Todd Martini|||Durham, NC|Hi Everyone,

Hope you like the new guestbook. I had to move all of my sites over to a new server when my hosting company crashed, so I decided to simplify the guestbook.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to move your messages from the old guestbook into this guestbook, but I have kept a copy for ourselves.

Hope everything is going great. Take care.

-- Todd

[message has been edited by: Admin]|5 June 2003|voXotA|officialgfx.gif|emoti2.gif|08:38:12 am| Cheryl||http://|Oklahoma|Hi guys! Great guestbook. Hope everyone is doing
well and love to all!

Cheryl|5 June 2003|BQUqYs|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|11:57:46 am| Kay Maimbourg|,|http://|Southern California|Hi all -
Love your guestbook! We are praying for you all everyday. Hugs, Aunt Kay and Uncle Les|5 June 2003|qumEHu|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|0:02:45 pm| Lynn Worley|||Seattle, WA|Just wanted to say that I'm praying so much for your whole family. You've been through so much! I'm so glad that the Lord has allowed our paths to cross so I can pray for you.|5 June 2003|ZE4ybE|monster1.gif|emoti25.gif|0:05:31 pm| Dianne M. MacMillan||http://||Andrea, Todd, Alex and Nicholas,
Hope this is a good day for the four of you. YOu are in our prayers. I look forward to each and every update. God Bless your family. Love, Dianne|5 June 2003|DuXAnE|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|0:32:46 pm| Kirk Allen DePriter||http://|North Carolina|We keep praying for Alex and a complete recovery. She is an inspiration to us older sick folks. She is truly amazing.|5 June 2003|WiZUgA|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|0:35:45 pm| Corinne Dutra-Roberts|||Walnut Creek|Hello in N Carolina. David and his team The Pink Panthers finished the Tahoe Century for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society in honor of Alex. Her
picture was on his back so I hope she enjoyed the ride. The national team of cyclists raised 6,000,000 for LLS (which was 60,000 per mile
of the century). The SF Bay Area Team raised enough money to fund two researchers for two years. There's a lot of hope in that money. Go
Alex, Go. We pray for all you daily. Corinne, David and Amelia.
|5 June 2003|SpeqU7|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|0:59:20 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex and family! I hope that you are all doing well and I hope Todd and Andrea are getting some much needed sleep. I think about you guys all the time and am praying Alex continues to do well and you can come home soon!!!! |5 June 2003|rexoRi|monster7.gif|emoti8.gif|1:21:58 pm| Leslie Truelove||http://|Woodstock Ga|Hey Alex,Todd,Andrea,and Nick, Hope all is well my prayers and thoughts are with yall Alex is True Hero in My Book
Love To All
Leslie|5 June 2003|4EbYRU|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|1:35:50 pm| Connie McGee|mailto:connie.L.|http://|SF Bay Area|Hello Todd, Andrea, Alex and Nick! As always you are in my thoughts and prayers! I love you all and hope for continued good news!

Love you all...Connie|5 June 2003|GYdUWE|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|1:35:57 pm| Pam Sissung|||irvine, California|Hi: I never met you, but I work with your Aunt Kay. I also asked for prayer for you guys and Alex at a Bible Study I attend in Anaheim Hills, and come to find out, my Study leaders live right down the street from Andrea's Mom and Dad. Is the Lord awesome or what! Anyway, I lead a study here at work too and we all pray a lot for your whole family. I hope things are going great and you will all be home soon. Hope to meet you some day - Pam|5 June 2003|jeba8A|monster5.gif|emoti12.gif|1:36:41 pm| Carol Ann Reaume||http://|Chatham,Onatrio,CANADA|Hello Todd,Andrea,Alexand Nick from Canada.I pray daily for Alex and the family so much so that A Priest friend thought you were related to me.My friends'prayers groups ,Ursuline Sisters,Franciscans priests,Jesuits,and monastic Franciscan sister are all remembering you in their daily prayers.Wowno wonder Alex is a little miracle.So many around the world are pulling for you allthat a major miracle should take place-complete recovery.Love ,good thoughts and lots of prayers.|5 June 2003|xeMYPY|monster5.gif|emoti10.gif|2:14:43 pm| Joan Anne Gallagher||http://|Hillsboro Beach, Florida|Hope you all are doing good. Will talk to MoM and Dad on the weekend to see how they are doing with their house being that they want to put it on the market.

Hope you are feeling a little better, Alex and your little brother isn't starting to beat you up since he has gotten bigger. Love Aunt Joan |5 June 2003|bgAdo5|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|2:17:55 pm| LaVera McGrew Russell||http://|Broken Arrow, Okla.|Hi kids, I have followed this all the way - so thrilled you have the little one. Praying for Alex - she is such a dear. Great Great aunt LaVera|5 June 2003|JyhuGy|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|2:19:35 pm| Donna Graham||http://|Illinois|You are always in our thoughts and prayers!!! Love and hugs!|5 June 2003|VHigEV|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|3:02:14 pm| Kalyn Thomas||http://|Washington|Hi Alex! Its great to see that you are doing so well! You sure look like you are having lots of fun with your brother! My thoughts and prayers are always with you!
Kalyn|5 June 2003|jdopoG|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|3:10:58 pm| Mark Driggers||http://|Orange|

Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Get Well Soon!!!|5 June 2003|2e7upu|monster7.gif|emoti8.gif|3:48:23 pm| Amanda|||GA|Hi, Alex! I love the new guestbook. I was happy to see an update & to know that you are still doing so well. You are one of God's many miracles! I also wanted to tell you that I won't be able to visit for a couple weeks because I will be gone to Michigan. You are in my thoughts & prayers!|5 June 2003|TUXYzy|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|4:28:50 pm| Kelly Richards||http://|Woodinville|

Hi Alex,

Sunny greetings from Woodinvile, Washington where we think about you everyday and hope that you are on the road to coming home all better. Give hugs and kisses to your brother and mom/dad. We miss you'all.|5 June 2003|Z1uXuL|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|4:48:24 pm| jessica||http://||
Good afternoon princess Alex I love your new guestbook. It is great! I hope you have a great weekend sweetie. Love and hugs, Jessica|5 June 2003|3U3oZY|monster1.gif|emoti25.gif|4:51:57 pm| Sally, Taylor & Allison Moore||http://|Anaheim|Hi Alex!

We miss you so very much. We get lots of information from your grandma & grandpa. Taylor & Allison can't wait until you can come to your grandma's house and play with them again. There is so much they want to do with you. We love you very much and you and your family are always in our prayers. Easter was not the same without you. Well, we have to go. Please tell you mom, dad and Nicholas we say "hello".

Love, The Moore's|5 June 2003|ZAVaJY|monster3.gif|emoti6.gif|5:14:28 pm| James K. McClelland|||Benton, Louisiana|Very nice guest book.

You all remain in our prayers.


|5 June 2003|1YpoVY|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:39:40 pm| Jordan Alexis|mailto:|http://||Hey Alex! Great to hear you're doing well...can't wait till I can get a chance to see you again! Tell your Mom and Dad I said Hi and give Nick a BIG kiss for me. I like the new guest book and I thought I'd leave a note before it's back to studying for the rest of my life...hey maybe I could send some of this homework your way?!?!

Always thinking about you,

Jordan|5 June 2003|TynaSE|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|6:06:00 pm| Dagny|||Atlanta, Georgia|

Hi Alex!
Cool new guest book. Your Dad is very crafty! I am sure it won't be long until you are doing you own website!
Take care!|5 June 2003|Ta3o7o|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|6:32:15 pm| Linda Boire||http://|Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada|God Bless you all are in our prayers xo Linda|5 June 2003|xivaMy|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:08:16 pm| Natalie A. Mitchell||http://|Concord, Ca|Hope you are all well! I do so love getting all of the updates on all of you!
Keep in touch!
Natalie|5 June 2003|3UGU6A|dgb63.gif|emoti6.gif|8:23:29 pm| Ingrid Parry||http://|Sacramento|Hi gang! We miss blowing bubbles with you Alex! We are thinking of you constantly. I miss my long distance boyfriend (Nick)! Love, Ing and Nate|5 June 2003|gypu3i|monster5.gif|emoti10.gif|8:40:04 pm| Flint Christensen|||Benicia, CA|We pray for Alex all of the time. God has obviously used her life to touch many people on this earth!!
Flint|5 June 2003|7YnYve|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|8:44:51 pm| Bonnie Prince|mailto:bjprince2@AOL.COM|http://|ST.LOUIS, MO|Praying for all of you. In Christ, Bonnie Prince A prayer warrior for the children.

[message has been edited by: Admin]|5 June 2003|qTyniG|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|9:12:13 pm| Audrey-Anna Delarose||http://|Bothell, washington| I really had a great time when u came and halped make ice cream at the cold stone creamery in woodinville! it was a great day! im always thinking about everyone and i pray everyday along with many other people! My heart and love goes out to you all! The best of luck!

Luv always,
Audrey|5 June 2003|LUXa6e|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|9:32:44 pm| Inge Hrding||http://|Seattle, Washington|

Hi Alaex! Glad you are doing so well!!! Think about you a lot!!!


[message has been edited by: Admin]|5 June 2003|jozUSy|monster1.gif|emoti24.gif|10:50:21 pm| Pam @ Pearl Place Women's Care||http://|Tacoma, WA|Hi Martini Family! We continue our thoughts and prayers for you! Thanks for the updates..I share them with the rest of the gals in the office....We all send our love. Pam|6 June 2003|5Vuta6|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|12:10:16 pm| jessica||http://|usa|
Good morning Alex. It is 12:10 am here. It is Friday. I have off work Sunday and mom is going to the pool with me. Do you like to swim. Elmo and I are so happy you are enjoying eating your ice cream sweetie. I bet you are making tons of wishes in the wish fountain huh? I hope all your wishes come true. Sweetie I just wanted to let you know you look like a pretty little princess with or without hair and also your face and smile are wonderful. You are so pretty Alex they should make a dolly out of you like the american girl dolls so everyone could buy one and I bet it would be hard to find in the stores because everyone would want one! I love you. Love and hugs, Jessica|6 June 2003|VahYVa|monster3.gif|emoti12.gif|12:13:17 pm| Papop||http://|anaheim, ca|HI Button! I miss you a lot. It is so good to see your picture on your web site. It's almost like you are right here with me. Please ask your daddy to post more pictures. All of my students love to hear about how you are doing so when ever there is a new post I read it to them. They are quite excited about how well you are doing and can hardly wait until you can come to visit them. Please give your mom and dad a big hug for me and tell your little brother I love him a lot. I love you Button. |6 June 2003|PNE4uW|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|06:00:09 am| Larissa Brewton|||Frisco, TX.|Hi Alex and family!!
I am so proud of you Alex!! You are one tough girl! My daughter went thru 2 transplants too, so I know it is alot of hard work. I am so happy that you are out of the hospital and feeling better! We pray for you everyday.
Lots of Love!!
The Brewton Family in Texas|6 June 2003|pe1UZe|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|06:10:40 am| Kathleen, Gus and Mallory||http://|Nyack New York|Hi Everyone!

Alex I like icecream, too...Do you have to share with NICK? If you do you have to get a double cone to make sure there's enough to go around!

We are thinking of you all the time and your always in our prayers.

|6 June 2003|nixizo|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|06:28:16 am| Kathy McCord||http://|Fountain Hills Arizona|This message is especially for Alex. Hi Alex. Wow! I hear you're doing awesome! Very cool news! I met you when you were just a tiny baby girl. Just a little bigger than Nick. Your Mom let me hold you and you snuggled into my arms. I don't think I've ever held a sweeter baby girl. And now you're growing up to be the sweetest big girl. Don't worry about gaining weight. It's all part of getting better. You're still and always will be, the sweetest girl in the whole world, just because your YOU!|6 June 2003|QazAPU|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|07:51:46 am| jessica||http://|usa|

Hi Alex. I see alot of people have been signing your guestbook. That is great! You are such a special little girl. Garfield says he wants to give you a great big hug. Love and hugs, Jessica

[message has been edited by: Admin]|6 June 2003|5aDAMY|monster7.gif|emoti16.gif|08:17:15 am| Dorothy Budden||http://|Newfoundland Canada|

[message has been edited by: Admin]|6 June 2003|VUxYxu|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|08:20:06 am| Dorothy ||http://||wow gald you are both doing great ... love your new guess book.. Nick is sure growing and you are still as beautiful as ever.. Keep posting pics love to seen them ...always thinking of you in Newfoundland |6 June 2003|WhaNEv|dgb61.gif|emoti24.gif|08:23:20 am| Janet and Charles Jenkins||http://|Andover Township, New Jersey|We are praying for Alex and all of your family. Uncle Brian (our son) also keeps us informed. May God be with you all now and forever.|6 June 2003|tMerob|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|08:42:14 am| Lin & Tom Burnette|||Colonial Heights, VA|Dear Alex,
You are BEE-YOU-TEE-FUL on the inside as well as on the outside!!!!!!! You may not feel that way now, cuz steroids make you feel like that, but soon you will be back to your own cute self dazzling all the boys in neighborhood!!! It will all be better soon. We are glad you are doing so well. Help your mama and daddy with Nick, cuz you know they need a LOT of help!!! ;)
Love you all,
Lin & Tom Burnette|6 June 2003|m3aMur|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|09:50:18 am| Jane Calderin|||Miami, Florida |Hi Alex,
I have been following your news for about two months now. I am so pleased that you are doing so well. In six weeks I will be moving back to England to live. I have a great niece and a great nephew in England and I am going to tell them about you, and ask them to pray for you too. I will show them your website and I hope they will write you a letter. My love and prayers, Jane Calderin|6 June 2003|5eRuHA|monster1.gif|emoti16.gif|09:53:04 am| Debbie Nagy|mailto:|http://|St. Louis|Dear Alex,
I have followed your site for quite a long time, but wasn't sure about the other guest book. I am giving this one a try. Looks pretty neat. Your Dad did a great job on it. Glad you are doing so well lately. I will keep praying for you!!
|6 June 2003|6oTymY|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|09:53:30 am| Jenny||http://|Nisswa, MN|I tried signing before but found it confusing. I am not very computer literate. I have followed Alex's story since Nick was born. I can't remember who sent me to you, but I have followed a few caring bridge families.
I am very glad to hear that Alex is doing well. It is very tough to watch your children suffer and I am very impressed with how you handle everything. I dop hope that this is a step in the right direction and you that you don't have to look back.
I think of your family daily and I appreciate your updates when you can.
Good luck Alex! You are thought of often in Minnesota.
Jenny B.|6 June 2003|Ne7uRa|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|09:55:29 am| Christi Hamilton||http://|Dove Canyon, CA|I'm so happy to read that Alex is doing so well. Poor, sweet girl...I hope she sees how beautiful she really is! I also hope that this is a precursor to her teen years, when she'll drive you nutty worrying about her hair, clothes, etc. On top of beautiful, she's smart and honest! I was cracking up about the corn/bathroom story. Have her call me...I was the queen of hiding food that I didn't want to eat. I'll give her some tips.

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll keep Alex in our prayers.|6 June 2003|GY2ipi|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|11:14:55 am| Rose|mailto:|http://|Brasil|So very nice to know that Alex is doing great !!!!
Please tell her that more important than her temporary appearance and this is nothing because we know how beautiful she is - is that she is making a lot of people happy with her improvement, even people from distant lands....
Hope your husband´s brain has already been returned - hahahaha. Special kisses and keep the good fight - very soon, I hope, life will become normal again and full of happiness. Kisses from Brasil. |6 June 2003|rynoMi|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|11:28:02 am| Lisa MacKay||http://||Hey Alex! I'm so glad to hear that you are doing amazingly well. You deserve it!!!! I know that the medicine is making you feel bad about yourself, but I want to tell you that you are the prettiest girl I know!!! Keep smiling and getting better so you can get home soon! I can't wait to see you and give you a big hug!!! Say Hi to your mom and dad for me. Enjoy that ice cream for me, it sounds wonderful!|6 June 2003|Hinota|monster7.gif|emoti1.gif|11:37:53 am| Kathleen Shannon Dorcy ||http://||Hi dear little Alex, Hope you are doing well and entertaining the universe back there. WE know you are so fun that you are brightening the day for all there. Give my love to your mommy and daddy and baby brother. Keep up your dancing and smiling. Bless you Alex. KAthleen|6 June 2003|SpEHeh|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|0:01:50 pm| Will Kingsley's mom||http://|Bainbridge Island WA|We're happy to see Alex doing so well. Have been thinking about all of you. Love|6 June 2003|2Y3UbE|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|0:08:48 pm| Leslie O'Rourke-Garrett||http://|San Jose, CA|Alex, you are one beautiful grrrrl. You are like a ferocious tiger fighting. No matter what you look like, when I see your pictures I smile because it makes me happy. You look different now, but that steriod look will go away.
|6 June 2003|8Wexev|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|1:43:05 pm| Kathy Mayo||http://|Whitehall, OH|Hi Alex, I'm so glad to see you doing so well. You are such a beautiful little girl! I have been following your website but never signed in because I got a little confused with the other guestbook. This one is soooo much betterTake care and will keep checking on you. Now I will sign in a little more too!

I love the story of the corn and the bathroom|6 June 2003|LRAde1|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|3:04:45 pm| Julie Johnson||http://|Riverside, California|Hello Alex, I am so happy to hear that you are doing better. My name is Julie I am a student of your Grandfather. He always talks about you and I as well as other students can see that he loves you very very much. You are a beautiful girl with a big heart. Take Care of yourself sweetheart! Youre in my prayers

My Love,
Julie|6 June 2003|1Y5A1u|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|3:23:32 pm| Amanda J Cole||http://|Kent, WA||6 June 2003|T7uwE3|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|6:26:02 pm| Amanda J Cole||http://|Kent, WA|Howdy Alex!
I've been thinking of you ever since little Nicholas left Tacoma General (I was one of his nurses). I pray for you every night and I want you to know you have soooo many people who care about you!
Get better everyday, sweetie!
Luv, Amanda|6 June 2003|dAGutu|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|6:31:38 pm| Elizabeth Goodwin|||Richland, WA|
I have followed Alex and Nick's progress for quite some time and decided I had better finally leave a message in the guestbook! I am so glad to hear that all is going well for both of your kids. I just can't imagine all you have been through. I have prayed for you for some time now, and will continue to do so. Have a good weekend, and enjoy the ice cream!|6 June 2003|zehaXY|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|7:57:51 pm| Sandra Maimbourg||http://|Anaheim Hills, CA|Hi my precious little girl....I can't believe how many people have sent you messages since Daddy spiffed up your guest book. I know you love noodles so I'm sending you this picture hoping it's better than corn! I went out with your cousin Charisse today to have her one year birthday pictures taken....guess what? She wore the very same dress you did when you had some special pictures taken..I'll send you the pictures. She's big enough to start playing with you now. I miss you so very much and am really anxious to come back and see you in a few more weeks . Don and Marlyn left a very special present for you so I'll bring it when I come. Iknow how much you love surprises.

Love you sweetheart

[message has been edited by: Admin]|6 June 2003|Rsy8Ez|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|8:30:54 pm| Jill Kelly Ganyard||http://|Durham,N.C.|Dear Alex, I wanted to write you a little note to let you know what a extraordinary person I think you are. I heard of your amazing story today while cutting your Fathers hair. What a proud Dad you have. After looking at your website I could instently see why. I am amazed by your courage, your strength, and beautiful-beautiful bright eyes and smile. Your eyes tell a story of their own, they let you catch a glimpse of something that is undeniably special. Alex you are a inspiration. Hearing all about you today has touched my life. Thank you and God bless you and your family.
Jill Ganyard|6 June 2003|gxaRE5|monster4.gif|emoti1.gif|8:58:43 pm| Sue Bond||http://|Brisbane, Queensland, Australia|Dear Alex,

I'm very happy to hear (or should I say, read) of your good progress, health-wise. I love to see all the photos of you, and of your family. How do you like having a little brother? He's almost as cute as you! Thinking of you and your Mum, Dad and baby brother, from a very warm 'winter's' day in the Sunshine State of Oz.

Sue|6 June 2003|4zEpEW|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|9:42:13 pm| jessica||http://|usa|
Good evening munchkin. Please remember I am praying for you, Nicholas, Mommy, and Daddy very much. I love you so much. You are a very sweet girl and might I add a very pretty princess. You are so lucky to be so pretty. I wish I was as pretty as you are! Have a great weekend munchkin.
Love and hugs, Jessica|7 June 2003|vy6Uto|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|12:35:17 pm| leigh waters||http://||get well soon, Alex! We are praying for you!|7 June 2003|tMazat|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|0:03:19 pm| Allison, Richard & Koko||http://|CA|HI Alex,

You are such a superstar!!! We are so proud of you and Koko loves to look at your pictures on the website. She remebers getting to say hello at the Rainbow Walk and going to the Rainforest Cafe together. We hope we get to see you again soon. We love you and pray for your complete healing. You are a beautiful girl! |7 June 2003|rY4oXU|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:14:04 pm| Nancy Ramsey|||erie,co|Hey, I do like the new guestbook, cool!!! I miss you guys, it is different on the outside, I will be back on Tuesday, it has been nice being home for a few days but I am recharged and ready to finish out the 100 days and take my baby and go home!!!!!!!! I am so glad Alex is doing so well. I am always scared to ask Sam about everyone. This is one if the first times I have been on since I came home. Can't wait to see ya!
LOve, Nancy|7 June 2003|63aZUh|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|9:34:35 pm| Maria W||http://|N. Cape May, NJ|I have been following Alex's page since just before Nick was born, but could never figure out how to sign the guestbook. I want you to know that ever since I learned about you from another child's CaringBridge page that you have been in my prayers. I check in at least once a week to see how things are going for you, you are a very special family. Take care and please tell Alex that she is a beautiful girl, inside AND out.
|8 June 2003|gdiwYm|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|0:21:08 pm| Gayle Greenberg||http://|Boca Raton, FL|Hello Alex and family! I have been following your updates since I heard about you on the March expecting board. You have stolen my heart! I wish you all the very best of everything.|8 June 2003|QYhomu|monster5.gif|emoti25.gif|4:24:17 pm| Alison|mailto:|http://|Canada|Hi Alex,

I have been following your site since I came across it while doing some research for school a while ago (I'm a medical student). I hope that you know what a special and beautiful young lady you are! You & your family are in my prayers, and are an inspiration for someone who hopes to be working with other great kids like yourself one day. I wish you all the best of everything! Take care.|8 June 2003|ggoNuL|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|5:34:46 pm| Cathy Peters|||St.Albert, Alberta, Canada|I have been following your story since all three of you were in the hospital but I have never signed your guestbook. I am glad to hear things are going well! And we will continue to pray for both of your children, as well as you both!
|8 June 2003|sU2Ero|monster7.gif|emoti10.gif|7:18:48 pm| Mark and Laura||http://|Vista, CA|Hi Alex, Andrea, Todd, & Nick!
After all of these years, I've never signed your guest book. About time! Mark and I think of you every day and pray for you often. As always, you are in our hearts. Alex, you are an amazing little girl, an inspiration. We love you!
Laura and Mark |8 June 2003|vUbAqy|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|7:27:50 pm| Candyce Wolsfeld|||Spring Valley, IL|Your Grandma, Sandra, visted our site and that led us to yours. What a brave and beautiful young lady you are!

