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Wednesday July 4, 2001

Hi Everyone!

Gardening with MommyHappy Fourth of July! Has it really been six months since we updated this page??? It's amazing how fast time goes by when things are going well!

Alex continues to do great. She had her blood test done two weeks ago and her numbers were great. These days she only has go to the hospital once every two months for a blood test and checkup. She has now been in remission for one full year! As always we're cautiously optimistic, but this was still a great milestone for her to reach. It's hard to believe that one year ago today, Alex was back in North Caroline preparing for a second transplant. The doctors are still amazed at how quickly she went back into remission after the Mylotarg and second Cord Blood infusion. 

The past six months have been really busy for us both personally (Alex has ballet & gymnastics classes 3 days/week; Andrea has been gardening non-stop) and professionally (one of my sites got nominated for a SXSW award; my business is booming!). Andrea and I decided it was time for a real vacation so we've booked a 21/2 week trip to Italy in August. We're going to spend a week traveling on our own and a week on a river cruise down the Po River. Alex is going to spend the 21/2 weeks with her Grandma and Pop Pop in Southern California, so we're going to be on our own for the first time in 31/2 years.

Cooling Off!Alex is your typical 31/2 year old. She's fascinated with rocks, loves digging in the dirt when Andrea is out gardening, and running through the sprinkler. She's learning how to ride a bicycle (w/ training wheels) and is still the biggest flirt in the world. We're hoping she grows out of it before adolescence! <grin>

Not much else to report at this time. It's scary but we're living a pretty normal life these days and it feels so good!

As always we want to thank everyone who has given us their support and love over the past three years.


Todd, Andrea and Alex


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