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CardScan Review

I've been planning to get a CardScan for several years, but for one reason or another I always put it off. While attending the Affiliate Summit Conference in Las Vegas in January 2007, I saw a demonstration of the newest CardScan model and was amazed by its accuracy. Since I usually end up with a couple hundred business cards from these type of conferences, I figured it was time to break down and get one.

When I got home from the conference I installed the software for my new CardScan Executive (retail price: $259.99), hooked up the scanner and started feeding my stack of business cards into it. 20 minutes later I was done and with one click transferred all of the information into MS Outlook. If I had had to manually enter all of those business cards into Outlook, I'd probably be still working on it!

Here's a quick rundown of the pros and cons of the CardScan Executive:


  • The scanner is small. In fact it's so small it will fit in the inside pocket of your jacket.
  • USB powered, which means there's no power cord required.
  • Scans in a color business card in about 3 seconds and creates a digital address book.
  • You can synchronize or transfer to Outlook, Outlook Express, Palm, Windows Mobile devices, iPods and smart phones plus ACT!, Lotus Notes, and Goldmine.
  • Includes online backup, access from a browser, and contact updating.
  • Allows you to select contact information from any document, email, etc. and import it into the digital address book.


  • While the ability to select contact information and import it in to the digital address book is a nice feature it's not perfectly implemented. You have to select the text and then drag it to the CardScan tab to active the CardScan software, then drop the text into the navigation bar on the left side of the screen. A more elegant solution would have been to make this a right click menu option.
  • The scanner does have problems scanning business cards that use ornate cursive fonts or multiple color backgrounds, which isn't surprising. This should be a lesson to everyone who goes a little overboard artistically when it comes to their business cards. The true purpose of a business card is not to impress with how many fonts and colors you can squeeze onto a little tiny card, but to provide the person that you're giving the card to a way to get in contact with you! The best way to do that is to have a nicely laid out card, which is easy to read. Trust me it can be done.

All in all I've been very happy with my CardScan Executive and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is constantly struggling to keep their list of contacts updated. -- Todd Martini

CardScan in Action

About Card Scan

Card Scan offers an array of solutions to contact management challenges. Their products enable customers worldwide to centralize data from business cards as well as other sources such as emails, web sites and other electronic files. Using drag and drop, import, export and synchronization features, information capture is a breeze. Identifying and reconciling duplications is seamless. And all data from most of our products can be backed up on secure servers, so itís easily accessible from virtually anywhere.

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