We will add your site to our favorites and check in often.

God Bless

Candyce|8 June 2003|diRYzy|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|9:04:21 pm| Robin Castaneda|mailto:|http://|Corona, CA|Hi Alex! Just wanted to send you a quick hi and wanted you to know that I think about you and pray for you everyday. You are a very special little girl. Love, Mark's friend...Robin.|8 June 2003|1i1avY|monster3.gif|emoti6.gif|10:18:02 pm| Lisa Jenkinson||http://|Lorton, Virginia|Dear Alex and family,

I have been following your story for about a year now and have written several messages but not sure if I signed correctly and it was actually sent. I really like your new guest book! My heart and prayers goes out to you. I struggled with leukemia as a teenager and beat it. I just turned 40 in April. I am married and have three beautiful children. As I read your updates and the challenges you have faced along the way, I recall similar situations that I encountered. I can honestly say, looking back on the initial diagonis and a relapse, that my life experiences have proven to be a blessing which have molded me into the person I am today. God has used my tradegy and life experiences for good use. I have met and been able to share my story and truimphs to provide support and hope to many sick children with cancer (leukemia in particular). I have met so many amazing kids. Believe me, I did not feel this way as I was going through the illness but God has blessed me in so many ways and I am well aware of it now. This side of heaven we will never know the eternal impact our lives have and will have. I will continue to pray for all of you and hope that maybe someday I could actually meet you in person. You are a fighter and have what it takes to survive!

Your sister in Christ,

Lisa |9 June 2003|nuTuje|blank.gif|emoti16.gif|05:33:22 am| Chris||||I am so glad to hear some good news from you guys. Its a shame Alex feels self conscious, its only normal but its a shame nonetheless. That beautiful little girl has been thru more than any other person in a lifetime.... and she should feel just as beautiful and strong. Praying for nothing but continued good news for your family!|9 June 2003|7yXene|monster1.gif|emoti1.gif|06:38:39 am| Marian Mitchem|||Durham, NC and Lake Elsinore, CA|Hi Alex and family!

I LOVE the new guestbook!! It was probably just me, but I tried to leave you a couple of messages on the old guestbook and could never get it to work.

Yes, sounds like maybe Todd needs a little more sleep...that is too funny about him leaving Nick in the car. I guess I better rethink having him keep an eye on Mikey or Madi for me any time soon.

Alex, it was sure fun having you come over to play with Mikey and Madi last week. You are such a sweetie and we hope you can come over again soon.

It's fun seeing the picture of Mikey and Madi with Alex on your web site. We'll have to go to Goodberry's again soon.

See you at the clinic if not sooner.


Marian Mitchem (Princess Madi's Mom)|9 June 2003|MihEHa|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|06:43:13 am| Kitty Parrish (Donna Graham's Mom)||http://www.|North Carolina|Good Morning Alex,
Hope you are having a great day. I enjoy your pictures and updates and have been following you for a long time. Spenser sends his love and he has a new baby brother named Seth that you haven't met yet. Hopefully you will get to play with Spenser again soon.
Spenser's Nana|9 June 2003|XBuSem|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|06:44:50 am| Karin Burleson||http://|Port Orchard, Wa|Andrea,
I work at Dr. Robert Smith's office in Gig Harbor and look at Alex's web site at least once a week, sometimes everyday. I so enjoy reading what is taking place in you and your family's life. You so inspire me with your great attitude. You are always in my prayers and I hope you get to come home soon.
Your Friend,
GOD BLESS!|9 June 2003|6NezAV|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|08:36:21 am| Alicia Foley||http://|Tucson, Arizona|Hi Alex and family, I'm so thrilled with your progress! I pray for you every day. You are the most beautiful girl and so strong, I really admire you. With love, Ali|9 June 2003|gegAMo|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|10:00:24 am| Barbara J. Gray||http://|San Francisco/now Houston|Dear Tood, Andrea, and Alex,

I met you at our cycling picnic the day after you got your first all-clear. What a joy it was to watch you run around the lot.

Over three years I cycled or trained for centuries in Tucson, Las Vegas, Chico, CA and also the Markleeville Death Ride in California with your name on my bike.

I have kept all three of you in my thoughts, these several years. I have recently moved from UCSF to the Houston med center; I work at UT Houston in case there is anything I can do from here for you.

Much love,
Barb (TNT cyclist)|9 June 2003|2yjYDY|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|10:55:35 am| Joanne||http://|Seattle|HI! It's Joanne, child life from Seattle!
Well, I have to confess that I have been checking your website for sometime now and haven't signed the guestbook before now. Bad me :) I am so happy for you all, it's so nice to know that things are going well at Duke! Alex is too cute and I hope she feels better soon about her new cheeks, they'll go away soon! Just like her hair fell out and it will come back in, her cheeks will get puffy but will go down again. It's so hard on the kids, but they're troopers :) Well, back to work. Big hug to all of you! I still need to try that cream corn recipe you gave me back during the holidays :)
Talk to you soon
Best wishes
Joanne :)|9 June 2003|nNYxU7|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|3:05:36 pm| Diana Warner||http://|Balboa Island,CA|Thank you for the updates on how we all can pray specifically and be privileged to see the miracles that are taking place! "Hi" and prayers to you all from The Warner Family!!With love from above, (Rick and Diana...the old Villa Park small group with Bob and Sandra Maimbourg)|9 June 2003|4GoqyW|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|3:26:29 pm| Karen Herde||http://|Tacoma, WA|Hi! My name is Karen Herde. I am a nurse from TG NICU. You probably don't remember me because I didn't take care of Nick very often but I will never forget your family. You have been in my prayers ever since the birth of Nick. I am so happy to see that Alex is continuing to do well. Keep up the good work Alex!|9 June 2003|we2ype|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:39:44 pm| Karen Herde||http://|Tacoma, WA|Hi! My name is Karen Herde. I am a nurse from TG NICU. You probably don't remember me because I didn't take care of Nick very often but I will never forget your family. You have been in my prayers ever since the birth of Nick. I am so happy to see that Alex is continuing to do well. Keep up the good work Alex!|9 June 2003|sEVaJe|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:42:22 pm| Koko|mailto:|http://||gfdxxxcvfderttgbjuuhjmmmmmlk

I love you...koko|10 June 2003|WqySeS|dgb61.gif|emoti1.gif|10:58:32 am| jessica||http://|usa|
Good afternoon miss alex aren't these bears cute? They are showing you how much I love you. I just needed to share them with you. I hope you are having a great day sweetie. Love and hugs, Jessica|10 June 2003|1iMesU|monster3.gif|emoti12.gif|0:41:07 pm| Mrs. Valorie||http://|Texas|Hi Everyone! This is a great new way to say hello. There are so many people praying for Alex to get completely well that it is amazing. Our family is always talking about you all and marveling at how "well" you are doing. In spite of very little sleep. Our love to you, special hugs for Alex and Nick. Love, The Berrys|10 June 2003|HYPogi|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|2:23:37 pm| Robin Debes||http://|shawano Wi|Hi! I'm so happy everyone is doing so well!! Alex looks beautiful, what a sweet heart! And Nick,what a cutie pie! I am just s happy for guys, I don't know how to put it into words.I hope eveything continues to ge well for Alex. Take care :)
Robin (childhood cancer board)
Too funny about Todd forgeting Nick in the car, I can imagine the initial panic though!|11 June 2003|zEtYBy|dgb66.gif|emoti6.gif|06:43:45 am| Charyl Heckathorn||http://|Stanwood, Washington |I am glad that everything is going as well as could be expected for you all..Our thoughts and prayers are with your family daily. Good luck and thanks to you for the many years of keeping us updated and informed. |11 June 2003|XGE1eG|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|0:16:16 pm| Sandra Maimbourg||http://|Anaheim Hills, CA|Hi Sweet Pea,
I miss you bunches...I can't wait till I get on that plane. Your little brother is going to be 6 months old tomorrow, Friday the 13th! This is the second Friday the 13th he will celebrate...the first was the day he was born! PoPop found a fun toy for you while we were shopping...He said he would have lots of fun as you played with it together...just make sure he SHARES. Hope you have lots of fun this week and hope the rain stays away.|12 June 2003|JPE2AS|monster3.gif|emoti28.gif|07:24:41 am| Rebekah Wrye|||PA|Hi, I'm from the March 03 PG. Not sure if you get to visit there anymore, but wanted you to know that we're still praying for Alex and Nick. I visit your page often and follow all the updates. Nick is so big now, is wonderful to see how well he's doing!

Take Care, and Thank you for keeping this wonderful page for us all to follow~

-Rebekah, Mommy 2 Nik (2yo) & Ethan (4mo)|12 June 2003|vry2oq|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|09:22:03 am| Jessica Wade||http://|Gainesville, GA|Hey Andrea, Todd, Alex & Nick,
My name is Jessica (guard97) from the March 03 EC board. I wanted to let you know I check in on you guys daily and love it when the site is updated. I pray and think of you all often!

Jessica|12 June 2003|NhuVUJ|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|10:21:07 am| Staci Mull||http://||Hi guys! Just checking in to see how you are all doing. Sounds like things are going pretty well, considering what you went through while on the March '03 Expecting Board -- both kids in different hospitals and all.

Just want to say you are all amazing! I wish you all the best.

Staci Mull|12 June 2003|JU4uMe|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:49:20 am| Shellie Falcon||http://|Tampa, FL|I just wanted to let you know that we think of you often on the March 03 Expecting Club and I read all your updates. Also due to your little girl we decided to donate Hunter's cord blood when he was born. I wanted to thank you for allowing me the chance to know your two angels through the website updates. I will keep your family in my prayers.

Shellie (aka babyfloridagator2003)|12 June 2003|SihAjo|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|11:41:11 am| Papop|mailto:|http://||Hi Button! I heard that you went to the Dr. and had another great check-up. That's fantistic. I sure do miss you. I hope you are getting a cnance to go outside and play. I understand that it has been raining a lot back there. Grandma is going to come to see you real soon but I'm not going to be able to make it this time. I bet you are ready to go home and see all your friends. Your cousin Cherisse will soon be big enough to play with you. I hope she gets to see you this summer. I have to go now but I will talk to you later. I love you. |12 June 2003|ZtEWYH|monster7.gif|emoti8.gif|0:04:03 pm| Danielle Low||http://|Somewhere in AZ???|Alex!!
I miss you tons! I've been keeping up on your site, and seeing how beautiful you are every day. I think you are one of the bravest, cutest girls I've ever met. I don't know if you remember me, but if you ask a little lady-bug that was on the porch a past Novemeber... he would know!
My hair is short now too, but we can grow it back together! If you send me a picture of yours I'll send you one of mine and we can see who grows it all back faster.
I love you tons, and you are in my prayers every day. Please tell your mom and dad thanks for keeping up the website so a ton of us can see your cute pictures, all the news, and keep you in our prayers.
I love you!!!
~Dani|12 June 2003|B4Asi8|monster5.gif|emoti13.gif|2:25:40 pm| Jenifer Hayes||http://|Seattle, Wa |Hello to Alex and the whole gang,

I check in on you guys daily, as I happened upon your board about a year or more ago...

Alex, I think you are one of the prettiest little girl I have ever seen! Yes, even now! Your smile could light up any room and the sparkle of delight in your eyes reminds me a bit of my own daughters.

We keep your enire family (grandparents included!) in our nightly prayers! (I have a 10 1/2 year old daughter, a 7 1/2 year old daughter and a 1 1/2 year old son!)

We think you are just the neatest family and we are certain that you will be HEALTHY AND HAPPY AND HOME real soon!!

Your friends in Christ,
The Hayes Family
(Jenifer, Raymond, Taylor, M'kenna and Isaiah)|13 June 2003|wyhyMi|monster1.gif|emoti13.gif|3:00:28 pm| Grandma||http://|Anaheim Hills CA|Happy 6 month birthday Nicholas! I can't believe how much you've grown. Alex I love you bunches. I hope you have great plans to celebrate your Daddy's birthday tomorrow....he's really getting old
Love and kisses...Grandma|13 June 2003|4Pi1aR|dgb66.gif|emoti6.gif|6:38:32 pm| Sandra Maimbourg||http://|Anaheim Hills, CA|HAPPY BIRTHDAY TODD!!!!!!!!!!!!|14 June 2003|Q8asYb|dgb66.gif|emoti25.gif|06:16:44 am| jessica|||usa|
Good morning Princess Alex. I was reading some of your guestbook enteries and I see it is your daddy's birthday. Well Todd Happy Birthday and also happy 6th month birthday to Nicholas! I hope you and your family have a great fathers day. When my dad was alive we always hung out on fathers day. Give your daddy, mommy, and nicholas a great big hug for me ok Alex? Love and hugs, Jessica|14 June 2003|xZU1av|monster5.gif|emoti25.gif|08:47:22 am| Greg, Debbie and baby Noah|||Honolulu, HI|ALOHA
Alex, we are so delighted to read that you are doing so very well, and your little brother too! Sorry that we have not made it to your page yet, we finally learned the address from Miss Kate from clinic, who has also been Noah's nurse in the PICU lately. We have added it to our favorites list so that we can come check on you often, as we do with alot of the other bone marrow kids. Thank you for graciously noting Noah's need for prayer on your web page. He definitely needs prayer right now and we are so truly grateful for remembering him. Thank you. We pray for you and your family each day. You are thought of often, and we hope & pray that you continue on a smooth path from now on, having nothing but good reports. Keep your beautiful chin up, and stay strong. We are so proud of you, and inspired by your amazing strength and courage. God bless.

Greg, Debbie and baby Noah Prichard|14 June 2003|Lu5equ|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|0:52:03 pm| Julie Johnson||http://|Riverside, California|Hi Alex! Its Julie again! I hope that your doing better since the last message I sent you. Your grandfather still talks about you all the time. I hope you know how much you mean to him. You mean alot to me as well. I feel like I already know you, the way he talks about you. You are a beautiful little girl and I hope you get so much better. I hope one day that I will get to meet the beautiful little girl I hear so much about! Get Better honey!

My Love Always,
Julie JOhnson|14 June 2003|ToHu3E|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|1:21:04 pm| Marlyn Marshburn||http://|Anaheim Hills|Hello Alex, Nickols, Andrea, and Todd. We have been praying for all of you ach day, checking the update daily, talking to gramma and grampa. First time writing. I's so good to hear things are going well, God IS faithful. Happy Birthday Todd, and Andrea, this is a great guestbook!!!!!!!!!!!!Thanks... It's so good to read the updates. Also Happy Fathers Day Todd, good night. Love, Marlyn|15 June 2003|25Aja8|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|01:13:29 am| jessica|||usa|
Hi Alex. I have a joke for you ok? What is a cat's favorite thing to eat? A hot dog! Isn't that funny. I would never ever let my dogs be eaten by a cat. I saw that on a web site and thought I would share the joke with you. I am praying for you and your family. Love and hugs, Jessica|15 June 2003|rRA7yG|dgb64.gif|emoti1.gif|10:45:33 pm| jessica|||usa|
Good morning Princess. Isn't that a pretty flower. It is just for you ok? I love you very much. I hope you are having a nice summer. I will talk to you in your guestbook again tomorrow. Love and hugs, Jessica|16 June 2003|hyME7o|dgb61.gif|emoti2.gif|10:47:36 am| jessica|||usa|Hi please visit my site I added a new page it is called my virtual quilt. You can get to it by clicking on the drop down menu. I want all my friends to add a square to my quilt. If you do not know how just send me a picture and I will make it and add it ok?Love and hugs, Jessica|17 June 2003|he5uVU|monster1.gif|emoti1.gif|12:32:26 pm| jessica|||usa|Good morning Alex and how are you today? I am doing good. Today I am going to wet and wild a water park on the strip in my town. I live in Las Vegas. It is a very big and crowded town. Over 1,000 people move here and vacation here a month. There are alot of fun things to do here. Are there any fun things to do in your town? Love and hugs, Jessica|17 June 2003|pixidU|dgb61.gif|emoti6.gif|07:47:44 am| Jill Arvai||http://|The Chidren's Hospital Seattle|Hi Alex and family - It is so good to hear that you are doing well...I think of you very often. I hope that the sun is out at Duke because it is out in Seattle! Have so much fun this summer with your Mom, Dad, and Nick! Jill|17 June 2003|RtU2oQ|monster7.gif|emoti8.gif|6:23:39 pm| Linda Lewis||http://|Grass Valley|

Hi Alex and family,
I am so glad you are feeling better and not in the hospital! I check you web site almost every day. I love to see pics of you and baby brother. I can't wait for the next update.
Lots of hugs,
Linda |17 June 2003|vJA7E1|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|8:18:09 pm| marlyn marshburn||http://|anaheim hills|

good morning, Andrea, Todd, Alex "the great"and Nicholos. Anxious for a new update, it's 5:09a.m.;I'm a little ;sleepy - and am praying for all of you before I try to go to sleep again.Is there thought of coming home?|18 June 2003|GDe4a6|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|05:14:48 am| Dottie Gilardi & Joseph Embry| &|http://|Santa Rosa, CA|We are off to the Mayor's Midnight Sun Marathon in Anchorage. We are walking for Team in Training (the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society team) and we have included Alex as an HONOREE on our race singlets.

We keep Alex in our thoughts everyday and know that she is one tough cookie. Tell her to hang in there!

Dottie & Joseph|18 June 2003|DoPEhA|monster1.gif|emoti1.gif|06:56:52 am| jessica|||las vegas usa|Good afternoon Princess and how are you today? I had a good day. I went to a customer at the food store I work at house. Sheryl has a four year old and Sheryl invited me over. It was alot of fun. We went swimming and played video games. Do you like video games? They are alot of fun and if you can not go outside they will keep you busy for hours. Have a great day and remember I am praying for you. Love and hugs, Jessica|18 June 2003|7DYzUX|dgb64.gif|emoti11.gif|6:32:35 pm| Judy Hibbitts||http://|Dallas, GA|Great to hear that Alex is doing well, "You're absolutely beautiful Alex!!" My 3 year old is so used to me reading about Alex, Noah, & Jordan, she often asks about Alex and her "strong" (long with her hat.) Mr. Nick is about to start keeping her very busy, but I'm sure he'll be an excellent playmate. Prayers & Thoughts are with you daily!|18 June 2003|JhavaH|dgb63.gif|emoti2.gif|8:20:44 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi Sweet Pea,
I just finished reading your Mommy's update...I think she's trying to give your Grandma a really bad time....Just wait till I visit next week...we're definitely going to have to prepare some surprises for Mommy
I think we need an Alex day when I come to see you! I love you soooo much and can hardly wait till you get on the plane to go home! Nicholas is really growing...he'll be able to play games with you very soon. Hugs and kisses
|18 June 2003|hyrYja|dgb63.gif|emoti4.gif|8:20:58 pm| Sandra||http://|Texas|Hi Alex! My name is Sandra and I have a daughter who is the same age as you. Her name is Audrey -your mommy knows me as Audreysmommy from the Jan98 group. I just wanted to say Hi and also tell you how happy we are that you are doing so good. You are a such a beautiful and strong little girl and we are so proud to know you. Also, Audrey and Jayton (her little brother) had a good giggle with the picture of Nick sitting with the remote control. I can tell he's going to be lots of fun once he gets mobile -better get ready!

Well, it's really late and past my bedtime so I'll sign off for now. Say hello to your mom and dad for me and give a little kiss to your brother too. Take care!! ((HUGS)) Sandra|18 June 2003|Qpy7yt|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|10:00:58 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|Good evening Princess and how are you? I am so happy to know you are having a nice summer. That is great! Do you like to play outside? Playing outside is alot of fun. I love to swim and that is something to do outside another thing to do outside is have a barbeque. Do you like hotdogs? I love them very much and french fries and hamburgers. Remember I am praying for you and I will write more tomorrow ok.
Love and hugs, Jessica|18 June 2003|1YsuNU|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|11:36:35 pm| Donna Graham||http://|on vacation in Wisconsin|So, I read your update, Andrea...thanks for taking the's a shame your mom had to get on you to get it done, though! Glad to hear Alex is doing so well!!! Please tell her that Spenser misses her and can't wait to play with her again!

As for Nicholas...well, tell him that Seth (at his 6 1/2 week checkup) was 15 pounds and 24 inches! roflol Yeah, so I grow 'em big! Sounds like Nicholas is doing AMAZING! Give him a big hug and kiss from me!

Hugs to you all!!!

