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Tuesday October 2, 2001

Hi Everyone,

Ready for BedWell it's been a relatively good week for us. Alex had her sixth radiation treatment today, so there are only four more to go! Her eye is looking much better and you can tell that the tumor has been reduced in size. She also had her weekly blood test today and the results were good. Her platelets are holding steady at 243 and her ANC (immune system) is over 2500 which is perfectly normal. We'll be doing another check on her marrow in a couple of weeks, but for the moment it appears that she has not relapsed in the marrow. Of course knock wood, say a couple thousand prayers and keep those fingers crossed! <grin>

Alex had her second of six weekly IT (interthecal) chemo treatments last Thursday. They also did a spinal tap to check on her progress and the news is good. There was only one white blood cell in her spinal fluid compared to the six that were there just a week ago. This means that the IT chemo is working and will hopefully completely eradicate the Leukemia cells in her CNS. It's still a long shot that she won't relapse in the marrow, but miracles do happen.

We had a great weekend off from treatment. For some reason Alex decided she wanted a kite last week, so we went to a kite store and she picked out a butterfly kite. On Sunday we went to "Kite Hill" in Seattle's Magnusson Park and had a picnic with our friends Kelly and Tim and of course flew our kite. Alex actually had more fun socializing with all of the kids in the park, so the bulk of the kite flying was left to me. We were going to put some photos of our kite flying on this update, but we left the camera at home. Kelly took some pictures with her 35mm, so hopefully I'll be able to scan some in at a later date.

Hanging out with BuddyI included a photo of Buddy with Alex because we're trying to find a permanent home for him. As most of you know Buddy is a stray (w/ several medical problems) that wandered into our yard last winter just before a snowstorm. We searched for his owner, but it appears that he was abandoned. We would like to keep him, but we've already got two dogs and a cat and really don't need the extra financial or personal strain right now. Give us a call if you know anybody that would like to adopt a 10 year old, deaf cocker spaniel with a tumor in his ear and a heart murmur who needs a lot of attention. <grin>

Photocards 125x125Lastly I wanted to let you in on a good deal with, an online photo processing company. If you sign up through the banner to the right they will give you 15 free 4x6 prints and we'll get a commission. You can print out your own digital photos or you can print out any of the photos from our trip to Italy and Switzerland that I posted on the site. Click Here to view our European Vacation photo album after you sign up for the free prints. Shipping is $1.79 and it really is a great deal. I've already placed two orders with them (the first one arrived yesterday) and the photos are spectacular. 

I'll be posting more photos of Alex on Shutterfly and will post the address of the photo album in the next update. Some of you have asked for more free photo deals so here are a few more. Just click on the link and sign up for: 

  • 10 free 4x6 prints from Snapfish - shipping is $1.49. Very good quality. Another affiliate program. We receive a commission just for signing up.
  • 25 free 4x6 prints from Ofoto - shipping is $2.49. Along with Shutterfly the best quality. If you have trouble signing up with the link above, sign up with this one which goes directly to a photo album of Alex back in April.
  • 60 free 4x6 prints from dotPhoto - shipping is $1.99. The quality isn't as good as the others and their site is somewhat confusing, but the price is right!
  • 20 free 4x6 prints from PhotoAccess - shipping is $1.95. Just placed an order with them, so I'm not sure of the quality.
  • 15 free 4x6 prints (5 per month) from ImageStation - shipping is $2.49/order. Not that great a deal.

So far I've received over 200 prints from 5 different sites and all I paid was shipping. 

Thanks again for three years of love, support and prayers.


Todd, Andrea and Alex


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