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Saturday, December 28, 2002

Hi Everyone,

Alex Riding Her New BikeHope everyone had a great Christmas. We had a quiet, but happy Christmas at home. Alex's favorite Christmas present was her pink Specialized mountain bike. We bought her a bike back in the Summer of 2001, but had to return it when it was recalled because of a defect. We figured it was time to get her a replacement bike, even if it is the middle of Winter. As you can see from this picture she got to ride it indoors at the Chapel Hill Church gym (many thanks to them) on Thursday night and only fell once. Of course half the time I was running alongside her and I've got the pulled muscles to show for it!

My first time holding Nicholas!Nicholas has had a few small setbacks over the past few days. They've started and stopped continuous feeding twice, because he is having some problems digesting his food. This is a very common problem for preemies, so it's not a major concern yet. Other than that he is doing great. He has grown 1 centimeter and gained 4 ounces since birth. There is still a long road ahead, but so far he's exceeding expectations. We haven't had a chance to hold him since we moved him into the Isolette, but hopefully we'll have a chance early next week. Hopefully next time I hold him I won't be as nervous as I am in this picture!Nick's New Home

Andrea was released from the hospital on Christmas Eve and is doing okay. She had a replacement drain placed last Thursday, after the first one stopped working. Her abscess is still causing her some pain and she remains on IV antibiotics. At the moment every member of my family, with the exception of me of course, has either a PICC line or Broviac (central line). I'm definitely getting a refresher course in hanging IV meds and flushing lines.

Christmas with MickeyAlex is continuing to confuse everyone, including the doctors. Upon further examination of her bone marrow aspirate it was determined that the majority of the blasts were not Leukemia cells. In addition her platelets went up to 169 and her ANC went up to 720 yesterday. All of this means that she is still in remission. Even with this good news we had to go ahead with the maintenance dose of Mylotarg, as we need to make sure she stays in remission. We'll do another bone marrow aspirate in two weeks and if the marrow remains clear, there won't be another dose of Mylotarg until the end of next month. More than likely the Mylotarg will knock her ANC and platelets back down, but it should prevent another quick relapse.

Well I better wrap this up and get it posted before I get another request for photos! Hope everything is going great. Take care.


Todd, Andrea, Alex & Nick

P.S. A very special thanks to Jimmy & Katherine Smith for their incredible Christmas gift. Your generosity amazed us all.
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