Love ya' lots and lots!!!

d|19 June 2003|Vu4iji|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|04:27:36 am| Tammy and Jessica Saul||http://|Florida|Good morning Miss Alex,

Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you today! Jessica says she loves you.

|19 June 2003|zE5uhE|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|04:28:12 am| Julie Long||http://|Buffalo, NY |Just wanted you all to know I am thinking of you. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Looking forward to the update that says you are on your way home! God Bless!|19 June 2003|zwazYn|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|05:39:53 am| Dagny Denten|mailto:|http://|Powder Springs, Georgia|I am so happy to get that good update on you Alex! I check in every day just to make sure that things are going good for you. You are such a strong and amazing girl you put most of us adults to shame. We could really learn a lot from you!
Keep growing those good cells, and I will be praying hard that you get that flight home! I know you will all be happy to sleep in your OWN beds!
God Bless you all! |19 June 2003|tHoVES|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|05:55:33 am| Jodey Adams|||Pennsylvania|Alex, I am thrilled to see the update today and hear that things continue to go well for you. I've been praying for you and your family since I received word of you a few days after Nick was born and Mommy was sick.

May God be with you and your family in the days to come. I rejoice at every milestone you and Nick hit and cry with you at every sad moment I read. I'll be praying for continued good news and a flight when you need it!

Alex, You are a beautiful little girl with an amazing family! Nick is an little trooper and I'm so proud of him for "forgetting" he's a preemie! Your mommy and daddy are angels! I have a "special-needs" child (who forgets she has limitations), and feel a special bond with your mommy and daddy for everything they have done and continue to do for you!

God bless you all!

Jodey|19 June 2003|MyVAnY|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|06:38:43 am| Lisa||http://||Hi -
I have been following your family's journey on the Web for about two years and wanted to let you know that you are regularly in my prayers. I am thrilled to know that Alex is doing so well. I hope she continues to improve and that you all will be able to return home soon and end this long, hard journey once and for all.

|19 June 2003|pRALeH|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:56:46 am| Dr. Bubbles|mailto:|http://|Oakland,CA|Hi Martini Family,
Great to hear such good news from the East coast about all of you. Isn't Alex's Day almost everyday........that's how I celebrate it. Bubbles for all. Hope you really do get on that plane on July 11. Would love to hear you are back here on the West coast. My thoughts are with you pretty much daily.........

Keep up the great work and Happy Belated Birthday Todd.

Dr. Bubbles!|19 June 2003|dPaWUq|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:28:08 am| Dana Chade|||San Juan Capistrano|Dearest Alex,

I loved your picture by the pond in Sarah P. Duke Gardens. We have so many fond memories (as I'm sure you do) there. Sarah asks if the goose is still there (she named him Sid Scream). You could always hear him no matter where you were on the pond. I remember all the little turtles who would poke their little heads up out of the water to try and grap a piece of bread before the ducks or fish gobbled them up. Know that we are thinking of you and that you are in our prayers every night. We can't wait to see you when you come down to visit your grandparents. Sarah so enjoyed your last visit. With all our love.
|19 June 2003|j4U3e4|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|10:49:00 am| Debbie Nagy and family|mailto:|http://|St. Louis, MO|Dear Martini Family,
I am so happy to hear that Alex and Nick are both doing great. I will be praying that the flight on July 11th will happen. I too had a premie(male) around the same age that Nick was born, and he is now 12 1/2 yrs. old and strong as an ox, brighter than you can imagine and plays piano beautifully. He also never knew the word "premie" and makes his mom and dad extremely proud-can you tell?? I will pray that BOTH of your children continue to thrive and grow up to be great witnesses to God's work through them.
In Him,
Debbie Nagy|19 June 2003|bGohuN|monster4.gif|emoti12.gif|0:06:30 pm| Heather Huddleston||http://|Colorado Springs|I have been reading your site for a while, but have never signed your book. You are in my prayes daily. I'm so happy to hear that both of your children are doing so well right now.

Heather|19 June 2003|NtAWax|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|2:11:35 pm| Kathryn Short||http://|Yorba Linda, CA|Dearest Martini Family,
I am praying that you are on the July 11 flight!

I am Sandy Maimbourg's client and friend. Tell me, has Alex had a chance to listen to some of The Learning Station music? It is so much fun. One day when Alex gets to visit her grandparents, perhaps I can come by and sing and dance with her to The Learning Station music. It is so much fun! I will be in touch with Sandy and will make sure she has something to bring to Alex when she sees her and please tell Alex everyday is HER RULE!

With Christ in my Heart and Prayers for you,
Kathryn|19 June 2003|1tiTeN|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|2:24:03 pm| Candyce Wolsfeld|||Spring Valley, IL|You are so pretty! I hope all continues to go well for you.

Stay Happy!|19 June 2003|zE5Eje|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|5:56:21 pm| Khalita||||Hey guys!! Andrea, thank you SOOO much for being so sweet on Tuesday. You definitely helped make the day a little more bearable. I love you guys sooooooo much and am sorry I didn't get to say goodbye, but I will see you again soon. HUGS!! and thanks again!|19 June 2003|WBUPU4|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|8:30:18 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|Hello sweetie and how are you doing tonight? I am doing great. I have been praying for you an awful lot this week. I wonder when the angels are going to visit your house to give you my prayers? I bet they come when you are sleeping just like the tooth fairy does. Have you lost any of your baby teeth yet? I bet you have or will soon. You are getting to be a very big girl you know once you turn 8 you are a big girl! The tooth fairy will leave you a special surprise when you loose your baby tooth but you need to put it under your pillow ok? I love you very much and hope you have a tiggerific friday. Love and hugs, Jessica|19 June 2003|MNYbo4|dgb61.gif|emoti13.gif|11:02:53 pm| Krista Iverson||http://|Ottawa, IL|Good Morning Alex!!!

I just finished reading your mom's last update. It sounds like you are doing terrific. I am so proud of are such a fighter!! I continue to keep your whole family in my prayers daily. Keep up the good work honey and I'll be back soon to check on you!!
God bless you all!|20 June 2003|3jeXim|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|06:13:41 am| Staci Talento|||Keizer, Oregon|Hello Dear Martini Family,

You don't know me, but I have been praying for Alex since November 2002. I heard about Alex on the June 2002 Expecting Club (iVillage) from Alex's Aunt, who asked for prayers on her behalf and posted her web site. I continue to pray for Alex (and Andrea, Todd and Nick) whenever I think of you all, which is often.

I had a difficult pregnancy and praying for Alex (and other children who are sick) really helped me not focus on my problems. Thank you for sharing Alex's story. You have touched so many lives!

I look forward to the day when the web site will be full of only happy news because Alex will be completely well. God is faithful, and he can heal any sickness!

I won't forget to keep praying for that happy day!

Staci Talento
|20 June 2003|JJiweL|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|09:16:26 am| jessica|||las vegas usa|Good morning princess and how are you today? It is nice out today are you going to go play outside? Playing outside is alot of fun! Do you have a bike you can ride? I can not ride a bike but once in a while I ride my skooter until my legs get too tired. Being outside is so much fun. You can look at all the pretty trees and plants. Do you like flowers? I love flowers. Have you ever picked flowers for your mommy? I bet she would love to get fresh picked flowers from you. You should do that sometime ok princess. I must go now I will write to you again tomorrow I promise. Love and hugs, Jessica|20 June 2003|RUpoZa|monster7.gif|emoti16.gif|11:22:17 am| Elaine||http://|Northern California|Hi Alex! You don't know me, but I heard about your story probably over three years ago on the June '99 ParentsPlace playgroup board. I haven't missed an "Alex Update" since then. I have a six-year-old and a four-year-old, and the stories about you make me smile - you're such a special little girl. And your parents have got to be two of the most amazing individuals on this planet. I have a very good feeling things are going to go absolutely right for you from here. In the meantime, please know that there are so many people out here like me who are thinking about you, praying, and sending positive thoughts and prayers your way. :)|20 June 2003|NRiXaB|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|3:13:18 pm| Elizabeth Goodwin|||Richland, WA|
Wow! Such good news about both of your kids. I'll be praying that you get to come home on the 11th.|20 June 2003|RsubYg|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|8:12:25 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|Hi sweetie and how are you tonight? I am good. Ok I know I lied I said I would not write again until tomorrow and here I am writing again tonight! What is wrong with this picture? Absolutly nothing I love you very much and think about you all the time and wanted to write you a little love note. Do you like doing arts and crafts? I do they are alot of fun. At the end of this message I am going to share an arts and crafts page with you which has some fun things on it and some of them are just for kids so some of them are easy to do ok? I hope you are having a great night. You are probably sleeping allready. Well my little angel I need to wrap this up and I will talk to you in your guestbook tomorrow. Love and hugs, Jessica
That is the address for the crafts page ok? I love you bunches.|20 June 2003|pUDAsy|monster3.gif|emoti8.gif|10:27:14 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi Sweet Pea,
I miss you very much. I'll be out to see you in just 4days!!! |21 June 2003|mGumAt|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|9:15:38 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|Good evening sweetie do you like Harry Potter? The 5th years book came out today and my momma got me it from walmart for 17.00! I can not wait to read it. It is over 800 pages long! Did you know someone gets killed off in the 5th year. I am going to read it and see who does I think Hagrid is going to be getting killed. Hagrid is so mean in the books and the movies. If you do not know how to read or do not read that well you should get the book and ask someone to read it to you. They could read it to you before you go to bed every night. Harry Potter is a wonderful series of books and they are very cool too! I love you very much. Have sweet dreams ok? Love and hugs, Jessica|21 June 2003|vuNU8e|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|11:12:14 pm| Sheri Schaffer (& Ashton)|||Vienna, VA|Way to go Alex and family!!! I've been checking up on you all periodically since before you arrived at Duke, but this is the first time I've written in your guestbook! I'm glad to hear things are going so well and you're making plans to go back home. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers, along with Noah and so many other children fighting as well.
Keep your chin up (just like you've been doing) Alex!!
Many hugs coming your way from Virginia!|22 June 2003|WodAPY|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:06:06 am| jessica|||las vegas usa|Good morning alex and how are you today? I am doing great. Do you like sesame street? I do it is a really cool show. Who is your favorite character? Mine is elmo! I brought elmo to visit with you today ok? I love you. Love and hugs, Jessica
|22 June 2003|GE5UvY|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|08:02:37 am| Lisa Post||http://|South Windsor, CT|Hi Martini's!
It is so great to read how well Alex continues to do!!! And Nick is the picture of health! Just wanted you to know that even though I don't sign often, I keep Alex in my prayers as well as all the other kiddos. They are all close in my heart!
God Bless!|22 June 2003|Syxijy|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:37:53 am| Kate Henchey||http://|Chapel Hill, NC|Hello Martini's,

Just wanted to let you know that I missed you guys during my inpatient experience last week and this upcoming week. Hope Alex is doing well, it was strange not following her weekly progress. I am glad that she enjoyed my visit with Jackson, maybe we can do it again before you guys go home ( you know, to that part of the country where I have never been)!! Anyway, just dropping quick not, see you in two weeks.

Love, Kate|22 June 2003|vQEHYx|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|5:01:31 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa| Hi Princess Alex. You see that rugrats picture you can print it out and color it in. I am going to do that. I love to color it is an awful lot of fun. Have a great night. Love and hugs, Jessica|22 June 2003|bUjy7u|monster7.gif|emoti1.gif|11:47:50 pm| Susan W. Miller||http://|Columbus, OH|

Just wanted to let you know someone else is thinking of you with prayers. I am a very good friend of Brandi Reiser and she shared your web page address with me. What a small world! I happen to be a pharmaceutical rep for Fujisawa. I promote liposomal amphoB (AmBisome) Talk about fate?! I couldn't believe the little girl next door was fighting leukemia and then to find out it was AML too! Brandi is looking forward to meeting you. I also became involved with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society because of my relationship with Brandi. I am now on the board and receiving so much satisfaction from working with the patients and fundraisers.|23 June 2003|NEGAsy|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|11:32:15 am| jessica|||las vegas usa|
Good afternoon Princess. I love you. I found a cool picture of the show rugrats all grown up. Have you seen that cartoon? It is funny. All the rugrats angelica, phil, lil, dill, tommy, and chuckie all go to school together. Doesn't that sound funny. I love that show but I love you more. Love and hugs, Jessica|23 June 2003|bxoda1|monster5.gif|emoti25.gif|2:35:47 pm| Nancy Ramsey||||Hey Alex, heard you were not feeling well, hope everything is ok?? We will be praying for you. Isolation is a terrible thing huh? I am sure you will be on the mend soon. Hope to see you before you get out of here.

Love, Nolan|24 June 2003|R3YDAJ|monster3.gif|emoti25.gif|04:34:09 am| jessica|||las vegas usa|Good afternoon Princess. I love you very much. I hope you have a great day ok. I hope you feel better soon. I am praying for you alot this week. Love and hugs, Jessica|24 June 2003|rySAMo|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|0:51:52 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi Sweetheart,
I'm glad your fever is gone!! We're going to have lots of fun when I get there tomorrow...and yes I do have SURPRISES for youI love you sooo much and can hardly wait...Please be kind to Mommy and Daddy and don't drive them crazy with asking how much longer...I know that's tough when your only 5!!!!|24 June 2003|QQazUL|dgb62.gif|emoti6.gif|11:44:28 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|
Hello sweet little baby girl and how are you today? I am doing good. I am getting ready to go to bed. Do you know what that is a picture of at the top of this letter. It is a lion. Do you know what sound a lion makes? It goes roar! Can you make that sound? It is alot of fun to pretend to be different animals. You should try it sometime. Love and hugs, Jessica|25 June 2003|ntumYN|dgb64.gif|emoti25.gif|01:10:33 am| jessica|||las vegas usa|
Hi Princess I love you. My doggie princess always trys to bite my doggie baby poohs tail and when she does baby pooh looks exactly like that picture! That is why I wanted to share it with you. Princess and Baby Pooh say hi and they would love to beable to go swimming just like you and I do but doggies are not allowed in pools! Love and hugs, Jessica

P.S. I saw your grammy signed your guestbook and she is comming to your apartment today and she has presents for you! That is so cool. Have a great day sweetie.|25 June 2003|gxiByd|monster3.gif|emoti12.gif|1:02:10 pm| Andrea Martini|||Durham, NC|Hello Everyone,

Todd left this afternoon for a few days, so I can't update the page right now. But, I did want to ask you to pray for the family from Greece. Hermes died this afternoon at 2:30. They now must go home to Greece without either one of thier sweet angels. My heart is breaking for them. They started a website just a few days ago, it is

Thank you for your continued prayers and support. I'll update in a few days.

Take Care,
Andrea|25 June 2003|puDAzu|blank.gif|emoti5.gif|2:23:34 pm| Kathy Mayo||http://|Whitehall OH|Dear Alex,
Was thinking of you and decided to check in on you! I hope that everything is going good with you!I hope that you are enjoying some good weather too.

Kathy|25 June 2003|vVumUT|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|5:48:20 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|
Hi Alex and Nicholas how are you two doing tonight? Your mommy signed Mandi's guestbook and I saw in that message that both of you got to go and play at Mandi's today. Did Mandi's family take you guys swimming or did you play around the apartment? Mandi loves to swim so I am hoping she takes you guys swimming some day. I am going to go sign your friends from greece guestbook that is sad that both those little guys are in heaven. Love and hugs, Jessica|25 June 2003|zA7ezy|dgb62.gif|emoti12.gif|11:59:05 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|
Hi sweetheart I love you very much and hope you have a great day. Love and hugs, Jessica|26 June 2003|juRopA|dgb66.gif|emoti1.gif|08:34:57 am| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex! I hope that you are having fun in what will hopefully be your last couple of weeks at Duke! Say Hi to your mom and dad and Nick for me and stay beautiful!

|26 June 2003|3Su8yM|monster7.gif|emoti8.gif|10:02:30 am| Krista Iverson||http://|Ottawa, IL|Hi sweetie!! Hope this finds things going well for you. I am so proud of you and what a fighter you are. I continue to keep you and your whole family in my prayers each day. You have got to be one of the strongest little girls I have ever "met"!! Keep up the great work honey...and I'll keep praying!!!

Sent with big hugs and love,|26 June 2003|gy8uMa|monster1.gif|emoti1.gif|2:03:10 pm| Donna Graham||http://|outside Chicago|Hey guys! Hope things are going well today! I was thinking about you and thought I'd post in the guestbook. Spenser says hello to Alex...he's wondering how she handles all those needles cuz he got 4 shots today at his Kindergarten physical! Seth got two shots and he SCREAMED! Does Nicholas scream when he gets shots? HUGS to all of you! Wish we could come to NC and see y'all along with Nana & Papa but we can't right now. Love and kisses!!! |26 June 2003|6YmETA|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|6:16:54 pm| Sally Moore||http://|Anaheim, CA|Hi Alex!
We are so glad to hear that things are going so well with everyone! You have all been so very busy, going out to eat, etc. You and your little brother are getting so big and so much cuter every day. It seems like you are both keeping your parents on their toes, just like a 5 year old super smart and wonderful girl and adorable little baby boy should. I have a question for you. Are your grandma and granda their? I went to visit them last night and no one answered. Both cars were in the driveway, but no one was home. I hope they are with you and having lots of fun. If they are with you, could you please tell them that the Moore family says "Hello' and that we miss them very, very much. Make sure you take good care of them Alex. They are so busy all the time and I worry about them. I know when they are with you it makes them feel so much better. Well, I have to get back to work now. Taylor, Allison and Warren all say "hello" and we all wish we could visit you back there and spend some time playing with you. Well, I hope to write again soon. Tell everyone "hello". Always lots of love! The Moore's|26 June 2003|waZUWY|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|7:46:00 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|Good evening sweetie. I love you very much. I hope you are feeling well and having a nice day. Remember God loves you and so do I. Love and hugs, Jessica|27 June 2003|PUsEGo|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|12:41:28 pm| Jodi||http://|Bloomfield, NJ|Dear Martinis,

I don't know that I've ever signed the guestbook before, but I've been following your family's story for quite a while now. I'm glad that you're doing well, and I continue to pray everyday for all 4 of you. I love seeing the pictures of Alex and Nick because they are both sooo adorable. Have a good weekend!


Jodi and Cupid (my pet bird)|27 June 2003|BYNipi|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|10:09:23 am| jessica|||las vegas usa|Hi Alex, How are you feeling sweetie? I bet you are feeling alot better because you got to see your nanna yesterday huh? Did you like the presents your nanna bought you? I hope you are having fun with nanna and when daddy gets back home I hope he has an update with more pictures of the special angel alex.
Love and hugs,
|28 June 2003|PiGydo|monster3.gif|emoti12.gif|12:53:36 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|
Hi sweetie. How are you? Good I hope. What did you do today? Today I went to wet n wild the water park in my town. I have a season ticket to there. My momma saved up money from both of our checks from work to let me get it. I go there on my days off work. My favorite ride there is called the willy willy it is like white water rafting and bumper cars combined. You are in this shallow pool and waves turn on and you go on the waves and bump into people. It is so much fun! I love you. Love and hugs, Jessica
P.S. Thanks for being my friend!|28 June 2003|MAPUXA|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|6:47:02 pm| jessica|||las vegas usa|I made a web page for my friends and want you to see it. make sure you check it out it has a cute wav on it which says i love you and it is so cute! i love you! love and hugs, jessica|28 June 2003|xi1i3u|monster3.gif|emoti1.gif|7:21:33 pm| Angel Wings|||Palm Springs, CA USA|Hello Alex and family,

I was reading all about you and your family. Sounds like things are going fairly well right now. I am so happy for you all! Just remember that there are angels all around you, praying for you. I hope that you have a happy, healthy, and strong future! *hugs*

Angel Wings
from Simply Enchanting Angels
Wings of Hope Committee Leader|29 June 2003|27e8y3|monster5.gif|emoti25.gif|0:06:41 pm| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex! I'm so happy for you & your family. Both you and Nick have beaten all odds! Keep your spirits up, & you will soon be completely healed. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers!|29 June 2003|RJiqYN|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|0:09:14 pm| Southern Angel|||South Mississippi USA|Hello Alex!
What a blesing to read about you. I am one of many angels who are stopping by to say hello and have a wonderful day! I am glad things are going good right now for you. May you find angel wings all along your pathway. GBU and (((HUGZ)))
Southern Angel
Simply Enchanting Angels
Wings of Hope Committee
|29 June 2003|RyXasU|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|3:04:36 pm| Christmas 2003|mailto:Simply Enchanting Angel Wings of Hope|http://seangels.0rg|Oregon USA|
Hello Alex,
I am so happy to hear that you are doing so well, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep smiling and always remember that God and the Angel's are always with you.
((((((((BIG ANGEL HUGS)))))))))
Childrens Christmas Angel|29 June 2003|rmA6y7|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|3:24:22 pm| Angel Alyssa|||Pa|Hi Alex!
I just stopped by to see your site and Im so glad to hear you are doing so well!
I want you to know that u always have angels looking over you! You are always in my thoughts and prayers!
Angel Alyssa
Simply Enchanting Wings of Hope|29 June 2003|GHUGUB|dgb62.gif|emoti2.gif|3:28:52 pm| Angel Greeneyes|mailto:|http://|Mississippi, USA|Hi Alex and family! So glad to read that you're doing so well! Just stopped by to give you (((((((((((((((((((((big Angel Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}} All of you will be in my thought and prayers! Keep smiling sweetie!

