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Monday November 15, 1999

Hi Everyone,

Racing Nurse Sandy down the halls!Sorry for the long delay in updates. We've been really busy (obviously) and I've been holding off on updating the page until we had confirmation of some really great news. SHE'S ENGRAFTED!!!

Her white count today was 3.0 and her ANC is now 2400! She has had an ANC above 500 for three straight days, so it's now official that's she's engrafted. We do still need confirmation that the cells being produced are from the donor (good) and not her own (bad). Barring any unforeseen complications she should be released from the hospital this week, possibly as early as Wednesday!

Now for more good news. NCCS approved our request for an apartment! We moved into a 2 BR/2 BA apartment last Friday. Quite an improvement over Ronald McDonald House. NCCS covered the cost of a 1 bedroom apartment and my parents made up the difference between that and a two bedroom apartment. It's not exactly home, but it will feel like it once Alex gets out of the hospital.

Alex with Nurse SandyAs you can see from these pictures, Alex is doing great. She has lots of energy and has been walking and riding the halls non-stop. There's still a lot of hurdles to get over (GVH, infections, etc...), but we're cautiously optimistic. 

It looks like we're going to have Thanksgiving at our apartment along with 3 or 4 other families from the transplant unit. We have an awful lot to be thankful for this year, as Alex has made it through the first 26 days after transplant without too many complications. Hopefully the next eleven months will be even more uneventful. We just keep praying that she'll never have to spend another night in the hospital after this is all over.

Please don't stop praying for Alex as it's obvious those prayers are working! Thanks again to everyone for your prayers, love, support, phone cards, gift certificates, food, coupons, and financial help. We don't know where we would be without all of you. Take care.


Todd, Andrea, & Alex Martini


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