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Wednesday May 10, 2000

Hi Everyone,

Has it really been over two months since I last updated the page? As you can imagine we've been just a little bit busy over the past few months. Here's what we've been up to:

She's Got Hair!Alex had her six month post-transplant tests a few weeks ago and so far the results are good. We are still waiting for the results of some of the blood tests. Other than some major allergy problems (she's on Claritin), she's doing great. She's gained over three pounds since we've been home and is eating like a horse. She's also been talking up a storm, dancing, singing, counting (up to 14 which is the number of stairs in our house) and just being the happiest little girl in the world. She amazes me more every day and I thank God that she's still with us.

I may be starting a new job as a Marketing Manager (of all things!) with a pre-IPO Internet company in a few weeks. They're based in Silicon Valley, but they're willing to let me telecommute from Washington. Still negotiating compensation with them and I have to make sure that their insurance will cover Alex's post-transplant care. Still not sure if I want to give up the freedom of working for myself, but there is something to be said for job security.

Our New House!We sold our house in Vallejo for the asking price! Vallejo isn't quite as hot a real estate market as the rest of the Bay Area, so it took five weeks. We were starting to get restless as we had already bought a house near Lake Stevens, Washington (25 minutes from Seattle) back in March. The new house is 3200 square feet with an 800 square foot basement on 1/2 acre of land. It has 5 bedrooms, 3 baths, family room, kitchen/nook, dining room, living room, library, 4 car garage, office and a view of the Cascades for $400,000! That might sound like a lot of money, but not in the Bay Area.  There's no way we could have bought a house like this in the Bay Area for under a $1,000,000, so we're pretty excited. Click Here to see more photos of the house. 

And now we're moving in five days! We're both completely stressed out about the move, but we know it's the right decision. Children's Seattle/Fred Hutchinson has the best pediatric cancer program on the West Coast. If Alex does need further treatment we'll be in the right place.

On a sad note a friend of ours Dave Roberts has been diagnosed with leukemia. Dave's wife Corinne works for a client of mine (Transpac) and gave us a lot of support (and care packages) during our four months in North Carolina. The good news is that Dave has three brothers so there is a 75% chance that one of them will be a match for a six point sibling bone marrow transplant. If he does have a bone marrow transplant, it will probably be at Fred Hutchinson in Seattle. We've already told Dave and Corinne that they have a place to stay in Seattle. Please keep Dave, Corinne and their daughter Amelia in your prayers.


Todd, Andrea, & Alex


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