Angel Greeneyes w/Simply Enchanting Angels|29 June 2003|5YdoWy|monster1.gif|emoti1.gif|3:57:28 pm| angel heartstrings|||south central ks. usa||29 June 2003|zNa5ad|dgb62.gif|emoti2.gif|4:17:18 pm| Jessica|||las vegas usa|Good evening Alex. I see alot of people have signed your guestbook today. That is great! You know that there are over 1,000 people praying for you? That is alot huh? We all love you very much and I bet everyone is itching for an update on you just like I am. I love you and hope you continue to have a great summer. Love and hugs, Jessica

|29 June 2003|deQY7Y|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|11:09:57 pm| Angel Susanne|||Simrishamn, in the south of Sweden|Hi sweet Alex!
I´m so glad for you and your family that you are feeling better! you´re in my prays and I hope everythong turns out good!
hugs, Angel Susanne|30 June 2003|sogY7U|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|03:10:30 am| Soft Angel Eyes|||Georgia|Alex,

Hi there princess, I just finished reading moms update. I am glad to see you are doing well from the update on the 18th. Sounds like Grandma is gonna get after her if she doesn't keep the updates up. LOL!!

My name is Soft Angel Eyes, I am with Simply Enchanting Angels Wings of Hope Committee and I am flying in low to leave you some really huge ((((((((hugs)))))))))..and to let you know I am thinking about you.

angel hugs and kisses,
Soft Angel Eyes
|30 June 2003|StuRYp|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|09:31:57 am| AngelWhisperingWind|mailto:|||Hello Alex.. WOW glad to hear that your doing really Well.. sounds like you all are very homesick i hope ya get to go home very soon,momma does a really great job on updates,but seems like grandma is going to get her hehe.. you take care sweetie..and God Bless ya always..AngelWhisperingWind..from Simply Enchanting Angels|30 June 2003|jTi3u5|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|2:08:26 pm| carolyn westermeyer||http://|concord, massachusetts|Hi Alex, Nic and parents, How are you doing tonite? Your g-ma and g-pa are here with us safe and sound. We are leaving on a very fast boat to Nantucket island tomorrow morning early. Wish you were here. We'll think of you as we shop. Feel better and heal. Love you all, carolyn|0 July 2003|QyboPo|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:20:12 pm| Greg, Debbie and baby Noah Prichard|||Honolulu, Hawaii|Aloha Alex and Family,
We pray that this message finds all of you doing well. Glad to hear that Alex has been able to bide time playing with a good I am sure that the days counting down to 'Day 100' could not go by quick enough. Thank you for noting Noah's great need of prayer, we truly appreciate it more than you will ever know. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you guys.
Greg, Debbie and baby Noah Prichard
|0 July 2003|6e1aNu|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|9:34:00 pm| iamyourangel|||Scotland|I'm so happy to hear your doing a little better. I hope you will continue to feel better and have a great summer filled with sunshine

Simply Enchanting Angels
Wings of Hope|1 July 2003|bbU8an|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|05:36:58 am| Angel Lynn|||Maine|

Suppppppppppppper Hello and nice to meet you Alex. My name is Lynn, I live way up here in Maine. ahhaaha Yes before you ask, it is cold here alot of the year. WOW this guest book will take you forever to read. Let me ask, do you do any fishing or camping. I love fishing and camping. I hope your able to get out and enjoy this beautiful summer.
Special Huhz
Your new friend
Angel Lynn
Simply Enchanting Angels
|1 July 2003|bZUvin|dgb63.gif|emoti13.gif|07:33:21 am| Jessica|||las vegas usa|Hi pumpkin I love you. I am going to wet n wild the water park today in my town. I hope you get to go play outside. Love and hugs,Jessica|1 July 2003|86AMeQ|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|10:04:18 am| Rose |mailto:|http://|Brasil|Very happy to read that Alex continues to improve each day. Soon, day 100 will arrive and with that, a great comemoration and a deserved trip home.

Sick people should be institutionalized - please, don´t let this incident hurt your feelings - you are already too stressed to deal with things like that. Save your energies for Alex and the baby.
Better days are coming .....
Kisses to Alex from her brazilian fan. |1 July 2003|WnUbaP|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|11:44:33 am| Angel of the Forest, Simply Enchanting Angels||||Hi Alex Sweetie! Just look at all those funny smiley faces to choose from to put in your message! Which to choose first? Hmm....hee, hee

I wanted you to know how much fun I had reading about you and the little "prankster" you can be at times! I liked the idea of "Alex's Day"

Keep that pretty face smiling and remember that you have lots of angels around you who love you very much! *HUGS*|2 July 2003|dRogAs|monster4.gif|emoti1.gif|09:16:15 am| Trina Georgi||http://|Temecula, Ca|Hi Alex,

We just wanted to let you know that not a day goes by that we don't think about you. We love you very much, and hope to see you soon.

Trina, Doug, and Ryan|2 July 2003|tqydoW|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|11:12:01 am| Roobear Angel|mailto:|||Hello Alex! I love your site and am glad to read that you are doing well. I hope you are having a wonderful summer! Have a wonderful Fourth of July!

Roobear Angel
Simply Enchanting Angels
|2 July 2003|GaLuWy|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|0:36:11 pm| Jodi Green|||Bloomfield, NJ|Alex, Nick, Andrea, and Todd,

Just wanted to wish you guys a very happy Fourth of July!!!!! I hope everyone is feeling well and will get to enjoy the fireworks!


Jodi|3 July 2003|pu7yQU|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|10:51:13 am| Sally Moore||http://|Anaheim,CA|Hi Alex!
We hope you have a happy 4th of July. We can't wait until you can come and visit us. We would love to see you and your baby brother. We hope you see lots of fireworks, eat good bbq'd food and play, play, play! Tell your grandma and grandpa we said "Hi" again. Take care!

Love Taylor & Allison & our parents.|3 July 2003|TSAQix|monster5.gif|emoti8.gif|4:05:05 pm| Jessica|||las vegas usa|
Hi cutie I love you very much. I hope you have a great fourth of july. I am working from 9 to 6. Love and hugs, Jessica|3 July 2003|SY5e4A|monster4.gif|emoti12.gif|8:04:12 pm| Donna Graham||http://|Chicagoland|HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!!!!

Spenser wanted Alex to know that we're going to go see hot air balloons in a little while...and yes, it's really 4 a.m. here! The balloons take off at 5:30 a.m. and Mommy needs her coffee before we hit the road!

I hope you are doing fabulously and that you have a great 4th! Love, hugs and kisses to you all!!! Andrea, email me with a number if you want to chat...I'll call you this weekend during my unlimited time on my cell! heehee

|4 July 2003|MY8ozE|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|01:59:14 am| Laura/Jillian||||Happy 4th. Just a quick note to let you know we are thinking of you guys. Thanks for posting Jillian on your web site. We sure could use some extra prayers. Try not to stay at the clinic to long. God Bless.|4 July 2003|dysy8u|blank.gif|emoti16.gif|07:22:24 am| Positive Angel|mailto:Simply Enchanting Angels||Vallejo,CA|Alex,

Have a great 4th of July. I'm sending lots of love and prayers your way.

Angel hugs and kisses,

Positive Angel
Simply Enchanting Angels|4 July 2003|5vyjEj|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|08:25:27 am| Jessica|||las vegas usa|Hi princess did you get to do some fireworks for the fourth of july? I didn't my mom says they are dangerous. I did watch some kids do them outside though. They were very pretty. I love you. Love and hugs, Jessica|4 July 2003|4eqyzU|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:10:49 pm| Lisa Post||http://|South Windsor, CT|Checking in on Alex and hoping that a trip home is on the schedule for this coming week!!! God Bless!|5 July 2003|nLUQor|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|05:10:17 am| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!|5 July 2003|72Adip|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|07:55:53 am| Grandma||http://||Hi Sweet Pea,
I'm glad I got to spend some cuddle time with really made both of us happy! We really do need to talk to your Mommy about giving Grandma such a bad time about posting....she's pretty busy taking care of all of you..and doing a great job of that.
Love you bunches
|5 July 2003|RAtY2e|dgb66.gif|emoti4.gif|3:53:24 pm| Jessica|||las vegas usa|Hi sweetheart, I am happy to hear you are going back home next week. I hope you have fun with Nolan and Madi tonight. Love and hugs, Jessica|5 July 2003|nu1eba|monster5.gif|emoti12.gif|4:03:33 pm| Jessica||||
Hi sweetie pie how is it going? I am doing good. I hope you are having a great summer. How was your fourth of july? Mine was fine I had to work but after work it was fine. I went to Red Lobster with my mommy for dinner and then we went a little bit of shopping and then we came home. My mommy would not let me do any fireworks but I did watch some. I will check in on you tomorrow. Love and hugs, Jessica|5 July 2003|r7ovAM|monster3.gif|emoti25.gif|6:51:03 pm| Jessica||||
I found a funny joke online and want to share it with you. Get ready to laugh ok?
Why did the cookie go to the doctor?
Because it felt crumby.
Love and hugs, Jessica|5 July 2003|QyVoni|monster3.gif|emoti6.gif|10:16:55 pm| Dora||http://|Durham, NC (right next door!)|Hi Alex,
I have never done this before, but I was just looking over your website. You are such an amazing little gal. I am SO glad that I got to meet you. You are doing so well!!! I know it has been a rough ride, but you have done great and your beautiful smile makes me so happy. I am glad you get to go home to Washington, but I sure am going to miss you! I wish I never had to go to school so that I could just stay home all day and play with you and Nick. We could do SO many fun things - movies, crafts, maybe even bake some cookies!!! I hope you are sleeping soundly little angel. I will see you tomorrow! Love, Dora|5 July 2003|xjohUN|monster1.gif|emoti13.gif|10:56:37 pm| Nancy & Ed Aman||http://|Sanford, NC|

Congratulations on going home! May God grant you a safe trip with lots of fun along the way. Have been following your site for a little while now and was blown away by all you went through with Alyx and Nicholas and your wife all being in different hospitals etc. Your story is truly amazing and an example of God's grace in the midst of trial. God bless you and your family.|6 July 2003|v1YmU4|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|04:49:08 am| Jessica||||
I love you. I am praying for you very hard today. I hope you have a nice day and remember you are in my thoughts and prayers every single day. Love and Hugs, Jessica|6 July 2003|bVy8iT|dgb64.gif|emoti25.gif|10:09:38 am| Jessica||http://||
Good afternoon. I just got home from work. I wanted to let you know I am going to make a prayer request page today and add you to it. I will send you the address to it in your guestbook when I am done making it. I love you. Love and hugs, Jessica|6 July 2003|P4eToh|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|4:35:53 pm| Jessica||||
is a new page i made. all my friends i pray for are on it and i am on it too. please check it out and pray for us. god bless you! love and hugs, Jessica|6 July 2003|wGyVAG|dgb66.gif|emoti1.gif|7:12:03 pm| Marian Mitchem|||North Carolina|Hi Alex!

Sure had fun seeing you last night! I can't believe you are so close to going home. It sure is exciting! We are really going to miss you and your family here though. We'll look forward to seeing you on the West Coast again very soon.

I think we'll be seeing you for dinner tonight at our favorite restaurant...Maggiano's.

Love you sweetie!

Princess Madi's Mommy|7 July 2003|shYpaL|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:49:42 am| Maria||http://|N Cape May NJ|So glad to see that you will be heading home very soon! |7 July 2003|SZoVyr|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|07:53:38 am| Jessica||http://||
Hi Alex how are you doing? I am doing great. I bet you are excited to get to go home this wensday huh?
Your daddy is going to drive you over a bridge that he went on when he was a kid that is so cool!
I bet the whole time you go over that bridge your daddy is going to be telling you some cool stories about that bridge which is awsome sweetie!
I will talk to you in the guestbook tonight or tomorrow ok. Love and hugs, Jessica|7 July 2003|hYnAni|monster4.gif|emoti1.gif|11:58:15 am| Allison Garrison||http://|Bainbridge Island, WA|I'm happy to see that you're coming home soon!|7 July 2003|1Ta5yb|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:33:10 pm| Jessica||||
I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for you, I love you, and that you are very special. Love and hugs, Jessica|7 July 2003|PYXe2u|monster3.gif|emoti11.gif|7:52:08 pm| Jessica||||
Hiya I just wanted to say sweet dreams. I am very tired it is 12:37 in the morning here. Tomorrow I have off work which is Tuesday and I will go to wet n wild but I will post in your guestbook before I go and when I come back. I love you very much. Good night Sleep tight and Do Not let those bed bugs bite ok?
Love and hugs, Jessica|8 July 2003|Ra8EXy|monster1.gif|emoti13.gif|12:45:26 pm| Jessica||||My friend Jillian died last night. So I am not very happy right now. If you would like to learn about Jillian please visit my prayer page or go to her site which is I am sending Jillians parents a gift on email this morning which is going to help me grieve and will hopefully help them a little. I hope you have a good day I am going to try very hard to stay strong today. I will write you a cheery message later after I get home from wet n wild. I love you. Love and hugs Jessica

