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Thursday October 18, 2001

Hi Everyone,

Alex's PumpkinAlex had a blood test and spinal tap yesterday (Wednesday) and the results were once again good. Her platelets are holding steady (about 230), her lymphs are down and her ANC (immune system) was up over 2000. The spinal tap showed only one white blood cell and no Leukemia cells in her spinal fluid which is perfectly normal. Next Wednesday will be her final IT chemo treatment (hopefully) and she will have her PIC line removed. She will have an MRI or CT Scan in about a month to confirm that the tumor is gone, but outward indications are that the radiation worked.

At this point all we can do is hope, pray and wait. The odds are against us, but then statistics have never meant much to Alex. Every time the statistics have favored one path (positive or negative) Alex has gone the other way. I guess she just has her own way of doing things, just like her Mom!

We took Alex to "The Farm" (yep that's the real name) in Snohomish last weekend so she could pick out her pumpkins for Halloween and we had a great time. Posing in the pumpkin patch We picked up two large pumpkins (one about 40 pounds) and two small pumpkins, rode on a hayride, saw a petting zoo and Alex rode a tractor! You can view a photo of our pumpkin haul here. Everything was great until it was time to leave, then Alex threw the biggest fit of her life. I had to carry her to the car kicking and screaming. She really is (almost) a four year old now!

Going to a pumpkin patch was a new experience for both Alex and Andrea, as we had always picked our pumpkins up at the store. For me it was like being back home on the east coast. Of course they didn't have cider donuts at "The Farm" either! Andrea did make a bunch of apple pies from the apples we picked last week, so that made up for it some.

To make them a little easier to see I've linked each of the photos on this page to a larger version. I also posted an October 2001 gallery of Alex photos on the Shutterfly site. Shutterfly will give you 15 free 4x6 prints if you sign up through this this link. You can print out your own digital photos or you can print out any of the photos from our galleries. Shipping is $1.79 and it really is a great deal. Here are the two galleries I've posted:

Not much else to report at this time. If things continue to go well Alex will start Nursery School on November 1st. We're also due to fly back to Duke for Alex's 2 year checkup, but we'll only be able to go if Corporate Angel can arrange transportation for us. With our current financial situation we can't afford the trip and as you can imagine I'm not real anxious to fly commercial with Andrea and Alex right now.

Thanks again to all of you for three years of love, support and prayers.


Todd, Andrea and Alex

How You Can Help

As you know the last month has been stressful for everyone, including us. On top of everything else that has happened my business has ground to a halt in the wake of last month's attacks.  I've already had three projects canceled or postponed and haven't been able to find new projects to replace the lost revenue. If you know of anyone looking for a web site have them check out our portfolio or call me at (425) 377-9065. It's critical that I work as much as possible right now, in case Alex relapses further.

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