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Monday June 19, 2000

Hi Everyone,

Family Portrait Well, this is not the update we wanted to be giving you. We found out today that the Mylotarg didn't work. Her marrow looks essentially the same as it did before she got it.

We are still putting all of the plans together, but we have decided to go back to Duke. We do not want her to have to go through reinduction chemo. Although there is a slightly higher success rate for those that survive reinduction and transplant, the rate of loss is also higher trying to get them back into remission. We strongly feel that there is no way she can survive reinduction and the more rigorous conditioning regimen which will include radiation. If we stay here, they won't transplant her unless she is in remission. By going to Duke we will go straight to transplant. It's so hard to make decisions when no matter what you choose your child is going to writhe in pain for weeks and possibly not make it. There is no "good" choice here. We are just trying to choose the one that will hopefully do the least amount of damage, cure her and let her live a long, happy, HEALTHY life.

Our Beautiful Princess Right now we are planning to leave Thursday morning. We will know more tomorrow morning when we hear back from Corporate Angel Network. All three of us will go out, but Todd will return home after getting Alex and me settled. It is going to be very difficult for me to be out there alone with her, but I won't be the first Mom that has had to do it. It's going to be equally difficult for Todd to be away from Alex during all this when all he wants to do is hold her and comfort her. Please continue to pray. Pray for total healing for Alex and strength for Todd and me. I know we say it a lot, but only because it's so true, we can't do this without you, your support and prayers. They mean the world to us. If anyone is out of Dramamine and needs more, I'll send you some! Thank you again for everything. We'll talk to you soon.

Andrea, Todd and Alex 


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