Hi I love you. I hope you have a hippity hoppity nice day. Love and hugs, Jessica|8 July 2003|Xwyhez|monster5.gif|emoti16.gif|09:24:57 am| Jessica||||
I just heard two songs on the radio back to back. i miss you and wheres the love. they both remind me of jillian. i miss you because i will miss jillian and wheres the love because it talks about being kind to one another and i was kind to jillian she was a sick child and that is not fair at all. I made a gift for jillian's family and since i told you about jillian being an angel i want to share the gift with you!|8 July 2003|jZobex|monster7.gif|emoti11.gif|10:49:31 am| Jessica||||
Hi I hope you have a great day. I love you very much.
Love and hugs,
Jessica|8 July 2003|8dEGoX|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|5:16:09 pm| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex! I bet you can't wait to go home.
That is FANTASTIC! I hope you will not have to take steroids much longer and that you won't have anymore GVH. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers!
Here is a quote: The day the Lord created hope was probably the same day He created spring.|8 July 2003|zqeqyw|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|6:39:17 pm| Jessica||||
Hello I just wanted to say good night. Try to sleep well ok? I am praying for you and I love you very much. Love and hugs, Jessica
~~~~~~~~~~~I love to sign guestbooks and get mine signed too come one come all to my site and I will repay the visit~~~~~~~~~|8 July 2003|X3yxAs|monster4.gif|emoti16.gif|11:54:49 pm| Jessica||||
Good morning! I hope you have a great day. This picture I am sharing with you today is very true. We are all different and unique! We all have a problem doing something noone is perfect. I love you very much and hope you have a tiggerific day.
Love and hugs,
Jessica|9 July 2003|jwi5Az|monster5.gif|emoti13.gif|11:29:50 am| C.W.ALLEN||http://|LEXINGTON,KY|GLAD TO SEE THAT ALEX IS DOING WELL!P.T.L.
WE PRAY FOR YOU ALL.|9 July 2003|3Y4iTU|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|2:02:22 pm| Jessica||http://||Good evening I wanted to tell you about a great thing that happened to me today. Yes you heard me right a great thing actually happened to me. Tonight after work my momma and I went to her boyfriend Ron's house and we took Ron and his daughter Mandy to the San Remo Casino for dinner. I had a dollar in my pocket and wanted to play it on the price is right machine. I know the whole time my mom was thinking I wasted the dollar. Well God spoke to me and he said to use that dollar so I did and I won one hundred and seventy nine dollars from that one dollar! Of course I cashed out then we went to eat. Also tomorrow my momma and I are going with Ron to california cause he knows an owner of a car dealership out there and he is going to work there and try to get my mom in so we might be moving in the next six months! My job will transfer me because there are Albertsons in California and plus the car dealership is by Disney Land! Doesn't that sound great. I am so happy right now I am doing flips in my heart and stomach. Thank you God for praying for me and for letting something good happen in my life! Love and hugs, Jessica|10 July 2003|Ta1A4Y|monster4.gif|emoti10.gif|01:30:58 am| Peggy & Jeremiah||http://||Andrea & Todd
Hope your trip is going smoothly. Things here are going good. Getting good results on tests so far, still on track to leave next week. Hopefully on the 20th. We all miss you so much!!take care. I will keep in touch.

Love to you all
Peggy & Jeremiah|10 July 2003|qVe2AJ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|04:18:24 am| Debbie Gominiak||http://|Lyndonville, NY|Wow, am I on the right day? Is this Day 100 Anniversary? This is so great! Praying for a wonderful day for all of you, sending big smiles & hugs...and possibly a trip H O M E real soon.

|10 July 2003|21UzEb|monster5.gif|emoti12.gif|07:26:03 am| Debi||http://|Vancouver, WA|I am happy to hear that Alex is doing so well. I hope you have a nice trip back home to the sunny PNW.

-Deb & Crew
(dlarb)|10 July 2003|SUpuZa|monster7.gif|emoti1.gif|3:52:30 pm| Jessica||http://||
Hi and how are you doing today? I am doing great. It is very hot out today. I hope you have a great day. I will talk to you later. How is the weather were you live? Love and hugs, Jessica|10 July 2003|RUVame|monster7.gif|emoti8.gif|4:31:37 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex and family. I am hoping that the 100 day tests are having GREAT results and that you are still on track to come home soon. I'm keeping you all in my prayers and can't wait to see you soon. Love to you all!|10 July 2003|DaBYLE|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|11:01:21 pm| Jessica||||
Hi I wanted to say good night so here is a hug comming from me to you. You are very special to me. Take care and I will be back on your guestbook tomorrow.
Love and hugs, Jessica|10 July 2003|rPaxoH|monster5.gif|emoti25.gif|11:56:19 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi Cutie Pie,
You have a big day ahead of you..flying home...seeing your puppies Moose & Roxi and Katie Cat who have missed you terribly. Best of all you'll be sleeping in your own bed tonight. All your friends at home will be so happy to see you. Popop and I will be up next week ! Love you bunches!|11 July 2003|B1APYS|blank.gif|emoti12.gif|12:15:19 pm| Jeanie Conrad ||http://|Piedmont Hawthorne Dulles |Hi Alex and family,

It was such an honor to spend time with you and your family this morning while you were waiting to fly out of Piedmont Hawhorne. I hope your first gumball will only be one of many to come. My thoughts and prayers are with each and every one of you. I will continue to watch your website for updates. The management and staff at Piedmont enjoyed your visit so much and cannot wait until we see you again. Take care of your Mommy, Daddy, little brother Nick and most of all yourself. You are such and inspiration to all of us (especially me).
|11 July 2003|gA1AGY|monster3.gif|emoti12.gif|10:17:29 am| Jessica||||
Hi Alex I see you made a friend this morning at the airport that is great! Now you have someone else praying for you! How was that gumball that you had. What color was it? You are such a special little girl. You will beable to go home now and play with your pets and also you will beable to play with your friends, toys, and beable to sleep in your own nice comfy bed. Your brother will be getting a swing of his own too! Will you push him in his swing? You are such a sweetheart and a great big sister. Remember everyone is praying for you and we all love you very much. Your friends the Dentens visited my site and signed my guestbook they are very nice! I love making new friends. They have a site too and their two little girls are very pretty! I will be in your guestbook again tomorrow or later tonight. Love and hugs, Jessica|11 July 2003|GoQEWU|monster4.gif|emoti12.gif|1:01:47 pm| Dora the Explorer||http://|Now I am SOOOOOOO far away! :-(|Hi Alex,
Are you having fun being home? I sure do miss you!
I get sad everytime I drive by your apartment, but I am glad you are at home with Mommy, Daddy and Nick (and of course the dogs). I am thinking about you lots! I will call you tomorrow and we can chat! I can't wait to hear about your time at the beach and the plane ride. Maybe Daddy will email me some pics so that I can have a new desktop on my computer!
Love you Sweetie! Dora|12 July 2003|7YNuXY|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|0:32:08 pm| Nancy Ramsey||||
We miss you guys. Sam arrived today to stay until we go home!!!! We still hope that will be before the end of July. I am glad you are home, hope the trip went well. Give us a call sometime.
Love, The Ramsey's|12 July 2003|biBYWe|monster5.gif|emoti5.gif|7:39:12 pm| Kathy Martinson||http://|Executive Flight Operations|Hi Alex, Nicholas, Andrea & Todd!
It was such a pleasure to meet you and spend 5 hours together on the airplane. Having you aboard was the best part of our week. Alex, we will be watching your progress now that you are safely home and can play and not have to worry about hospitals for awhile. You are a very special little girl.

I hope and pray that happier, healthier times are ahead for you. Thank you for coming into my life. And maybe we'll meet again in the fall.

Love to you and I'll be praying for you, dear...
Kathy|12 July 2003|DaRUpi|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|11:03:00 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex. Wow do you really know Dora the Explorer? I love Dora and Boots so much! I love you and wanted to say goodnight, sleep tight, and dont let the bed bugs bite. I will talk to you tomorrow. I also wanted to let you know if you or your friends signed my guestbook my yahoo one it is deleted cause it was taking away some of the messages. So now I have a bravenet one. Please sign it.
love and hugs, Jessica|13 July 2003|ne1eqY|monster3.gif|emoti16.gif|12:52:00 pm| Jessica||||
I wanted to share something with you. Today a coworker told me you know Jessica God brings Angels into our lives from time to time and I think you may be my angel. Of course I asked him why? He said well you are disabled and have problems and walk with a cane but you still come to work daily push the carts in the hot heat and never ever complain. You bag the groceries very fast and never complain. He said I know you are hurting because I see by the middle of the day how tense your muscles are but you never complain and Jessica I am going through thinking weither I should have back surgery because three things in my back are broken the drs asked me twice before and I said no and I see you and how you always have a smile on your face and I think I might just get that surgery done.
Isn't it strange how we can touch peoples lives without even knowing it. One of my favorite songs is Survivor because it reminds me of my life and you have touched me in so many ways that I want to share this song with you.
SURVIVOR (Destiny's Child)

Now that you are out of my life,
I'm so much better
You thought that I'd be weak without ya,
but I'm stronger
You thought that I'd be broke without ya,
but I'm richer
You thought that I'd be sad without ya,
I laugh harder
You thought I wouldn't grow without ya,
now I'm wiser
You thought that I'd be helpless without ya,
but I'm smarter
You thought that I'd be stressed without ya,
but I'm chillin'
You thought I wouldn't sell without ya,
sold 9 million

I'm a survivor (what),
I'm not gonna give up (what)
I'm not gon' stop (what),
I'm gonna work harder (what)
I'm a survivor (what), I'm gonna make it (what)
I'm a survivor (what), keep on survivin' (what)

Thought I couldn't breath without ya,
I'm inhalin'
You thought I couldn't see without ya,
perfect vision
You thought I couldn't last without ya,
but I'm lastin'
You thought that I would die without ya,
but I'm livin'
Thought that I would fail without ya,
but I'm on top
Thought that it would be over by now,
but it won't stop
Thought that I would self destruct,
but I'm still here
Even in my years to come,
I'm still gonna be here

Repeat Chorus

I'm wishin' you the best,
pray that you are blessed
Much success, no stress, and lots of happiness
(I'm better than that)
I'm not gonna blast you on the radio
(I'm better than that)
I'm not gonna lie on you or yo family, yo
(I'm better than that)
I'm not gonna hate on you in the magazine
(I'm better than that)
I'm not gonna compromise my christianity
(I'm better than that)
You know I'm not gonna diss you on the internet
('Cause my mama taught me better than that)

Repeat Chorus

After all of the darkness and sadness,
soon comes happiness
If I surround myself with positive things,
I'll gain posterity

I'm a survivor (what),
I'm not gonna give up (what)
I'm not gon' stop (what),
I'm gonna work harder (what)
I'm a survivor (what), I'm gonna make it (what)
I'm a survivor (what), keep on survivin' (what)

YOU ARE A SURVIVOR ALL OF MY LITTLE ANGEL KIDS ARE SURVIVORS. KEEP FIGHTING AND YOU WILL BEAT THIS DIEASE JUST LIKE SOMEDAY I WILL BEAT MY MEDICAL PROBLEMS AND BE WALKING WITHOUT MY CANE. Love and Hugs, Jessica|13 July 2003|WUMaMU|monster3.gif|emoti8.gif|6:34:09 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex! I hope that testing went well last week, that you got lots of good news and are headed home soon. I can't wait to see your mom and dad post the message that you are heading home. I'll keep praying that we get that news soon. Take care of yourself beautiful and I'll see you soon. Maybe we can get some ice cream at Cold Stone when you get home. Say Hi to mom, dad and Nick for me. |13 July 2003|MRa5y3|blank.gif|emoti12.gif|9:43:28 pm| Jordan|mailto:|http://||Just wanted to drop a note and tell you I hope you're having a wonderful time at home! |14 July 2003|r1y2Yn|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|0:17:56 pm| Jessica||||
I love you a bushel and a peck and a peck and a bushel. I hope you have a good day. I am praying for you. Love and hugs, Jessica|14 July 2003|Hse3yQ|monster5.gif|emoti11.gif|8:30:28 pm| Jessica||||
I wanted to share a special page on my site with you. It is my prayer request page. I recentlly added the song I hope you dance to the page and it is a very pretty song and may actually help you get through your troubled times. I know it helps me get through mine. Love and hugs,Jessica|14 July 2003|5nYTUm|monster3.gif|emoti13.gif|9:27:46 pm| Jessica||||
Hi I am just doing my evening rounds of signing guestbooks. Did you know I sign about ten guestbooks a day now? But I still keep up on you huh? That is because I love you very much. Have a GREAT NIGHT!
love and hugs,
Jessica|15 July 2003|1aGaMu|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|12:12:56 pm| Todd Martini|||Gig Harbor Washington|Hi Everyone,

Just a quick note to let all of you know that we arrived back home last Friday. We'll be posting a longer update and some photos later this week when things calm down a little.

Hope everything is going great. Take care.

-- Todd

|15 July 2003|RTEgU4|officialgfx.gif|emoti2.gif|11:38:21 am| Jessica||||I went 2 the doctors today because I wanted 2 get my prescriptions filled & told him about my forehead hurting in 1 specific spot for a few days now There is no bruise there & he felt it & there is no bump there He left the room & then the nurse came in & told me he gave me the prescriptions I wanted 4 6months like I asked but he wants me to come back in the next 30 days for a blood test I asked her why I needed a blood test She said the doctor wants to check out my thyroid That has me going nuts inside I am very scared I wanted to wait until 30 days to go that is how scared I am but my mom is making me go tomorrow before work if there is an opening I am to call at 8 am to find out cause I do not go to work until 3 and with my luck they will beable to take me just like they were able to take me when I called this morning Please ask your family and friends to pray for me too & maybe even sign my guestbook if you guys have a moment to spare God bless all of you Love and hugs Jessica
|15 July 2003|75EgAT|blank.gif|emoti7.gif|6:44:19 pm| Jessica||||Hi Alex guess who signed my guestbook today & let me know they were praying for me Your Grandpa Bob He took time out of his day to make me smile I love getting new guestbook messages & could really use some prayers right now I am still very upset & scared about having to get the tests done but do hope the dr's office has an opening for me tomorrow morning because I feel sick & want to find out what is going on Within the last couple of months I have lost three teeth I am 21 and not supose to loose teeth It could be because of the high dosage of paxil I am on sixty millagrams a day or it could be because something is invading my body Also I discovered a hole in my gum of my lower lip it is sore & it hurts It is kind of like a cold sore but worse I am so nervous do not think I will sleep much tonight but I am very tired I know I am supose to be praying for you not having you pray for me & this is part of the reason why I waited so long to tell you I have been sick Love and hugs Jessica
|16 July 2003|g1uqa3|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|12:20:04 pm| Jeanie Conrad||http://|Piedmont Hawthorne Dulles Airport|Hi Alex, Andrea and Family,

Glad to see everything went well on the flight home. Hope all of you are really enjoying your time back home. Please keep us informed of your progress. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family everyday. I wish I could give you all a big hug. My family here at Piedmont sends you all their love and prayers. TAke care, Jeanie|16 July 2003|VVevAs|dgb66.gif|emoti1.gif|1:14:26 pm| Jessica||||
Hello sweetie. I made it through the first half of the ordeal this morning. Tommorow comes the second half of the ordeal which is the results. The dr ended up wanting to test my blood for my liver, kidneys, and thyroid. I have trust in God that everything will turn out fine. But I know there is something wrong because someone my age does not loose their teeth! It could be because of the high dosage of paxil I take though. So keep praying for me and I keep praying for you. I got to go say hi to my other kiddies then go to work. Love and hugs, Jessica|16 July 2003|44AjAx|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|2:28:56 pm| JANET & CHARLES JENKINS||http://|Andover Township, New Jersey|Thank you so much for your wonderful updates that you so graciously do for all those who have you in their prayers. It sounds like you have had a successful trip and we pray for continued recovery. We think that you are an amazing and very loving family. You deserve the best! Our love is sent to all of your family. God Bless you all!|16 July 2003|MruPi3|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|7:34:26 pm| Joyce Page||http://|South Carolina|I really enjoyed reading about your trip home and how nice people can be. It renews my faith in mankind.
It is good to know Alex is in the place where she can be home.
We will continue to pray for all.|16 July 2003|2iqUso|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:21:49 pm| Jessica||||Wow Alex what an update. Did you eat all the jelly beans yet? You are such a charmer let me tell you. If I worked at that hotel I would have brought you a truck load of all the stuff you wanted that way Daddy would really have no room in the car!

This koala bear and I wanted to come in and say good night to you. We hope you are able to sleep well. We are praying for you every single day. I love you. Love and hugs, Jessica
|16 July 2003|QPony7|blank.gif|emoti10.gif|11:31:01 pm| Melanie Irish|||Marysville, WA|Hello!

We are so happy to hear of your return home and how well Alex is doing! I just had to post and tell you that we are heading back to Duke on Sunday for Jake's one year post-tranplant check up and we will be flying from Seattle to DC with Boeing! I am so excited for this flight after hearing what a wonderful time you all have had with both the Boeing people and the people at Piedmont Hawthorne! Also, Jacob absolutely loves Dr. Hawkins as well!!! We're there every other Friday so hopefully we'll run in to you guys there and finally get to meet in person! Take care and know we're thinking about you.

Love ~ Melanie, Steve, Jacob (, & Matthew|16 July 2003|PybA8E|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|11:45:27 pm| Dagny Denten|||Georgia|
You are home! Hooray! I was so glad to see the upbeat update. I know you were all happy to be in your own beds.
Nick, you are such a handsome fellow... You are such a strong little guy! But then, that doesn't really surprise me considering who your sister and parents are.
Alex, I looks like you got spoiled! Yea! And you know what? I love jelly bellies too! I wonder if Santa likes them too...he sort of has a jelly belly! HA!
I am so glad to know that there are so many people out there who do such good.
I am praying that you are home FOR GOOD!|17 July 2003|7uRePa|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|07:44:01 am| Princess Madi's Family|||North Carolina|We sure miss having all of you here in NC! Mikey and Madi miss playing with Alex and it's just not the same without all of your smiling faces here.

Thanks so much for including Madi in your update. We believe in the power of prayer and we know miracles continue to happen. It means so much to us knowing so many people are praying for our little princess. Madi is a fighter and she's doing awesome.

We're so glad your trip home went well and we look forward to seeing you in CA in September.

Love you all!

The Mitchem's|17 July 2003|5jySiJ|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|10:18:49 am| Robert & Rhonda Joubert||http://|Bakersfield, CA|I have often wondered why the Lord would allow children to go through so much suffering and have been praying for Alex for the last 4 years. Today as I read your last update and you shared about moving and so many neighbors (nurses, etc.) being put in your path, I can sit back and see the Lord at work in your lives. God is so good! In every need He has met you and in every circumstance He has been there with you. Thanks so much for allowing us to pray for you and for sharing so regularly on how God is moving in your lives. Jesus lives and He is real!!!!! Alex is a true Angel, God moves through her and shines from her in all that she does!!!

The Jouberts
|17 July 2003|1BeDyS|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|11:08:31 am| Jessica||||Alex your grandpa bob signed my guestbook once again. What a lovely grandpa you have. Next time you see him give him a great big hug and kiss from me ok?

Hi and how are you today? I am doing good. I just got off work. I am going to go to wet n wild. It is very hot out. I have not gotten the results from the blood test yet. I will let you know the results when I get them. I am praying for you just like always. Love and hugs, Jessica|17 July 2003|xmYVyJ|blank.gif|emoti12.gif|4:08:05 pm| Allison Richard & Koko||http://||Wow! I can hardly believe that you are in your own home again. It must seem so huge!

Alex looks wonderful in the pictures and we pray every day and night for her compete recovery.

Koko would love to go to the Rainforest cafe with her again.

I can't image already having so many people over for dinner, you are out doing Martha Stewart with your hospitality! ha ha

Congratulations on getting home, although the battle may not be over you have taken a huge step in the right direction.

We love you! You inspire me everyday.|17 July 2003|RYbity|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:51:14 pm| Carolyn J||http://||Hi Alex and family...How wonderful it must be to be home again..I dropped by to invite you and Alex to visit Quilts of Love..We're just a group of grammas who love to make children we make online virtual quilts for children with long term or life long illnesses..We'd consider it an honor to make one for Alex of her very own...Carolyn

|17 July 2003|QYzeMo|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|9:22:37 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex how are you doing sweetie? I am doing good. I had a nice day at work and then went to wet n wild. Do you like to go swimming? Swimming is alot of fun. Wet n wild is a park with lots of water rides! Did you have anything good to eat today? I had chilli chesse fries at wet n wild and some doughnuts at work and some candy at wet n wild. I love you. Sleep tight! Love and hugs, Jessica|18 July 2003|HjYhi2|blank.gif|emoti12.gif|12:32:31 pm| Peggy & Jeremiah||http://||Andrea & Todd, Alex & Nick

Glad you made it home. I am leaving with my husband tomorrow. However, Jeremiah is not leaving until sometime next week. They haven't seemed to managed to get everything setup in Iowa. They have had all the info from us for more than 2 weeks. Oh well will give me time to get everything setup before Jeremiah gets home, and a few more days break. We all miss you.
Peggy & Jeremiah
|18 July 2003|5HE7EV|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|05:59:12 am| Jessica||||
Good morning and happy Friday. I brought this cute little princess with me to visit you. She is also a fairy and she said you are very brave so you can make one wish! This fairy told me she has been looking for the bravest kids for awhile now and is happy to have found you! I love you so very much and continue to pray for your daily. Remember you are my sunshine!
Love and Hugs,
Jessica|18 July 2003|TytiPo|blank.gif|emoti13.gif|0:10:03 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex I love you very much sweetie. You know the little girl Taylor you introduced me to well I fell in love with her and I feel like she is my little sister even though I never even met her. She is back in the hospital again and I am very scared because she did not do well in the hospital last time and they sent her home and now she is back! Please have your mommy and daddy visit her site. You guys have it allready but I will remind you of the address it is
I love you Alex and I hope you got to eat all of your jelly belly jelly beans.
love and hugs,
Jessica |19 July 2003|rTaMix|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|01:09:14 am| Jessica||||I forgot to tell you I have still not gotten the results back from the blood test. The nurse said it would take 24 hours well I got them done on Wensday how come the results are not back yet??? I am getting very scared and am going to call there Monday and if the results are not back yet I am going to ask why not because the lady said it would only take 24 hours it is not right to play with a persons emotions like this! On a happier note my favorite dj from the local country radio station signed my guestbook which is really cool! I colored him in a picture of blues clues and sent it to him in email and he signed my guestbook! Isn't that cool a celebrity in my town signed my guestbook! I love you please pray those results will be positive and will be there monday morning. Love and Hugs,Jessica|19 July 2003|ZTasev|blank.gif|emoti9.gif|01:15:20 am| Jessica||||
Hi Alex how do you like being able to sleep in your own bed again? I bet you are just loving being at home huh sweetie? Have you been playing with your toys alot and has mommy gotten your brother a swing yet? I love you and Nicholas very much sweetie. I will talk to you later. Love and Hugs, Jessica|19 July 2003|P7YXan|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|08:54:43 am| Jessica||||
Hi Alex and how are you tonight? I am doing great. I am tired though and want to go to bed but wanted to come and say goodnight to you and share a new picture with you first. I love you. Love and hugs, Jessica|20 July 2003|sAQa1Y|blank.gif|emoti10.gif|12:27:46 pm| Dorothy Budden||http://|Newfoundland|=ht

Hi Glad you are all back home and doing good. I keep praying for you always. Alex sure looks good now and nick is getting so big.....Keep up the good work Mom and Dad ...Have a great summer Love to all ..|20 July 2003|rUrALA|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|04:56:16 am| Jessica||||
Hi sweetie.
I hope you have a great day.
Love and Hugs,
Jessica|20 July 2003|BEQiPE|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|4:33:16 pm| The Prichard Family|||Honolulu, Hawaii|Aloha Martini Family,

