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Saturday October 13, 2001

Hi Everyone,

Posing for the CameraWell we got some good news yesterday (Friday). Alex's blood test, bone marrow aspirate and spinal tap were all clear! This means she made it through another week without relapsing in the bone marrow and the Leukemia cells haven't returned to the CNS. It would still be quite a miracle if she doesn't relapse in the bone marrow, but at least we've got some hope. If things continue to go well Alex will have three more interthecal chemo treatments and nothing more. Of course she'll have to have a blood test once a week for the foreseeable future, but we can deal with that. <grin>

Alex is looking and feeling great. In fact she has more energy than the two of us put together. Her favorite thing in the world right now is bubbles. I can't tell you how many times we've used bubbles to distract her during a blood draw or an IV insertion. Let's just say that without bubbles both of those things would have been a lot harder.

If Alex is still doing well at the beginning of November we're going to let her start pre-school so she can burn off some of that energy! By that time her PIC line will be removed so I won't have to worry about some little kid pulling it out of her arm! It will be good for her to spend more time with kids. She's totally bored with hanging around with Mom and Dad.

In other family medical news my Dad is doing much better and is becoming more comfortable with the dialysis treatments. If he continues to do well they'll be able to go down to Florida for the winter and get away from the snow. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and good thoughts.

Well I'm going to keep this update short because: a) not much else has happened since Monday and b) it's a weekend and I need to get away from this computer!

Thanks again to all of you for three years of love, support and prayers. The roller coaster is definitely on the way back up. Let's hope it stays there.


Todd, Andrea and Alex

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