SeattleOn the housing front there still isn't much good news. We did manage to eradicate the European Crane Fly infestation. A local company (Washington Tree Service) offered to do it at cost which saved us quite a bit of money. I did end up sending Andrea and Alex (along with Andrea's Mom) to a hotel in the city for the night, so they wouldn't be around while the spraying was being done. I found an incredible deal on the Westin in Seattle through Priceline, and the front desk gave them a great room overlooking the Space Needle. I spent the night at home taking care of the dogs. I was going to send them to a kennel for the night, but I think Moose would have freaked out being stuck in a cage. I did get to spend some time in the city and it was great. If I can get the same deal at Priceline we might go back to the Westin and watch the fireworks off the Space Needle on 4th of July.

I also wanted to let everyone know that I recently added free eCards to the Alex's Coupons site. We've been using these eCards on for a couple of years and they're really cool. Thanks to Michael Galli at Redjellyfish for allowing me to reuse the eCard engine on the Alex's Coupons site. In the next few weeks I'm going to be adding photos from Australia and Europe, as well as photos of Alex and other kids with Cancer. Want to see your own photos on an eCard? Send us your photos and we'll pick out the best ones and put them on eCards for everyone to see!

Thanks again to all of you for 3 1/2 years of love, support and prayers. 


Todd, Andrea and Alex


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