You are finally home, Congrats!! That is absolutely terrific. We were sorry that we were not able to join you at your last get together with PBMTU families before your trek home, but Noah has kept us busy and quite exhausted, and still trying to give us those little scares every now and then. We are so pleased that your trip home went to well, and Alex is doing great, and that you are now to enjoy being together in your own home. So you live in Gig Harbor??? Is that right?? Greg's dad, Noah's grandpa, lives there...and we will be most likely moving to the Fort Lewis region in about 7 to 8 months. We are delighted to hear the wonderful report and we will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers. God bless you guys.
Greg, Debbie and baby Noah Prichard|20 July 2003|4geboH|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|8:06:38 pm| Jessica||||
Hi sweetie I wanted to say good night, sleep tight, and dont let the bed bugs bite. I hope you had a nice Sunday. I love you a bushel and a peck and a peck and a bushel. Love and Hugs, Jessica|21 July 2003|2u1iTo|blank.gif|emoti13.gif|12:48:44 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex how are you and Nicholas liking being back home in your own beds? I bet you are loving it. I love you sweetie and am so happy you are back home! Hopefully you never need to go back to the hospital for an overnight stay again. Love and Hugs, Jessica|21 July 2003|vyvEHe|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|7:17:03 pm| Jessica||||
I am gonna love you forever and ever forever and ever forever and ever amen!
Good night sweetheart. Pleasant Dreams. Sleep Tight sweetheart. Maybe Tomorrow will be sunny and bright! I have off work tuesday wensday and saturday this week and plan on going to wet n wild if it is nice out but I will check on you before I go and before I go to bed. Love and Hugs, Jessica|21 July 2003|B1i6yr|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:18:22 pm| Tracy and Katia Solomon|||Tampa, Florida|I am glad you are back home. I just wanted to come by and say hello. I visited the links you mentioned of the other children. Thank you for sharing their sites with everyone:) Love, Tracy and Katia

Visit Katia's Page and sign her guestbook:)(Leukemia AML M4)

|22 July 2003|2yhizo|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|08:54:15 am| Jessica||||
I love you! Have a great day. I will come and check in on you later. Love and Hugs, Jessica|22 July 2003|5qY8iT|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|09:26:56 am| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex! I just dropped by to say hi & good night. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers!|22 July 2003|wibaTa|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|7:29:34 pm| Jessica||||
Hello hunny bunny how are you doing? I hope you had a good day. I did I went to wet n wild and then out to eat with my mommy at ramono's macaroni grill. I have a drs appointment tomorrow morning at 7:45 to talk about my blood test results with the dr I am scared but think everything came back fine or they would have called if it didn't. I will sign your guestbook tomorrow morning when I get back home. Right now I am listening to Americans Juniors it is kind of like american idol but it has little kids on it. Some of the kids can really sing. You have a great night hunny bunny sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite ok?
Love and Hugs,
Jessica|22 July 2003|5yJySo|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|7:46:54 pm| Elizabeth Goodwin|||Richland, WA|Glad to hear that you are home and that you had such a wonderful trip. I keep your family in my prayers.|23 July 2003|T7yWEQ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:58:11 am| Linda, Tim, Jeremy & Matthew|mailto:|http://||Hi Todd, Andrea, Alex & Nick
Soooo glad that you're home !!!!!!!!!!!!Big hugs & healthy kisses coming to you from all of us. Enjoy the calm...if there is any...(hmmm, you must be asking, what is that?!?!)We'll send pics of us soon too. Keep that great news coming Martinis, we love it all...what a special bunch you are...Ciao for now!!!!!!|23 July 2003|3qevYb|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|08:37:47 am| Jessica||||hi Alex. i love you. have a good night.|23 July 2003|1rAPaB|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:26:31 pm| Lisa Post||http://|South Windsor, CT|Wow! What a GREAT update!!! You are HOME and the kids look great! I was mesmerized reading about all the wonderful people you have met along the way and the coincidences that bond you all. The story of your new neighbors really blew me away. I pray that the blessings continue and Alex continues to do wonderfully! Congrats!|24 July 2003|szEBeX|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|04:52:09 am| Madi Mitchem's Family||||Sure miss you! Wish you were here, but glad you are home. Hugs to all of you from all of us.

Mike, Marian, Mikey and Madison|24 July 2003|MiboQu|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:01:50 am| Jessica||||
Hello and how is my pretty little princess doing today? I am doing great. I am praying for you and I love you very much. Have a great Thursday sweetie. Love & Hugs, Jessica|24 July 2003|83ohY7|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|3:29:40 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex how are you doing?
You know Madi misses you very much.
I know she is happy you are home in washington but she wants you in durham too!
You are such a good friend to Madi.
Hopefully before Madi goes back to california she can come to your home in washington to play. I know she would love that and to have a little sleepover party with you. You should ask your mommy and daddy about that. I love you so very much sweetie and am happy you are home safe and sound. Love and Hugs, Jessica|25 July 2003|P3yXEw|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|7:07:06 pm| TRACY AND KATIA SOLOMON|mailto:TMSOL87@AOL.COM|HTTP://CARINGBRIDGE.ORG/FL/KATIA_LEUKEMIAPAGE|TAMPA,FLORIDA|JUST WANTED TO COME CHECK ON YOU:) WE SEND HELLOS AND ARE PRAYING FOR YOU, ALEX.

Visit Katia's Page and sign her guestbook:) (Leukemia AML M4)

|26 July 2003|Ho7yba|dgb63.gif|emoti2.gif|10:01:18 am| Angel Sprite from Smile Quilts|||Eckert, CO USA|Hi Alex,It is so great that you are home. I came across your site from a Caring Bridge site. You have been through so much and I can tell you are a very brave anc courageous girl. Just stopping in to invite you to visit Smile Quilts. We would love to make you a virtual on line Smile Quilt all your very own. Just click on the graphic to visit and apply for a Smile Quilt. Praying all goes well for you.
|26 July 2003|pevuJu|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|0:13:41 pm| Jill Schield||http://|Chicago|Welcome home all of you! We have been thinking about you in your journey all along and are so happy you are doing so well. Your family is TRULY an inspiration to so many of us--and that is aying a lot given we are "farther out" than you. Our 12 year old Nick is 20 months post transplant #4 for AML, and doing well. There is light at the end of the tunnel! Keep those counts strong! |26 July 2003|s3UwAd|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|6:55:34 pm| Jessica||||
Dear Prayer Family,
Hi it is almost the end of July and I wanted to pop in and say hello from Jessica's Prayer Page. I pray for you every single day and every month you will be recieving a special picture and notice in your guestbook from me. God bless you. I love you. Love and hugs, Jessica
Come visit Jessica's Prayer Page and sign my guestbook sometime please :)|26 July 2003|TuGuzu|blank.gif|emoti12.gif|7:21:16 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex I love you. How are you and Nicholas doing? I hope you guys are having a great summer. I am praying for the both of you. Love & Hugs, Jessica|27 July 2003|X6orEq|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|4:27:04 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex how is your summer going?
I hope it is going great.
Are you going to start school this year?
You should be starting soon and that will be fun for you.
I love you Alex.
Love and Hugs, Jessica|28 July 2003|QeHYzU|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|6:51:55 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi SweetPea,
I talked to Daddy this morning and he said you had a fever and were on your way to the hospital. Mommy called tonight and said you were in PICU...Guess you're going to have to show them all what a little teflon kid can do!...Love you and we're all praying you get home very soon |28 July 2003|P2UNo1|blank.gif|emoti5.gif|8:01:44 pm| Amanda||||Hi, Alex! I just wanted to leave a message to say hi & let you know that you are always in my thoughts & prayers.

|28 July 2003|RMyTAn|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|8:06:18 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA |Hi Alex! I just wanted to drop by and let you know that I think about you all the time and hope you are feeling great. I'm sure you are enjoying being home and playing with your toys, friends and just simply enjoying being home! I went to Cold Stone last week and thought about you standing behind the counter last year helping them make the ice cream. I wish you could have been there again this year! I missed you so much
Say Hi to your mom and dad for me and I hope that I can come down and see all of you soon. Love ya all!|28 July 2003|bXYdad|dgb66.gif|emoti12.gif|9:53:38 pm| Todd Martini|||Gig Harbor, WA|Quick Update: Tuesday, July 29, 2003 @ 2:00 am (Day 119 Post-Transplant)

Hi Everyone,

Alex was admitted to the PICU at Childrens Seattle on Monday afternoon as a precautionary measure, after spiking a fever and experiencing low blood pressure. Her fever broke almost immediately and her blood pressure is responding to the medication (dopamine) with which they are treating her. If she continues to progress, she should be out of the PICU in a day or two at most and be moved to a HemOnc room. At this point we do not know what is causing these problems, but it is most likely a blood infection or (less likely) GVHD. I'll try to post more tomorrow.

Hope everything is going great. Take care.

-- Todd
|29 July 2003|XDEgYh|officialgfx.gif|emoti2.gif|01:27:13 am| jessica||http://|NJ|I came upon your site a while ago while doing research. Your story really makes me count my blessings. I am so sorry that Alex is in PICU. What strength she exhibits - what a brave and special girl Alex must be. I wish her a quick recovery from this latest infection and a total remission from the cancer! I wish you all continued strength and courage and I send positive and healing thoughts and blessings to each one of you. |29 July 2003|VeguWu|blank.gif|emoti5.gif|2:36:03 pm| Khalita||||Hey guys! I'm so sorry it has taken me so long to sign in but I have been on vacation and am just now at a computer long enough to actually do anything. I was thinking of you and praying for you though--as always. Hopefully Alex will be out of PICU soon. I'll check back on you again soon. Please email or call 336-250-9175 if you need anything in the meantime--like a listening ear. Unfortunately that's about the best I can offer from here besides prayer. I MISS YOU and LOVE YOU!
|29 July 2003|REtuWe|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|6:24:14 pm| Jessica||||
Alex sweetie I am so sorry you are sick once again.I am sending big angel hugs and kisses to you tonight. I love you sweetie. Remember God never gives us more than we can handle. I see you have another Jessica signing your guestbook now. Hello to the other Jessica I am Jessica too and I have been visiting Alex's site for two years. She is a very sweet girl. Love and hugs, Jessica|29 July 2003|QEPysy|dgb62.gif|emoti24.gif|10:01:51 pm| Grace G. Mijares||http://|Philippines|I am sending my prayer for Alex. You are a brave child Alex. I am already 40 years old but I'm not as brave as you. You are also so blessed to have a loving, supportive parents. God bless you all!!|30 July 2003|pqEVu1|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|12:05:04 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex I love you very much. How are you feeling today? I hope you are feeling good and out of the picu and in a regular room or get discharged to a regular hospital room soon so then you can heal up and go back home to play. Love and Hugs, Jessica|30 July 2003|T7e6aP|monster3.gif|emoti1.gif|6:38:16 pm| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex! I hope you are feeling okay and have been moved to a regular room. I will keep praying for you to get discharged soon, so you can go back home to have fun & enjoy being happy and cancer free!|30 July 2003|1EVY1e|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|6:55:38 pm| Nancy Ramsey|||Erie|Hey guys I just got the news that Alex is in PICU, my heart took a giant leap. I am praying for you and hope to hear things have improved soon. I hope you guys are taking care of yourselves, I know how hard it is to be where you are. We are still hanging out in lovely Durham, hoping to head home next weekend.

Alex you get better soon sweetie!! We miss you. Nolan is sending a big hug and kiss.

Love, The Ramsey's|30 July 2003|MMYLUh|blank.gif|emoti16.gif|7:12:59 pm| Amanda||||Hi, Alex! Jessica just showed me how to put pictures in guestbooks, so here is a picture for you. You are in my thoughts & prayers!

|31 July 2003|VUwezU|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|07:48:27 am| Jessica|||las vegas usa|
Hi Alex and Nicholas. I brought you guys these love bugs to play with while Alex is in the hospital ok guys. I love you both very much. Love and Hugs, Jessica|0 August 2003|JymAmo|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:47:49 pm| Jessica|||las vegas usa|
Hello how are you doing today? I hope you are all having a good day. I love you very much and am praying for you. Love and Hugs, Jessica my site direct link to my guestbook|1 August 2003|rBiPUb|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|6:41:52 pm| Greg, Debbie and baby Noah|||honolulu, HI|So sorry to hear that you are in the hospital Alex, but praying that you make a very quick recovery and are out of there in no time! We will keep praying, and cannot wait to hear the update that you are doing great and feeling well! God bless you sweetie!
The Prichard Family|1 August 2003|Jy6a8o|blank.gif|emoti5.gif|8:56:52 pm| Jessica||||

Jessica's Site
My Guestbook
Good morning! I have off work today yeah! So I get to stay home and rest because I am still feeling a little bit sick and icky. I hope you have a great day. I love you. Big angel hugs, and kisses are comming your way. Love & Hugs, Jessica|2 August 2003|DvuWaV|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|11:45:31 am| Grandma||http://||Hi Sweet Pea,
Glad your home! Did you have fun visiting Luis at the restaurant? Mommy said he was really happy to see you and gave you big hugs.
Thank you for sending me the Harry Potter Tapes. I can't wait to share them with you.
How are the blackberries doing? PoPop wants to pick them with you when we come up in a few weeks. He loves them on cold icecream....better make sure he doesn't eat them all!!!
Auntie Wendy and Charisse will be on the plane with us so you'll have lots of people to play with.
Love you bunches|2 August 2003|jEsuTy|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|0:48:50 pm| betty endrina -cole|||kevin ,mt.|hi alex

my son spent alot of time in seattle in the picu he had a few brain tumors and also had a relapse but is doing better now and we send prayers your way for a great out come too!!!hang in there mom!!!!|2 August 2003|Do3Y5i|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|5:54:31 pm| Jessica||||
Look at that clock isn't it cute? Do you know the song hickory dickory dock lets sing it together. Hickory dickory dock the mouse ran up the clock the clock struck one the mouse ran down hickory dickory dock. Have a great day I love you and am praying for you. Love and Hugs, Jessica
My Site
Come make me smile sign my guestbook please|3 August 2003|tYjube|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:34:17 am| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex! I hope that no news is good news and that you are feeling better every day. I know that you will be home playing with your doggie again soon. Love ya lots and hope to see you soon.
|3 August 2003|ZPiQyB|blank.gif|emoti12.gif|9:17:14 pm| Lisa Jenkinson||http://|Lorton, Virginia|Dear Alex and family,

I am so sorry to hear that you are in the hospital. I hope by the time you read this entry that you are home and feeling much better. I have had the opportunity to talk to your grandma via email. You grandma loves you very much and is such a wonderful person. I hope you enjoyed your recent visit with her. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you fight this disease.
|4 August 2003|tHEmoH|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|04:06:33 am| Maria||http://|NJ|Hi Alex,
I hope that you are feeling better. I'm sorry that you had to go back to the hospital. Thinking of you all today, you are always in my prayers.|4 August 2003|2ozi8y|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|06:16:35 am| Lori Ruderman||http://|Gaithersburg MD|Y'all just keep on ticking!!!!! We think of you often and do check Alex's website - y'all never cease to amaze me with your strength and wit!!!
Lori|4 August 2003|qAREHU|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|6:06:03 pm| Jessica||||
Hello Alex everyone at Jessica's Prayer Page loves you and we are all praying for you that you do not have to go back into the hospital again for a long time or hopefully never again until you are pregnant and that is a long time. Love and Hugs, Jessica
My Page
Jessica's Prayer Page
My Guestbook Please sign it|4 August 2003|xho2eM|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|7:18:11 pm| Meghan and Nate Gapa||Adopt a kid site!|Lyndoville|\
Come vist my brother nate's website at
VEwing name: gapa
Vewing password: nate
Well have a great Summer !
Luv ya Alex,
Nater and meghan gapa|5 August 2003|xiPyWu|monster4.gif|emoti24.gif|06:35:43 am| Jessica||||
Hi Alex how was the finding nemo movie?
I have not beenable to see it I usually have to wait until they come on video.
I hope you are feeling 100 percent better.
Love and Hugs, Jessica
My Page
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Come meet my adopted online little sister Madi and little brother Nathan|5 August 2003|muXyxi|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|8:16:02 pm| Jessica||||
Hi I love you. This doggie and I think about you all the time and when we are not online we miss you. I hope you have a great day. I love our friendship. Love and Hugs, Jessica
Visit my online adopted little sister Madi and little brother Mickey
Sign my guestbook please
My Site|6 August 2003|bryDUV|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|10:49:52 am| Jessica||http://||
Hello sweetie. This little bear is doing flips because he loves you. Love and hugs, Jessica
My Page
My Guestbook|7 August 2003|ZowiMe|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|4:33:43 pm| Elizabeth Harris||http://|Snohomish|Alex,
I discovered your website tonight and am amazed at your strength. I have a son who is 4 yrs old and he was recently diognosed with ALL. The challenges that you have faced with such bravery amaze me and I hope my son and I do as well as you and your family. You are in my prayers.

Elizabeth|7 August 2003|hE4yzu|monster1.gif|emoti25.gif|10:21:39 pm| BPL & Family|mailto:|http://|Cleveland, OH|Hi Alex.

Its Brandon. I picked that face cause I am feeling goofy right now

I hope you don't mind. Today my grampa & gramma came over to my house to watch me & my brother. We played on the swings. I can pump myself now, I just need one push to get me started. Do you like to swing? I love it!

Hope you feel good.

Brandon|8 August 2003|hesa2e|blank.gif|emoti13.gif|10:14:12 am| jack - colby's daddy forever and ever|||UNIONTOWN, PA|Just stopped by to say hi and that you all are in our prayers. Sending lots of love from above - ANGEL COLBY JAMES COLE AND CREW.|10 August 2003|RotEwE|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|3:14:08 pm| Grandma|mailto:|http://||
Hi Cutie,

We were so happy to hear you went to the zoo again. You're legs are really getting strong with all that walking. How are the blackberries? Do you think they'll be ready to pick soon? We love you soooo much and will see you in just 7 days. You'll have lots of fun playing with Charisse.

|11 August 2003|xTeVyB|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:22:34 pm| Rose ||http://|Brasil|I am so very happy that you are doing great Alex.
You are a wonderful brave girl and you deserve the best in your life as well as your dedicated parents. How lucky you are to have their love.
Kisses.|12 August 2003|NajuGu|dgb66.gif|emoti6.gif|11:14:19 am| Greg, Debbie and baby Noah Prichard|||honolulu, hi (for now, still at Duke)|Aloha Martini family,
We hope that you are feeling better Alex. We sent you a 'get well' card, but you were already outpatient before we could get it sent off, so it is a bit late. However, it is great to hear that you are back at home and going to movies and having fun. We are still praying for you and your family. God's blessings to you all.
Greg, Debbie and baby Noah|13 August 2003|dYrePE|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|7:12:17 pm| Linda Rupnick||http://|Mary Bridge Home Infusion pharmacist|Alex you are a beautiful and vibrant girl. I wish you well!|15 August 2003|qiXema|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|3:22:33 pm| Nate and Meghan Gapa|mailto:gaphouse|www.caringbridge .org|Lyndonville, New York|We love ya Alexandra!!|17 August 2003|TABAWy|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|2:27:56 pm| Laura, Ken, Nathan & Angel Jillian|mailto:|||Glad to hear Alex is doing better. She is as you once said "the teflon kid". Please know that we always check on you guys. |18 August 2003|mdunEx|monster7.gif|emoti24.gif|06:16:16 am| Karen Ann Viteritti||http://|New Jersey|Alex,
Hope that you are doing well and feeling better. All the best to you and your family. I volunteer for St Jude Children's Research Hospital and came across your website through another website. As I check up on many of the numerous children fighting the horrible illiness as well as many others.

Take care

Karen Viteritti
St Jude Volunteer|18 August 2003|wRuZEp|monster1.gif|emoti24.gif|2:28:32 pm| Larry Pollock||http://|Wilder Elementary|Hi Alex, It was great to hear your voice today! You have fabulous spirit and that is what it takes to deal with adversity. We cannot always choose what happens in our lives, but we can choose how we deal with it. Your approach is the absolute best! We have learned that our attitudes make a big difference in our health and recovering from illness. May you heal as quickly as possible!!

I have ordered a gift certificate for you at the computer store where you ordered your computer system, so have fun finding some cool computer programs to use with your new system. Talk to you again soon, Fondly, Mr. Pollock
|18 August 2003|mqubar|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|2:50:51 pm| ELENA CONIARIS|mailto:CONAIRFAM5@AOL.COM|http://|COLTS NECK, NEW JERSEY|DEAR ALEX,
ELENA CONIARIS|18 August 2003|4YZudE|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|8:38:53 pm| Jessica|mailto:|http://||Hey Alex haven't seen an update in awhile sweetie. I hope everything is ok. I am praying for you. Love and Hugs, Jessica|18 August 2003|ZEvAso|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:24:50 pm| Quilting Angel Cheryl||||Hi Alex,

Just stopping by to get the latest news on how you are feeling. You tell daddy he REALLY needs to give us an update. And how is that terrific baby brother doing?

Hugs,|19 August 2003|jBUToV|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|2:55:42 pm| Jessica|mailto:|http://||
Hi Alex how are you sweetie? Is Nicholas having fun playing with you in your home and with your doggie I bet you guys are keeping mommy and daddy on their toes you have alot of time to make up at home playing so you just keep on playing all day long sweetheart. Love and Hugs, Jessica|19 August 2003|B6izE4|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|8:31:25 pm| The Taitingfong Family||||Our thoughts and prayers are with you Alex!
God Bless,
The Taitingfong Family|19 August 2003|WtYRed|monster7.gif|emoti1.gif|8:32:52 pm| Jill Schield||http://|Chicago|I hope you are all doing well. We need an update! It has been a good summer for us--uneventful--which you know is a real gift! |20 August 2003|zY5yNo|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|2:21:00 pm| Khalita||||Just wanted you guys to know that I'm thinking of and praying for you constantly. I hope things are going well. I miss seeing you in clinic but am so very glad the Lord has blessed you to get back home. Hugs and know that you're loved, prayed for and missed around Duke! I'll keep checking in on you to see how you are. |21 August 2003|2Re8yX|dgb66.gif|emoti25.gif|09:22:24 am| Jessica||||
Hi Alex. I am going to go see Dora the Exlporer Live this saturday. I will let you know how it was when I get back to my apartment. I am very excited. Do you like Dora the Explorer? She is so cool! Love and hugs, Jessica|21 August 2003|v1ALiG|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|5:07:33 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex! I think about you and your mom, dad and Nick every day and pray that you are feeling GREAT and able to be out enjoying the sun. I hope I get to see you soon!|22 August 2003|7i6iSy|monster3.gif|emoti25.gif|7:44:53 pm| Jessica||||
Hi how are you doing? I am doing good. Dora the Explorer live was really cool. I was singing and dancing and helping dora find her teddy bear and teddy bear in spanish is osito! The kids in my town go back to school this monday but my community college does not go back until september 2nd[:))]I get a longer summer than the kids! I love you have a great night sleep ok? Love and Hugs, Jessica|23 August 2003|HRa1ew|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|8:26:09 pm| Jessica||http://||
I hope you have a nice sunday. I am praying for you. Love and Hugs, Jessica|24 August 2003|hnUGaZ|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|11:03:52 am| Crystal Monique Hernandez|mailto:cmh805@yahoo,com|http://|Port Hueneme, California| Hey Alex you probably don't remember me but I'm one of your Grand fathers Mr. Mainbourgs old student and I just adore you. I hope you keep fighting it because your a special angel thats needed on earth and I hope you liked all the gifts I have sent you. I wish I could keep sending them to you every holiday but I wouldn't know where to send them or who to send them to. If I could get a hold of Mr.Mainbourg and get that straightened out you will be receiving a gift on christmas from me ok so untill then I will keep going on your website to see how you are doing. So take care and keep smiling.

LOVE CRYSTAL M. HERNANDEZ|24 August 2003|2eQELe|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|8:46:19 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex and Nicholas how are you two kiddos doing?

Did you guys have a fun August?

I bet you are so happy to be home and playing with your toys and your friends.

