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Monday, October 7, 2002

Hi Everyone,

Mommy Teaching Alex How to GolfWell it turns out I'm not persuasive enough to get Alex into either the FLT-3 inhibitor or the IT Busulfan trials. At least not until she relapses for a sixth time. We were hoping to gain acceptance to both of these trials before the next relapse, but it's just not going to happen. We can only hope that the next relapse doesn't occur around the time that the new baby is due (March 2003). That would be a little stressful! <grin>

Alex at the TheaterAt least for the moment Alex remains in remission. She had a blood test last Wednesday and her counts were perfectly normal. We'll doing a bone marrow aspirate and spinal tap this Thursday and hopefully they will come back normal also. At this point we know that another relapse is going to happen. It's not a matter of "if" anymore, it's a matter of "when". I just hope we can get through Christmas before it occurs.

A couple weekends ago we took Alex to the Family Fun Center in Tukwila where she got to play Miniature Golf for the first time. She managed to hit a hole in one (w/ a little help from Andrea) and also rode in the go karts (where she and Andrea cut me off!). We even tried to get her on the monster trampoline, but she wasn't quite big enough (you had to be 40 pounds). I got to make a complete fool of myself in the batting cage. I haven't swung a bat in 12 years and all I can say is my reflexes are completely shot. Alex kept worrying that I was hurting myself and honestly I was! We finished off the day at the Rainforest Cafe (Alex's current fav), which was a perfect ending to a great day.

Alex w/ Danyelle Bossardet (Belle)We recently signed up Alex for the Starlight Children's Foundation which is a national organization that provides in-hospital and outpatient programs and services. Last Saturday the Washington State chapter arranged for us to take Alex to a performance of Beauty and the Beast at the Paramount Theater in Seattle and it was incredible. We've seen the movie quite a few times and on her last birthday we took Alex to the IMAX version, but this was special. My favorite part was near the end of the play where Gaston and the Beast are fighting. Right at that point Alex decided that the Beast needed some encouragement, so she yelled out "Go Beast!". Then after the Beast had thrown Gaston off the Castle's ramparts, she yelled out "Yeah Beast!". Now you would think a 4 year old girl wouldn't be heard over the music and action on stage, Alex w/ Danyelle Bossardet (Belle)but just about everyone in the theater heard her including the cast on the stage. We know this because we met Danyelle Bossardet, the actress that played Belle, at the stage door after the play. I happened to mention that Alex had yelled "Yeah Beast!" and her eyes got wide. Turned out that she and Marc Dalio (Gaston) had been laughing about it backstage. I guess this kind of thing doesn't happen very much, but then Alex is unique! <grin>

Note: Today we watched The Lion King together and during Simba and Scar's fight scene Alex started yelling "Go Simba!" and "Yeah Simba!". Obviously I'm looking forward to when the musical version of The Lion King comes back to Seattle!

We would like to thank everyone at Starlight Children's Foundation (especially Gail Loveland) and the Paramount Theater for helping to make this past Saturday a memorable day for all of us.

Thanks again to all of you for almost 4 years years of love, support and prayers. Special thanks to everyone at the Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit (My Mom's church) in Manahawkin NJ for all of the cards, art supplies and books!


Todd, Andrea and Alex

P.S. On a sad note Tommy Burnette died on September 19, 2002. He was almost 8 years old. Our hearts and prayers go out to his parents, Linette and Tom.

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