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Friday, August 9, 2002

Hi Everyone,

Drawing in the HospitalAlex spiked a fever on Monday night and was admitted to the hospital. Since she is neutropenic (no immune system), any infection can have serious consequences, so she was immediately started on antibiotics. We were hoping to go home on Sunday since she had gone 24 hours without a fever, but then she spiked a 103 degree fever a few minutes ago. At least we're lucky enough to have a nice big hospital room this time, but it's still not home.

The good news is that the Mylotarg appears to have worked its magic for a third time. Alex's blast count is way down since she received the first dose of Mylotarg. She will receive one more dose of Mylotarg next Tuesday and hopefully that will get her back into remission.

We're still battling it out with Premera Blue Cross on the transplant front. They're sticking to their contention that their transplant policy is not affected by the federal Portability Act. Looks like we may have to hire a lawyer to fight this. Our friends at Duke are setting up a conference call with a lawyer who has successfully battled Premera in the past over this same issue. Hopefully he can do the same for us. Otherwise we're going to have to figure out a Plan B and honestly I don't have one right now!

I wanted to thank everyone who sent cards and messages of support. I wish I had the time to answer all of them, but things are a little hectic around here right now. Thanks again to all of you for 3 1/2 years of love, support and prayers. 


Todd, Andrea and Alex

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