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Wednesday November 3, 1999

Hi Everyone,

SHE SMILED!!!Well we got some good news last Friday, but I held off on letting everyone know about it until we knew for sure. Her cells started growing last Friday after only nine days which tied the record for fastest engraftment!!! Today her white count was .2 which means that the transplant is working! We still have a long road ahead and lots more obstacles to get past (GVH, infections, etc...), but we're cautiously optimistic. 

AND TODAY SHE SMILED!!! She hadn't smiled in eight days because of the pain and the pain killers (morphine, fentanyl), but today she was in a great mood. She still has quite a bit of pain from the sores in her throat and stomach, but they're starting to heal. Today she actually got up and walked around the ward! It's amazing how fast kids can bounce back from something like this. If I had to go through what she's gone through over the past three weeks I would have the morphine turned up to semi-conscious!

AND SHE SMILED AGAIN!!!With some luck Alex might be out of the hospital by Thanksgiving. I'm working hard to find an apartment that we can stay in for the 2-3 months that we'll need to remain in North Carolina. We haven't been very impressed by the cleanliness of the Ronald McDonald House (the ceiling fan in my bathroom looks like it hasn't been cleaned for 6 years!) and don't feel comfortable bringing Alex back there with little or no immune system. Plus it doesn't look like they will even have a transplant suite available for us.  I'm attempting to get the NCCS (National Children's Cancer Society) to help out with paying for an apartment, but if they turn us down I'm going to have to look elsewhere. The cost of a nice 2 bedroom furnished apartment in this area is $1600 which is more than our mortgage!

Thanks again to everyone for your prayers, love, support, phone cards, gift certificates, food (thanks for the cookies and cranberry bread Heidi!), coupons, and financial help. We don't know where we would be without all of you. Take care.


Todd, Andrea, & Alex Martini


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