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Wednesday October 20, 1999

Hi Everyone,

It's My Cord Blood!Alex had her cord blood transplant today! She got her certificate of transplant and we got to keep the IV bag for her scrapbook. She is still doing good, although the steroids are making her cranky (she threw a punch at Andrea yesterday!). She finished up the ATG without any side effects which was truly a blessing. Good thing she's not allergic to horses (ATG is horse serum). Now we can buy her a pony!

We should know within the next 1-3 weeks whether the transplant is a success. Alex's donor was male, so it will be easier to tell if the cells that are growing are the donor's (which is good) or Alex's (which is bad). If the transplant is a success Alex's blood type will also change from A+ to B+, which is the donor's blood type.

Alex's Cord BloodAlex still has a lot of energy, so she's been walking the halls the last couple of days. At this point her immune system is non-existent, so she can only go out in the hall if she's wearing a mask. Hopefully she'll continue to do well and the transplant will be a success. We're still looking at 40-50 days more in the hospital if things go well and then 40 days-4 months of recovery here in North Carolina. We might look into renting an apartment if a transplant suite isn't available at Ronald McDonald House when we get out. Hopefully rents in North Carolina are cheap!

I'm staying at the hospital tonight with Alex to give Andrea a break. Andrea swears this will be the one night that Alex will  sleep through the night and she's probably right! Hopefully we'll both sleep through the night. Well I better wrap this up and get ready for bed. Thanks again for all your love and support. Everybody start praying for the cells to start growing and for Alex's transplant to be a success! Take care.


Todd, Andrea, & Alex Martini


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