Your mommy and daddy have gone almost a whole month without an update you must be keeping them busy and healthy which is a good thing! I am praying for you sweetie give Nicholas, mommy, and daddy a hug and kiss for me ok? Love and Hugs,Jessica|25 August 2003|PTULAt|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|10:07:53 pm| Jessica|||las vegas|
Hi Alex and Nicholas how do you guys like this little cat & dog. Aren't they precious? I pray for you both daily and wanted to have you thank your daddy for telling me about the virus/hoax. He is a very nice man. Have a great day guys. Love and Hugs, Jessica|26 August 2003|JeQaVo|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|3:19:16 pm| Jessica|||las vegas|Good morning munchkin. I have to work today and then Friday and Saturday I have off! Tuesday I start school! I am going to have to get back into the swing of things at school but will always be praying for you and will come visit daily. I hope you have a great day. Love and hugs, Jessica
~I love to read my guestbook daily~|28 August 2003|puwUSE|monster3.gif|emoti1.gif|08:28:39 am| Grandma|mailto:|http://||Hi Sweet Pea,
I just left and miss you already. I'm glad you were able to play with your little cousin Charisse..she really had a lot of fun with you. Did you have a good time at Alexandra's birthday? I heard you visited school and will have a tutor soon! You're growing up so fast. Sure wish your Mommy didn't have so much to do and could update your site....She really doesn't have much free time anymore does she? You and Nicholas keep her really busy.
Love you so much!|28 August 2003|1iDa1a|blank.gif|emoti4.gif|10:24:50 pm| Marlyn Marshburn||http://|Anaheim Hills, Cal.|HELLO TO EACH OF YOU, SENDING MY LOVE AND PRAYERS EVERY NIGHT WHEN I CHECK ALEX'S UPDATE. IT ALOWS ME TIME TO PRAY FOR EACH OF YOU. I AGREE WITH YOUR GRAMMA, IT'S TIME FOR A UPDATE, SORRY FOR THE NAGING. GOODNIGHT, MARLYN|29 August 2003|VJYWam|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|01:36:04 am| Jessica||||
Wow Alex you visited school and are going to have a tutor soon. Yeah! You are going to be in kintergarden that is a fun year you get to color alot and play alot of games and hey you are lucky your teacher will be comming to you! I am happy your grammie posted that in your guestbook I was starting to get a bit worried. What kind of games did you get to play with your cousin? Love and hugs, Jessica|29 August 2003|Q5ewAd|monster5.gif|emoti12.gif|10:21:12 am| aLiCaT|mailto:|http://||hey alex, whazzup? i'm sure ur (your)happy to be back home, so am i!! ya alex! u go girl. keep fightin' alex. when u fight, u fight hard!! anyway, i hope u and ur lil' bro. r doing ok.alex, could u do a favor for me? tell your daddy or mommy, "can u update my website?" be sure to flutter those cute eyelashes! ;-) |29 August 2003|TeqeBU|monster1.gif|emoti16.gif|0:52:13 pm| Amanda||||Hi, Alex! I'm sorry I have not signed in a while, but I have been very busy lately. I hope to see a new update soon. I saw your grandma's post on your guestbook. Did you have fun playing with your cousin? I sure hope so. I'm still praying for you, Alex. Good night & sweet dreams!

|29 August 2003|1EBeto|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|7:56:58 pm| Jessica||||
Hi Alex here is a little dollie for you. I am so happy you are doing so well and you and your brother Nicholas are growing up so fast. I loved reading an update. I have been worried sick about you guys. I agree with daddy you need a nanny but I also think for your parents sake and all you have been through someone should be a nanny to you for free I would do it but I live too far away. Did you know Miss Madi Mitchem is going back to california by corporate angel flights private plane on wensday september 3rd? I am so happy for her and the mitchems! Love and Hugs, Jessica|30 August 2003|zE7YJA|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|12:26:15 pm| Lisa Post||http://||My goodness, your little Alex is one amazing girl!!!! That must have been a sight to have her laughing and giggling while in the middle of a life crisis in PICU!!! So glad to read she is doing wonderfully and baby Nick is soooo adorable! May God continue to bless your beautiful children!|30 August 2003|X2atob|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|04:51:43 am| Lisa Hamm||http://|California|After reading the story on Alex I decide to do my report for school (I am studying to be a medical assistant) on Leukemia. It really touched me. I get the Updates And I am glad she keeps her spirits up. Thats what will keep her going. Our love and prayers are with you.|30 August 2003|hwoBUB|monster3.gif|emoti24.gif|8:49:11 pm| Crystal Monique Hernandez||http://|Port Hueneme, Oxnard California| Hey Alex Just want to say Hi and let you know that I'm still thinking of yo and of course praying well hope your doing good check in tomarow ok sweet dreams.|31 August 2003|DEVEsy|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|08:53:14 am| Jessica||http://||
Hi Alex congratulations on getting to be home schooled sweetie. I know you wish you could go but you will beable to go for first grade ok? I am praying for you sweetie. Love and hugs, Jessica|31 August 2003|HE6yNa|monster3.gif|emoti8.gif|2:11:17 pm| Jessica|||las vegas|
Good evening just flying by to say hello and I am praying for you. Sending you big hugs and kisses. Love and Hugs, Jessica|1 September 2003|rLUxiz|blank.gif|emoti11.gif|8:52:38 pm| Marlyn Marshburn||http://|Anaheim Hills|Thank you for the update Andera, so much help with praying for each of you. Haven't talked to you Mom yet, perhaps tomorrow, that also helps with a update. Great that Wendy has taken the challenge. Do hope that you are get caught up on some rest over this week-end. Goodnight, Marlyn|1 September 2003|xqUjYm|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:17:04 pm| Allison Richard & Koko|mailto:|http://||Thank you for updating the website even though you are over stressed and over worked. Our hearts and prayers go out to you. The kids look great and Alex is so beautiful. We are sorry that she won't be going to school this year but soon she will be running the playground.

May the Lord bless you and keep you safe. ARK|2 September 2003|h7YSA6|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|8:43:38 pm| Jessica|mailto:|http://||
Good night sweetie. I hope you sleep well. I was busy today had first day of school, and then work. So sorry I could not come visit more. I will come visit more Thursday and Friday I have off work. Love and Hugs, Jessica|2 September 2003|vUZexi|monster7.gif|emoti8.gif|9:58:57 pm| Rose ||http://|Brazil |Very happy for you, dear Alex. Keep like that, laughing and playing at all times.
Andrea, I really hope your financial problems are solved anyway, life is already too complicated to have to deal with money - this is absurd. The kids look great.
Many hugs from Brazil. |3 September 2003|wije3a|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|11:21:47 am| Jessica|mailto:|http://||
Hi I hope you are doing allright. I love you very much. Try to play a little bit today and rest too ok? Also please try to eat something. Try listening to some nice music too! Love and hugs, Jessica|3 September 2003|himotu|monster3.gif|emoti16.gif|0:24:02 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi Precious,
I miss you very much...Mommy told me you have a new blue fish...Have you given him/her a name yet? I'll bet Katie Cat likes your fish too! Popop and Aunt Wendy have been very busy collecting all kinds of things from friends and neighbors for a garage sale to raise money for the Leukemia Society....You know how messy our garage is it is really bad! I hope they raise lots of money!
Give Nicholas lots of hugs and kisses for me. Wish we were together right now so I could rub your beautiful fuzzy head and tell you how much I love you!|5 September 2003|4ZUVEX|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:49:25 am| Khalita||||Hey guys!! I miss you so much. I haven't signed in for a while but I am continually thinking of and praying for you. I will be praying for your finances as well. I'm so sorry you are having to deal with that on top of everything else. I will continue to check on you here. Please don't hesitate to let me know if I can help you with anything at all. Blessings and lots of love to you!|6 September 2003|xRiHyH|dgb63.gif|emoti6.gif|6:37:32 pm| Sandra and Gemma|||Sicily, Italy|Just stopping by to say CIAO.
I've been checking in on you all for months and very often was stunned by your strength and mostly that of Alex. I heard she has a bit of Scottish blood in her, my daughter is half Scot, half Italian. Quite a mixture
Am looking forward to reading your next up date and especially to seeing the photos which are always lovely.
Take care |7 September 2003|2retym|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|12:24:47 pm| Jessica|mailto:|http://||
Do you like this bear Alex isn't it cute? I love sunflowers. I hope you have a nice day sweetie. Wow you got a new fish that is so cool. Nemo from finding nemo will be very happy to know that you got a new fish huh sweetie? Have you started home school yet? school is cool you will like it alot!Talk to you later. Love and Hugs, Jessica|8 September 2003|q8iJi7|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|08:53:42 am| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex! I was glad to see an update, and to know you are still smiling and being happy. You must be happy to laugh in a PICU! It is great that you have such high spirits. You are in my thoughts and prayers!
I just joined the Random Acts of Kindness group, and I brought you a cute snowglobe.

|8 September 2003|Q1EQyX|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|11:57:07 am| Kathy Haws|mailto:||Thousand Oaks, CA.|Hi Alex,
Just dropping in to let you know I am thinking of you and wanted to send lots of hugs!
Have a real good week! |8 September 2003|WExy3o|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|1:25:08 pm| Stephanie and RachelJoy|||Oregon|

RachelJoy and I are sad that summer is ending and we are back to rain and more rain again! We are so glad that you are able to be home for a while.

|8 September 2003|mSe8U3|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:34:02 pm| Jessica|mailto:|http://||
Have a good nights sleep. I am praying for you. love and hugs, Jessica|9 September 2003|T1yLUQ|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|10:16:22 pm| Krissy||http://|Washington|
I miss you very much. I hardly see you since I moved to Tacoma. I hope that you are having fun playing with Katy cat, Roxy, and Moose. They are very special pets and they love you very much. I hope that you are feeling better every day. Hope to see you soon!
Hugs and kisses-Krissy|10 September 2003|W6u3E7|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|0:07:53 pm| Greg, Debbie and baby Noah Prichard|||Duke, longing for home in HI|Aloha Martini family,
Okay, we are waiting for another is everyone doing??? We hope that the whole insurance thing is working out or already resolved, even better. We pray that Alex is feeling well these days and continuing on the road to recovery. We continue to keep you all in our prayers. Dr. K is working on getting us up to WA instead of going to is a big mess, but hopefully will be worked out soon. We will keep you posted. God bless,
Debbie, Greg and baby Noah|10 September 2003|hiWeWu|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|6:11:53 pm| Ceyonne Ledesma||http://||Hi Guys,

We check your updates every week. My daughter Isabella was diagnosed 1/10/02 w/ AML M5. She had her BMT 16 months ago due to relapse in the CNS. We look forward to all of your updates and wish for a speedy recovery!! We are still dealing w/ effects of radiation and chemo. (kidney failure) Your mom emails us to check on Isabella and apparently doesn't live to far from us!! (Ventura, CA) Bella receives her post BMT care from Children's hospital LA. Give Alex a big hug from us here in CA!!|10 September 2003|6he8Y7|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|7:20:58 pm| Jessica|mailto:|http://||
Hi what is your favorite kind of ice cream? Mine is chocolate. Love and hugs, Jessica|10 September 2003|QE2Ywi|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:52:07 pm| Emily Clark||http://||hey Alex

i hope you get better really soon, and everyone is praying for you!!

i hope i can see you at school soon!!!

P.S. what is your favorite Care-Bear?

~Emily Clark

|15 September 2003|dSuHeb|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|6:01:54 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex! I hope that you are feeling GREAT and having fun at home with your family. I think about you all the time and can't wait to hear how things are going. Say Hi to your mom and dad for me. Love ya sweetie!|19 September 2003|L1axiT|dgb63.gif|emoti13.gif|11:38:44 am| Jamie|||duarte california usa|Hi Alex my name is Jamie and my daughter Nicole was recently told she has Osteosarcoma a bone cacer.Your grandmother Sandara visited my daughters new web page. We want to invite you to visit too! We will visit your page a lot sweetie hang in there. This is going to be a long and tough battle for us but we believe Nicole will conquer the battle of Osteosarcoma.
Hugs & Kisses,
Jamie (Nicole's mommy)

|21 September 2003|bEWeri|monster3.gif|emoti25.gif|1:28:19 pm| Kathy Haws|mailto:||Thousand Oaks, CA|Hi Alex,
Just wanted to drop in and let you know I am thinking of you and sending lots of hugs!|21 September 2003|sxUbiz|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|7:42:51 pm| Nicole||||
Hi Alex it is Nicole.
Do you like my new unicorn?
I got it yesterday from mommy and daddy.
I pray for you every night.
Nicole|22 September 2003|VRyLi8|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|08:43:43 am| Nicole||||
Hi Alex.
When I am done some treatment and am stronger your gramma has a friend who is going to let us go to disneyland park for free!
All my mommy and daddy have to pay for is the hotel and some food.
Your grammas friend is even going to let me eat with mickey mouse for free!
I love your gramma her and my mommy are friends it is good.
Nicole|23 September 2003|raZuWe|monster4.gif|emoti1.gif|08:50:53 am| Pam @ Pearl Place Women's Care||http://|Tacoma, WA|Hi Martini Family...I hadn't gotten an update recently and was wondering if all was I still on the list to receive updates??? I didn't get the Aug 29th update...Praying all is continuing to be well.

We at Pearl Place think of you often....God Bless, keep a song in your heart...Pam|24 September 2003|TgAvos|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|7:10:58 pm| Ms. Dora Jane||http://|Durham |Hi EVERYONE!!! I don't usually sign the guestbook, but I am just missing you SO much. I hope you all are doing well. Alex, I am sure you are becoming even more of a sweet little princess. And Nick, SO BIG!!!! I am going to California for the weekend, but then back to Dur-HAM. I haven't found out where my five-month clinicals are yet, but maybe Seattle!!! Or Pullyap???? (don't know where that is.) I miss you all. XOXOXOXOXOXO Love, Love, Love, Dora |25 September 2003|Bzi2i2|monster3.gif|emoti25.gif|1:41:09 pm| Dave White||http://|Auburn, Ma|We will miss you and your family at the SRHS reunion,but our prayers will be with you all. Keep Smiling
I love you very much and can hardly wait till I see you on Friday.

I gave Mommy a bad time last week about updating your site and she said she was waiting for your check up at clinic and Nicholas's doctor visit. Well they've both been done now and it's Monday and NO UPDATE! Lots of people are waiting to look at pictures of your precious little face and hear how you're doing!

I think Mommy will make me walk from the airport after this!

Give Nicholas a big hug and kiss for me.

Love Grandma|29 September 2003|6To6un|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:18:21 am| isabel topete|mailto:|http://||hey alex your so cute and i hope you get better .
isabel|30 September 2003|sDamyP|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|09:24:47 am| cristal|mailto:|http://|| hey presios thing i cant wait to see more pictures of your cute face well i hope you get better i love you with all my heart.
cristal|30 September 2003|z5AqEv|monster1.gif|emoti13.gif|09:27:51 am| Tameka Wilson||http://|Sumter, South Carolina|I wish you the best of luck and i will keep you in my prayers.

love always

tameka wilson|30 September 2003|SA4aZY|monster3.gif|emoti5.gif|0:44:06 pm| Jodi||http://|Bloomfield, NJ|Martinis,

Hi! I hope that no news means good news for you guys. Hope all is well with you and that you're just so busy enjoying life that you don't have time to come here. I still think about you guys every day.


Jodi|1 October 2003|TnyBez|monster3.gif|emoti6.gif|05:52:18 am| aLiCaT|mailto:|http://||hey martinis
hope u r doing ok, except, we need an update!! anyway xcuse me 4 being rude, it's just it's been over a month! anyway, God bless u. |4 October 2003|sdYhyr|monster1.gif|emoti28.gif|4:11:12 pm| Teresa King||http://|Blue Ridge, Ga|Hi to all the Maritnis family. Hope this finds everyone doing just great. You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Hope you can update your site soon.|6 October 2003|VaxyXo|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|0:18:30 pm| a friend|mailto:|http://|nj|Hoping Alex is doing well and no news means you are busy leading "normal" lives!|6 October 2003|zyMasi|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|2:39:56 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi Precious Girl,
It was so difficult to leave you at the airport today. I had a wonderful time cuddling and playing with you. You certainly know how to fix Grandma's hair!
Tell you're Mommy she needs to be kinder to your Grandma!... Remember she is the one that will need a ride from the airport!
I visited your cousin at the hospital tonight. She wasn't too happy about being there... you know how that is.
Please give Nicholas lots of hugs and kisses for me.
I love you very much.|7 October 2003|zGYtyq|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:17:38 pm| MARLYN|mailto:GGGMBURN@AOL.COM|http://|ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA OR "CALLEFORNEA"|ANDREA THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THE UPDATE, SO GOOD TO SEE CURRENT PICTURES OF ALEX, SHE LOOKS SO GOOD, AND NICHOLAS HAS GROWN SO MUCH, ADORABLE KIDS. NEWS ABOUT CHARISSE IS HEART BREAKING, SO GREAT YOU CAN HELP YOUR SISTER, I ALWAYS WANTED A SISTER. GREAT PICTURES OF GRAMMA SANDY,AND GLAD SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO WALK FROM THE AIRPORT. CALL ME IF YOU NEED TO BE PICKED UP. TAKE CARE, AND LOVE TO EACH OF YOU. MARLYN|8 October 2003|5osuhu|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|12:23:39 pm| Laurie Kerman||http://|Orange County, Ca|Hi Everyone! So glad to hear that you are all doing well. I am from the Jan 98 board and follow your family closely ;)

Anyway, If you need anything during your trip to Orange County please let me know! I will help you guys any way I can!

Laurie|8 October 2003|qoXAsi|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:41:49 am| Candyce Wolsfeld|||Spring Valley|

I check on you often and just do not sign in. Glad to hear all is going as well as they can.

We are hoping that things continue to go well for you and will keep your cousin in prayer!|8 October 2003|Be4YQo|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|3:01:44 pm| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex! Oh my gosh, I have not signed your guestbook in so long! Probably not since right after the last update. I have not gotten around to many sites lately, so that is what I'm doing tonight. Tell your mom thanks for the update. It's great to know you all are doing so well. I was very sad to hear about Noah, and his family remains in my prayers, along with you and all the other children and families.

Random Acts of Kindness
|8 October 2003|1oMAgE|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|5:45:01 pm| Lisa Hamm||http://|Madera, California|
Hi everyone hope you are all doing well. I am sorry to hear about Taylor and Noah. My thoughts and love and prayers are with all of you. I am glad Alex had fun with her grandma.
|8 October 2003|HEXYjU|monster7.gif|emoti24.gif|9:05:00 pm| Mrs. Valorie||http://|Dallas, Texas|Hey there everyone! So sorry to hear about Charisse, she will be ok though, I just know it. Glad the kids are well, tell Alex that I think she did a great makeover on her Gran, never looked more beautiful! We are going to have another BOY granchild! DJ will have a brother to torment. Kara is weaning off of the Zofran IV and hoping she won't have to go back to it ever again.
Our love to you all, or y'all as they say here!|9 October 2003|3xuWuV|dgb66.gif|emoti25.gif|1:04:27 pm| Debi Blacklidge||http://|Southern Calfornia|center>
Random Acts of Kindness

Alex, what a beautiful little girl you are! You're a little blessing from Heaven sent to teach us how to be kinder and more loving to one another...just like your mom. I will stop in regularly and see how you and your family are doing. Blessings to you all!
and HOS

|10 October 2003|twAjuz|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|08:51:57 am| Rose||http://|Brazil|Hi Alex - you and your little brother look great at the pictures. Your smile melts everybody´s hearts. Keep it on your face most of the time and make your family and fans HAPPY too.
Many kisses and hugs.|10 October 2003|LUviZA|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|09:16:02 am| Jennifer Mangum||http://|Newport News, VA|I don't have a website, as I don't know how to build one, but my daughter was diagnosed with ALL in June. Luckily she is doing beautifully, and should be done with chemo by the time she's 3. She's 10 mos now.

Just wanted to let you know you aren't alone, and I'm sorry to hear about your friends' children. CHKD isn't telling when we lose someone. That's against HIPPA (whatever!)

Congrats on your daughter doing so well! That's always a great feeling. :)|16 October 2003|TdoWE6|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|9:16:29 pm| aLiCaT|mailto:|http://||look out! sending lots of hugs ur (your) way! catch 'em all! God bless u.|18 October 2003|drU3E5|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|11:44:14 am| Khalita C Jones||||Signing in to let you know you're loved and I'm praying for you. Blessings. |19 October 2003|Vuqixe|dgb64.gif|emoti25.gif|10:51:39 am| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, Wa|Hi everyone! I just wanted to stop in and say hello, I've been thinking about you. I hope that everyone is doing great and Alex's tests are all coming up perfectly normal!!! Keeping you all in my prayers and I'll look forward to your next update.|19 October 2003|1Mi2yR|monster5.gif|emoti12.gif|5:12:50 pm| Dora the Explorer||http://|Durham, NC|Hi Alex and Nick! I was just thinking about you both on this gloomy Durham day. I sure do miss you both a lot. I wish I could come over and play. Alex, we could draw and play with stickers and watch movies. And Nick, well, I am sure you have a whole new barrage of tricks to show me. I hope, hope, hope that I get to see you while you are in California for Christmas. (I heard Santa is super generous in California!) I will be home from December 12th to January 4th - four weeks - YAY! (My Mommy is very excited too!) We need to pray extra hard for Madi and send her lots of kisses and hugs. I love you guys! Dora|27 October 2003|rUsYrA|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|1:38:54 pm| Dora the Explorer||http://|Durham, NC|Hi Alex and Nick, Grandma sent me some pictures of you guys last night - I was SO happy to get them! Alex, you looked absolutely adorable at the pumpkin patch. The pictures of Nick were great too! (He is definitely a little GQ mini-Todd! ) What did you dress up as for Halloweeen? I tried to be Sunshine the Care Bear but my sewing wasn't very good so I couldn't wear my costume. I stayed home and handed out candy to lots of little creatures - a pumpkin, a cheerleader, cinderella, dorthy, some monsters, and a power ranger, among others! I miss you very much! Grandma assured me that I will get to see you over Christmas. Hip Hip Hooray! Love you guys! XOXO Dora|3 November 2003|NdoqUx|blank.gif|emoti13.gif|8:05:09 pm| Tracy and Katia|||Tampa, Florida|It has been so long since I signed. I am so glad that you are doing so well!!! That just made my night go so much better. I was very sad to hear about Noah as I followed his story for quite some time. Alex, I am very proud of you and your family for all of the awareness you have brought to childhood cancer. Our daughter Katia relapsed with AML in her CNS on August 26 this year and is now in for transplant. We are trying to find her a match as she has a BIG ethnic background. She will need to have surgery on her lungs this coming Monday to remove one of her lobes in her left lung and then hopefully be able to have transplant in the next few weeks and get new Bone Marrow. I know you know all about this. You are a beautiful girl with a beautiful family. God bless each of you:) Love, Tracy|7 November 2003|L6iMyS|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|8:44:55 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex! I hope you are still feeling well and having fun playing with your toys and friends. I miss you lots sweetie and hope that I can see you soon. Tell your mom and dad that I would love an update to know what's happening and how much candy you got for Halloween.|8 November 2003|2xePYm|blank.gif|emoti12.gif|9:08:11 pm| Jessica||http://||Hi Alex and Nick I am happy to see an update. I have been waiting a long time for an update. I am going to email you guys the password to get into my site. I love you both very much. Love & Hugs, Jessica
P.S. I promise to visit more.
|10 November 2003|wy5yta|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|10:31:37 am| Dora Jane||http://|Dur-HAM|Hi! Yay for updates!!!!! And for Little Bo Peep! Just thought I would say hi again! I miss you. I will get to see you in about a month. Start thinking of fun games for us to play. Love you! Dora|10 November 2003|1hupoX|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:09:38 pm| Laura|||Florida|Thanks for the update. I know it is hard to update sometimes. The kids look great especially Alex. I am glad she is doing so well. God Bless!|11 November 2003|MEdAwE|monster1.gif|emoti25.gif|06:50:20 am| Jessica||http://||
Good morning Alex and Nicholas. How are you guys doing? I am doing good. I am happy you had a nice halloween and I love your little bo beep and sheep/dog costume Alex. I was a baby for halloween. I had tweety pajama's, tweety slippers, and a bottle. Are you ready for Santa to come? I sure am! I bet you allready sent your list to him huh? I did not do that yet but I will soon. I love you. I will talk to you tomorrow. Same time same place your web site!
Love & Hugs, Jessica|11 November 2003|1tiNop|monster3.gif|emoti1.gif|09:47:44 am| Chris Ullrich|,||Nebraska|
Hi Alex and Family.
I have checked your website several times but have not signed for a while.
I am so happy to hear you and your brother are doing well!!!
We are getting ready to go to California to see Isabella and William...OK Steve and Ceyonne too. Grand Babies are so awsome as I am sure your Grandparents know. We have been getting alot of cold and snow so it will be a nice change as well.
Take care and I will check back later.
