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Friday, July 4, 2003 (Day 94 Post-Transplant)

Hi Everyone,

She's under there somewhere!I think my mom has gotten a hold a few of you and worked you over to give me a hard time!!!! Give me a hard time long enough and I'll eventually get the message!

Everything is going great here. As long as things keep going like this, we are out of here next week!!!!! The flight worked out for July 11th out of D.C. We need a couple of days to drive up so that the kids don't go nuts in the car, so we will be leaving on Wednesday. We will be taking the coastal route so that we can go across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. Todd went over it as a kid and has very fond memories of it. We think that Alex will get a real kick out of it and we all need some down time before getting home and back into the craziness. We'll be staying in a cute little place called Cape Charles for one night and then completing the drive to D.C. on Thursday for our flight out on Friday. Alex is very excited about the beach even though she won't be allowed to go in the water. I still have to check, but she might not be able to play in the sand either.

Sleeping w/ DaddyShe has been doing really well. She had a small GvH flair up last week with a fever and a rash. We had to up her Solumedrol (steroids) which we weren't too happy about, but it did the job. Both the fevers and rash are gone. We are already weaning her down so hopefully we'll still be able to get off of it soon. We are anxious to get her home and up and moving. There isn't much to encourage her to get up and moving around the apartment. At home she'll be able to get out in the yard, ride her bike, she'll have to go up and down the stairs more. This couch potato thing has got to end.

Sweet Potatoes!Nick is doing fantastic. He was up to 12 lbs 14 oz last Friday. He's been doing great with his rice cereal and I have started giving him other things. So far he has had butternut squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and peaches. He liked all of them except the squash. He's also sleeping much better. In fact, it's just after ten in the morning and he's still asleep!!!! Mommy and Daddy were in heaven when they woke up on their own this morning! He's a lot of fun right now. He squeals, smiles, gurgles and tries to talk to you. If you're talking to him and then look away or start doing something else, you get yelled at! I'm going to have to go shopping as soon as we get home because he has come to love his swing here and we don't have one at home. I see myself making a trip Friday night or first thing Saturday morning to get one!

While we are ready to go home, we are also going to miss all our friends here that are either also going home, or not quite there yet. We have lots of get-togethers planned over the next few days to get as much play time in as we possibly can. Today we are going over to the Ramsey's apartment for dinner. Madi and her family will be there too. I can't explain the bond that forms with other transplant families. It's like no friendship you have ever had. What we have endured together in just a few short months, most people won't have to go through in a lifetime. We have celebrated and grieved together. We have been very blessed to know them as well as all the other families here.

Last week, I posted a note in the guestbook because Todd was gone for a few days. I'm not sure how many were able to see it, but  Little Hermes passed away. This was so incredibly hard on everyone here. To see parents have to go home without one child is hard, to see them have to go home without their family was devastating. Just a few days before Hermes passed away they started a web site. Although they have gone back to Greece, they will still have access to the web. Please take some time to visit and offer prayers and support. They really need them.

On a happier note, baby Noah was discharged yesterday!!!! Yes, prayer DOES work!!! He still has a ways to go, but we weren't even sure he'd ever make it out of PICU and here he is out of the hospital! Congratulations Noah!

Two of our friends are in real need of prayer. Both girls are Alex's age and have leukemia (ALL). Jillian and Taylor They are both dealing with relapse. Jillian has had one transplant and Taylor has had two.

Well, I need to wrap this up. We got in touch with a photographer who is going to take some family portrait for us pro bono. What a guy!!! I think it's highly unlikely that the page will get updated again before we leave for home. Please keep praying that everything continues to go well and we do get to leave as planned. Thank you again for all your prayers and support. We can't do this without you.

Take Care,

-- Andrea, Todd, Alex & Nick Martini


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