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Wednesday December 8, 1999

Hi Everyone,She loves shoes! (just like her Mommy)

Sorry for the long wait for an update, but I've got some really good news. SHE'S CANCER FREE! We found out yesterday after Alex's bone marrow aspiration that there are no leukemia cells in her bone marrow!!! We know there's still a chance she could relapse, but right now we're on Cloud Nine!

And even more good news... It looks like we're going to be in PEOPLE magazine sometime around January or February of next year. They are doing an article on cord blood transplants and Dr. Kurtzberg, so they were at the hospital clinic yesterday. They took pictures of Alex with Dr. Kurtzberg and Andrea, and interviewed Andrea. I was home working as they only allow one parent at a time in the day hospital, so I missed out. Luckily today they came out to our apartment and took more pictures of the three of us, so hopefully all three of us will be in the issue. I'll let everyone know what issue we'll be in when I have more details.

Princess Alexandra!On top of all this good news Alex has started eating again and has been off TPN (IV nutrition) since last Friday. She's now down to just 3 IV meds a night and 2 in the morning which is making things a little less hectic around here. Now if Andrea and I could just have as much energy as she does! She wakes up at 7 am and doesn't stop moving (except for an afternoon nap) until 10 pm. It's amazing how fast she has bounced back from all of this.

Her blood counts have also been great lately. She's already started producing platelets on her own! She hasn't needed a platelet transfusion for twelve days and it's been over 2 weeks since she had a red blood transfusion. The doctors are thrilled with her progress and so are we. Other than being bald, growing a bit of a mustache (from the immuno-suppressant drug she'll be on for the next 7 1/2 months), and having a grayish tone to her skin (from the chemo), you would never guess what she's been through. 

Thanks again to everyone for their prayers, love, support, affiliate purchases (keep those commissions coming!), and help.


Todd, Andrea, & Alex Martini

We're Cancer Free!



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