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Friday July 21, 2000

I Love the Beach!Hi All!

Well, I have told several of you during the last month or so that we were praying for and expecting a miracle. Guess what? WE GOT OUR MIRACLE!!! Alex's bone marrow is 100% DONOR!!! Thank you God! As you can imagine we couldn't be happier or more grateful.

This news comes at the end of a fabulous week. As you know Dr. Kurtzberg gave us permission to go to Bald Head Island for a week's vacation. The house that we're renting on the island could not be more perfect for us. It sits right on the beach and is the quintessential example of what a beach house should be. The water is very calm and warm (in the 80's) which I know will be hard to fathom for our West Coast friends! Of course Alex has proven to be a water rat just like her Mommy and Daddy. She's had a ball playing in the water, picking up shells and building sand castles. It's been a battle to get her to come inside everyday.  She's also been eating non-stop for the past week and has a new favorite food - Ice Cream - but only if it's from a waffle cone!

Ice Cream!!!After six days on Bald Head Island, we're all  so relaxed that we're like Jell-O. This past week has been our first vacation in 21 months and it's been a godsend. It was so nice to not have to deal with blood draws or clinic appointments for 7 whole days! It's going to be hard to leave here tomorrow, but at least we are going back to a better reality than when we left Durham last Sunday!

We don't know what the plan will be now, because we never imagined that Alex would be 100% donor this soon. We don't think that Dr. Kurtzberg will want to use the rest of Alex's donor cells since she has returned to 100% on her own, but we've been wrong before. We also don't know what this means as far as going home to our new house in Washington. We know it will probably move the date up, but we don't know by how much. We'll let all of you know what the plan is as soon as we know.

Cheese!We do know that we will probably be flying back to Duke at least once a month for follow-up appointments. We never want to bring her back to Fred Hutchinson again. If we have to fly 5000 miles (roundtrip) to accomplish this, then that's what we'll do. We know that God had a plan in sending us to Seattle and we are thankful for it, but we also know that Fred Hutchinson has served its purpose.

A few days after learning that Alex had relapsed, two friends came to our house to be with me and hold me up. I was overwhelmed by what we were facing. I told them that there was no way to avoid a second transplant for Alex. One of them responded by telling me, "Yes, there is. God could heal her." At that moment I was filled with doubt. I told her that we couldn't trust in that happening and that Alex would still need to have a transplant. I was trying to politely tell her, "that's not going to happen." How humbled am I now to sit here and tell you that that's exactly what He did. Please never doubt the power of prayer and faith. God DOES still perform miracles and Alex is one of them.

Thanks again to everyone for all your love, prayers & support over the past 20 months. Take care all. We'll talk to you soon.


Andrea, Todd and Alex 


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