God Bless and know our Prayers are with you always!!!

Isabella's Grammy Chris|11 November 2003|PHuZiM|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|10:33:38 am| Kathy Martinson||http://||Thank you for the update...sad news over the deaths of your special little people, who have shared illness with Alex. But thank you for the sweet pictures you shared of Alex & Nick.

I'll always treasure our trip back from Wash.DC with all of you, and hope if there has to be another one, that I'm lucky enough to travel with all of you. The pilots, John & Don, and I often talk about all of you and what you brought to our lives. May God continue to bless Alex with health and blessings to all of you.
Kathy from Boeing!|12 November 2003|4hE8o4|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:39:34 pm| jan Dixon||http://|Syracuse IN.|hello, i ahve been checking out your site every since my 12 year old was diagnosed in june. Her name is haley and she was also diagnosed with AML. Just wanted you to know she has finished her treatment as of yesterday. She is going back to school on friday and she will be going to her first 6th grade dance. We are very lucky and she is a very special child. anyways we just wanted to let you know there is lots of love in our hearts for alex and we will be praying for all the children we have met and alex. We hope you will never lose faith and believe it will all work out.
good luck to you!!
jan|12 November 2003|mganUm|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:35:23 pm| Alicia Foley||http://|Tucson, Arizona|Hi Alex! You made the most beautiful Little Bo Peep for Halloween. I'm sorry for the loss of your friends. Keep the faith, sweetie. My family and I are all praying for you and your family every day. Thanks to your mom and dad for sending out the updates. Love, Ali|13 November 2003|vaSe3y|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|09:34:24 am| Marian and Mike Mitchem||||Thanks for the kind words regarding Madi and our entire family. We feel the same about you guys and love you so much. We can't wait to see you in December!!!

Hugs to all of you from all of us!

The Mitchem Family
|13 November 2003|GsotAx|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|8:12:01 pm| Larissa Brewton|||Frisco, TX.|I am so happy to hear that Alex is doing well. It always gives me hope to hear a success story. I know Alex is still a work in progress, but she is a tough cookie. I am so sorry to hear about her transplant friends that have lost their battles. My heart truly aches for their families. It is hard to believe that Nov. 26 will be 2 years since we lost Taylor. I just pray for a cure, so no more children will suffer and no more parents will mourn their babies.
God bless and give Alex a big hug and a kiss for me! She is an inspiration. You all are.
Larissa|14 November 2003|GoNYji|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|6:55:49 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi my beautiful girl,
Mommy says your full of beans and she's getting tired trying to keep up with you! I can hardly wait to come and see you...only 8 more days and Popop is coming too!
I'm glad to hear you like your teacher and your doing your homework without too much complaining.
Give Nicholas a big kiss for me.
Love you bunches!|17 November 2003|vUZULi|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|12:20:50 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, Wa|Hi everyone! I just had to stop by and say thanks for the great chat last night Andrea. It was wonderful to get caught up with you guys and I'm looking forward to seeing all of you soon.

Alex make sure you remind mommy to help you with your homework so you don't have to do the morning cram sessions ;o) I'm so happy that you like your teacher.

Love ya all!|17 November 2003|xWY5iX|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|2:55:47 pm| Rebecca Campo||http://|Diablo, California|Hi Alex and family, I check your website often and am very happy to hear you are doing better. I miss you all and pray for you all. |18 November 2003|jvireM|blank.gif|emoti12.gif|10:22:39 pm| Rose CB||http://|Brazil|Extremelly happy to know everything is alright with your beautiful girl and brother.
May the angels provide you all a GREAT CHRISTMAS this year.

Many kisses.|21 November 2003|XbySUq|dgb63.gif|emoti2.gif|05:33:53 am| Ann McCleary|||Illinois|Alex's and family,My heart and thoughts go out to you. Each day I to am so thankful that our only child,(well not a child he's 24,but our baby)Was diagnose with AML last July. He went into remission after the first treatment,but due to other complications was in the hospital for a total of three months from July -December.He has been in remission for 15 months.
I'm sooooo happy to see that you are doing well,but sad that others were not as fortunate. My thoughts go out to them also.

|21 November 2003|npYgup|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|08:01:17 am| TRACY AND KATIA|mailto:TMSOL87@AOL.COM|HTTP://CARINGBRIDGE.ORG/FL/KATIA_LEUKEMIAPAGE||

|22 November 2003|vVYXyT|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:06:32 pm| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex!I'm sorry I have not signed in a long time. I promise not to wait so long anymore! Wow, it has been five years since your diagnosis. You have really been blessed, and I pray you stay cancer free forever! I'm praying for Madi's family too.

Random Acts of Kindness
|22 November 2003|gYHaGa|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|6:58:48 pm| Jenifer|mailto:|http://|Wash.Twp., NJ|Just wanted you to know that I emailed my senator...thankfully they were two of them that were applauded for their vote, but I wanted to ensure they knew that I strongly agree with that vote.
Thank you for raising awareness of such issues so that we can do something to try and protect ourselves and our children. |25 November 2003|Ry6U1o|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:00:42 pm| Laura, Ken, Nathan & ^^Angel Jillian^^ |||Florida|Just stopping by to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving!|26 November 2003|qqyLoG|monster7.gif|emoti10.gif|07:54:22 am| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hello to the Alex and family! I hope that you are all doing great and had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa. Only a few more weeks to Christmas, I bet Alex is getting excited for Santa's visit. You guys take care and I'll talk with you soon. Love ya all!|29 November 2003|7dumAv|dgb64.gif|emoti25.gif|3:21:52 pm| Maria W.||http://|NJ|Hello Alex and family,
Just stopped by to say hello. Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. Take care and I will check in again soon.
|30 November 2003|NBuLUW|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|0:44:47 pm| crystal monique hernandez||http://|oxnard,ca| Hey Alex sorry I have not written to you in a while but i'm busy with school and work but just now that i am always thinking of you and always looking at my e-mails to checkout your update. well i hope your doing good and i hope to here from you soon and tell your grandpa Mr.Mainbourg I said hello ok bi bi.

love Crystal|0 December 2003|Gesa6i|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|7:59:40 pm| Khalita C Jones||||It's about time you guys updated this thing!! Ok, ok so I haven't checked in for a few weeks either. But, my point is that I'm delighted to see your update. I love you guys and am continuing to keep you in my prayers. Blessings!|1 December 2003|BLULyb|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|10:45:30 am| Eileen|mailto:||IL|Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday filled with Joy, Peace and Love and may you be surrounded by the ones you love the most. Thinking of you at this time and wishing you all the best!
Sincerely, Eileen

P.S. - you and everyone in the guestbook are welcome to come by and visit my page! Thanks.|8 December 2003|goHUZi|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|11:59:57 pm| Colleen Smith|mailto:none|http://|Minnesota|Sorry that this has to happen to someone so little!! She is a very beautiful girl and I am so sorry to hear!!|9 December 2003|vuni3U|dgb61.gif|emoti9.gif|06:48:38 am| Chris Ullrich - Bella's Grammy Chris|||NE|
I gently wrap warm thoughts of you
in my christmas prayers
For Heaven to smile on you
For Angels to watch over you
and the love of Jesus to fill your heart
Have A Merry Christmas
God Bless You And Your Family This Holiday

Have a Marry Christmas and a Blessed New Year
|11 December 2003|VYbuLA|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|4:29:48 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi my precious girl!
we got a special surprise in the mail today....a beautiful picture you made just for us. I've already put it on the refrigerator.
What are you going to do to celebrate Nicholas's first birthday? He'll love it when you sing to him. You are the best big sister.
We can hardly wait to see you in just 11 days.
Love you and miss you.
Grandma|11 December 2003|ZodANi|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|8:16:17 pm| BPL & family||http://|Cleveland, OH|Just wanted to wish little Nicholas a very happy First birthday.

I hope you have a great day! |12 December 2003|xy8ebe|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:22:22 pm| Rebekah Wrye|mailto:mommy2niknethan@hotmail.lcom||PA|Have a fabulous First Birthday, Nicholas!
((((hugs)))) to you & your big sister!

-Rebekah (March 2003 PG)|13 December 2003|VPu1AN|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|05:00:00 am| Jessica Wade||http://|Georgia|Happy Brithday Nick!!!

(March 03 message board)

p.s. We had some other birthday wishes posted on the board.

|13 December 2003|GqyByp|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|08:04:51 am| Dorothy Budden||http://|Newfoundland|Wow Nick is 1 already ..Happy Birthday... Love reading your updates All your Pics are so nice ..Glad both of your are doing good ..Have A Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year ... Praying for you always In Newfoundland |14 December 2003|QuqAhu|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|08:27:34 am| Laura Baeza||http://|Coral Springs, Florida|

Happy Birthday to Nick!!!!! Our second child Madison will be one in January. Our children are close in age, so I feel a connection in that aspect. Hope you enjoy your visit with your family..have a happy holiday and a safe trip! Laura Baeza :)|14 December 2003|JYQuBo|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|10:38:54 am| Larissa Brewton|||Frisco, TX.|Happy Birthday Nick! What a year. I pray for sweet Alex everyday, but will be praying extra hard for good test results. I know it is so hard not knowing and always having that dread in the back of your mind. She has been such a survivor and beat the odds. Think positive, she is such a sweetheart. I wish i could meet her and hug her neck. God Bless you all and I wish you a Merry Christmas.
Larissa|14 December 2003|Jtexyq|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|7:10:57 pm| Grandma||http://||What a day this has been Saddam has been captured and they're celebrating with rifle fire in Baghdad! I logged on to your page and found out we'll be having our own party at Grandma's house! You're Mommy is the best with surprises for Grandma. I know she's going to do all the cooking and wash all the dishes and I will have a serious talk with her. You're going to have great fun at another birthday for Nicholas.... Christmas...Disneyland...and we'll see Dora and the Mitchems.
Love you sooooo much.|14 December 2003|PPiZEq|blank.gif|emoti7.gif|8:26:46 pm| Amanda||http://||HAPPY BIRTHDAY NICK! How does it feel to be 1 year old? You are a miracle baby!

Random Acts of Kindness
Hi,Alex! I'm praying very much for good test results. I believe you have beaten cancer, and you are a surivor!|15 December 2003|qyPe5e|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|7:07:33 pm| jessica||http://|NJ|Hello. I found your site awhile ago through ivilliage. I marvel at your strength. Your children are beautiful. I am hoping that Alex's CBC comes back nice and normal and that you can enjoy your holiday trip :). |16 December 2003|LuWUju|blank.gif|emoti10.gif|4:25:04 pm| Nancy Ramsey|||Colorado|Hey guys, hope things are well. Would like to send a christmas card but don't have an address. Please advise. to e-mail or call. We miss you.
Love, Nancy|17 December 2003|WEsE1a|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|3:41:12 pm| Elaine||http://|Folsom, CA|Hi there. I learned about Alex through several years ago, and have eagerly awaited each update since then. She is such a special girl, and you are such a special family. I've been praying for an excellent result on the blood test. Wishing you the happiest of holidays.|18 December 2003|heseQy|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|0:23:29 pm| ceyonne ledesma|||ventura, ca|Hi guys, great to see that alex looking so wonderful!!! Regarding her CBC, Bella's CBC did that 7 months after transplant and that is when her kidneys started getting worse. At first we thought is was a relapse, but after testing, and an aspiration it proved that it was not cancer..Thank God!! Unfortunately, her kidneys are not working after all of the therapy, so they stopped producing a hormone that tells the marrow to make more RBC. So she is on epogen. Hopefully, everthing works out for you all. They say, even an infection can drop counts in BMT patients. We are thinking of you all!!

Love, Ledesma Family|19 December 2003|BAhADY|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:34:07 pm| Jim, Kim, Loren, Patrick and Patricia McClelland|||Benton, Louisiana|Alex is in our prayers and we rejoice at Nick's first birthday. Smash the cake good, Nick!!

Have a blessed Christmas.


The McClellands|20 December 2003|VqyPUz|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|7:56:16 pm| Robert Gaimaro||http://|Los Angeles California|

Hello litle Angel. I hope everything goes well for you with your test next week. I am studying to become a Physician Assistant at Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto California. I will be doing extensive elective rotations through the Hematology Oncology Department. My focus when I finish P.A school is to volunteer time in treating children with Leukemia.

you hang in there litle angel. Scientist are working day and night to fight Leukemia.

Meanwhile, you have a great Christmas with your loved ones,and I hope santa Claus brings you many gifts.

You are in my prayers everyday.

Robert |20 December 2003|P6abE5|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:05:40 pm| Taylor Moore||http://||Hi Alex:
I can't wait to see you and your brother. I was looking at the pictures and I can't believe how fast your hair grows back. What do you want for Christmas? I want clothes, CD's, games and many other things. I'll see you on Tuesday.


Taylor|21 December 2003|2Y2u2E|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|3:28:44 pm| vikki ||||

Love everyone at Post Pals|22 December 2003|vyJeBy|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:09:32 pm| Chris Ullrich|||Nebraska|Dearest Alex Please know we hold you in our Prayers!!!

How far is Grandma from Ventura?
Chris Ullrich - Bella's Grammy|23 December 2003|6aTaZo|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:11:41 pm| chris||||Just wanted to drop by real quick and wish you all a great holiday and a Healthy and Happy 2004!
I am so sorry to hear about her fever and will be praying this is not what you guys most fear it is |24 December 2003|XeHYQY|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:16:34 am| Amanda||http://||, Alex & Nick! I wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas. You are in my thoughts & prayers always! |25 December 2003|hxuRax|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|8:10:37 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA |MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! I just had to stop by and say hello and wish you all a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. My Christmas wish is for Alex's complete healing. I'll keep praying for that to happen every day. I love you guys and I hope you are having a wonderful visit with your family. I hope to see you all soon.|25 December 2003|Du6UPo|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:59:00 pm| Amanda||http://||Hi, again Alex & Nick! I'm sorry about the graphics on my last entry. I didn't know they wouldn't show up!

Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness
|26 December 2003|doMeTy|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|09:59:35 am| Emma Haapaniemi||http://|Helsinki, Finland|Hi! I´m a relative of 6-year old girl with ALL... Keep fighting! We'll pray for you =)|27 December 2003|WdAWer|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|0:52:37 pm| Eileen||http://www.caringbridge/il/ej|IL|Hello All: Hope you had a wonderful holiday and I am praying the results were good. Prayers are with you. God bless, Eileen|28 December 2003|vyjuja|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|11:48:53 am| Anita Moore|||Sikeston, MO|I hope you enjoyed your holidays. I pray that all the test results give some answers. |29 December 2003|boniGo|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|0:30:20 pm| Laurie Randel|||Austin, TX|Came here through Katia's site. What a terrifying ordeal you all have been through! You are in our thoughts and prayers and we want to wish you a Happy & HEALTHY New Year!|31 December 2003|vjEtiV|blank.gif|emoti16.gif|09:26:43 am| Judy Crawford||http://||I just wanted to stop by and send you an angel. May your New Year be filled with love, joy, laughter, hope and bountiful blessings and miracles.

May God bless you. You are in my heart and prayers.

With love and hugs,

My Web Site: Catch An Angel
|31 December 2003|SaNeto|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:22:35 am| Laura, Ken, Nathan & ^^Angel Jillian^^||||Just stopping by to wish you all a happy and healthy new year!|2 January 2004|ma8aPA|monster7.gif|emoti10.gif|06:59:35 am| Khalita C Jones||||Happy Birthday little one. And Alex, I hope you're feeling better sweetheart. Happy New Year! I'll keep checking in on you guys for new news!|2 January 2004|Jsy6ap|dgb63.gif|emoti6.gif|2:00:49 pm| sandra|||temple city, ca|Wishing you a happy and healthy new year!!!

|2 January 2004|HUSeBa|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|6:21:52 pm| Stephanie|||Oregon|You are one amazing family with 2 miracle children! My daughter RachelJoy was adopted, but weighed 1lb. 6 oz. at birth, the first day of the 24th week of gestation, so I know something of the road you have been down with your son. Alex is the only child I know who has survived so many relapses. May 2004 be a banner year of healing, and fun adventures for your family.|2 January 2004|1NAHoJ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:45:41 pm| jessica||http://|NJ|Yippee for your great update. I hope that you all have a healthy, happy, fabulous fun 2004! I found your site through another at Caringbridge. No relapses in 2004 or 2005 or EVER You go Alex! I really admire you guys keep up the good work!|3 January 2004|Hy6oby|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|7:14:40 pm| Kelly Richards||http://|Woodinville|Hi Alex, Nick, Andrea and Todd:

Happy New Year!!! Tim and I wish you'all a year of good health and good news all year through! Even though we don't see you much anymore...we still think about you a lot and keep you in our thoughts and prayers. Keep hanging in there.

love, Kelly and Tim Richards (Gracie, Juno and Punkin too)
our new additions to our family this past year. :) xxx ooo|3 January 2004|rbaLeW|monster4.gif|emoti1.gif|7:33:24 pm| Carol Gentry||http://|Carthage, Tennessee (60 miles NE of Nashville)|Alex,

Great to hear all the good news. Maybe 2004 will be the turn-around year.
Keep smiling and remember that you and your family are always in our hearts and prayers.

Carol Gentry|3 January 2004|G7o8i2|monster3.gif|emoti6.gif|11:31:46 pm| S. Venkata Raman||http://|Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India|Have faith and keep the good work going.
|4 January 2004|8AnYdi|blank.gif|emoti11.gif|01:31:57 am| Larissa Brewton|||Texas|What a great gift to see the pictures of Alex and you all at Disney Land. I am so thankful that she is feeling well and able to enjoy life and have so much fun. That is how it should be! What a blessing. Her precious smile always brings a tear to my eyes. I will continue to lift her up in my prayers. May she be blessed with a long, happy, healthy life. Thanks for sharing your precious memories!
Larissa|4 January 2004|hNaLuD|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|5:20:37 pm| Kathy Haws||http://|California|Hi Alex,
Just dropping in to wish you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy your special day!
The Disneyland pictures are great. I'm glad you had so much fun!|7 January 2004|H8uGU2|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|5:34:39 pm| Rose ||http://|Brazil|I am SOOOOOOOO happy with the news and the pictures !!!!!!!!! I hope you have a wonderful 2004, full of peace and health and no more worries - only good surprises.
You deserve only the best, Alex.

Lots of kisses from Brazil. |8 January 2004|P5aJYm|monster4.gif|emoti1.gif|03:43:58 am| Roxane Gill|||Texas|I just wanted to let you know that your family is in my prayers. My little Angel's name is Alex and he was born after my water broke at 26 weeks. He did great until he died of SIDS at 2 months and 4 days. Best wishes to you and your family and may God bless each and every one of you|8 January 2004|DHy6e1|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|3:09:20 pm| Donna Graham||http://|Bolingbrook, Illinois|HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX!!!!! Spenser, Seth, Donna & Joe send you great big birthday hugs!!!

Hope your day is fabulous and warmer than it is here in Chicago!

Hugs and kisses!!!!|10 January 2004|MgUZuN|dgb66.gif|emoti6.gif|06:21:46 am| Patty- Mom to Joey|||Long Island NY|

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy your day!!!
|10 January 2004|j1aSip|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|07:18:11 am| Jeremy & Matthew Squires|mailto:|http://|Canada|Hi beautiful Alex....Happy Birthday !!
6 years old can that possibly be...and your look like you are such an awesome big sister tooWe are sure that you are having the very best of birthdays sweetie !! Mush some cake in your Mummy's face for us...Ok? and kiss that adorable little brother for us to....our Mommy knew he was going to be a boy, even before he lived in her belly...she's a funny person sometimes. And hug Daddy & Mommy for us too. Love you always, Jeremy & Matthew & our Mom & Dad|10 January 2004|phi8ah|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|4:09:23 pm| Christopher and his Mommy and Daddy (chrissesmom)|mailto:|http://|St. Augustine, Florida|*i*i*i* HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SWEET ALEX!!! *i*i*i* We hope you are enjoying your best birthday yet! We can't believe we celebrated your birthday with you at Disney World 3 years ago!! Wow!! Have some cake and ice cream for us. And remember, we're always with you in spirit, sweetheart!|10 January 2004|sgejUQ|monster5.gif|emoti12.gif|5:05:37 pm| Stacey||http://||Happy Birthday Alex!!! I hope you have enjoyed your special day! I love seeing all the pictures of you & your little brother here on your site. |10 January 2004|dYzuqi|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|5:13:33 pm| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! How does it feel to be six? I love the new pictures on your site! I'm praying for you!

Random Acts of Kindness
|10 January 2004|8YzoJE|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|5:45:13 pm| Shannon|||Haverhill, Mass|Ahem.....................


~*~*~*I hope you enjoyed your day the best you could. Hoping your day was filled with happiness, love, fun and lots of CAKE!*~*~*~

Sending lots and lots of BIG hugs and MUCH love your way!!!

|10 January 2004|Za1Yby|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|7:43:43 pm| Leigh Ann Icard ||h|Hickory< NC |Hi, I found your web site today while looking
for coupons. Hope things are going well for everyone. My Fire Dept. Org. Holds a Blood Drive
twice a year. The next one I'm going to see if
we can call it "The Drive For Alex". Good Luck And God Bless! From Hickory, NC|11 January 2004|TAto5A|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|07:08:56 am| genna andrada||http://|ripon, california|my sister had leukemia when she was 11 years old and now is in remission. i 17 years old and going to college and doing a report on leukemia. while on the internet exploring i seen the cutest little picture of a girl on the bottom of my screen. i had to pause and read. it got to me so much that i have decided to put it in my report and let everyone know that reads it that you are taking donations. i am sorry i am not able to help but i give my thoughts out to your daughter and hope everything goes well. |12 January 2004|sarAti|monster1.gif|emoti10.gif|4:17:53 pm| The Moore Family||http://|Anaheim, CA|Hi Alex!

We are so sorry that we are sending belated birthday wishes! We still love you just the same. What did you do for your 6th birthday? Did you have some yummy cake and ice cream? We hope you had lots of fun! We really miss you and your little brother and can't wait until you come back down to see us. Well, I have to go now. We hope this was your happiest birthday yet!


The Moore's|16 January 2004|4yDaLo|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|10:13:35 am| Laura Lisseth Garnica||http://|Fillmore California| Hey,
Alex i hope you had a great time in disney land i hope your test came out ok i read your history and let me tell you that you are a very brave little girl. And i hope you come out of this.Remember be a good sister .And always belive in yourself you are a wonderful little girl take care|22 January 2004|NeberU|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|5:13:10 pm| Maria Mendoza|mailto:|http://|Piru|Hey
I hop you had a great Birthday with all you'r family and friends!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY|23 January 2004|GaQErA|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:18:03 am| Janet||http://|Virginia|Sorry I missed your birthday Princess Alex. Hope all is going well (since the website hasn't been updated in weeks - hint hint). Give big hugs to your brother and mommy and daddy. Tell them I'm thinking about you all.
|25 January 2004|ZYDaRo|monster7.gif|emoti28.gif|5:55:00 pm| Lauryn|||abilene|Hey Alex! I have no clue who you are, but this is a really cool guestbook! My friend Justo says hi! And so does Mark! We dont know you but thats cool! aDiOs~ ~Lauryn~ Go Eula!|5 February 2004|5MetaJ|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|11:35:58 am| Grandma||http://||Hi Princess,
It was wonderful to spend a few days with you. I love you and miss you bunches. Popop and I are going to come up and see you next weekend. Now you can ask Mommy every day "how much longer will it be?"...Just like everyone wants to know "How much longer will it be till Mommy updates this site!"..Oh oh Grandma's going to be in trouble for this post.
See you soon
Love and kisses|7 February 2004|1UsENo|blank.gif|emoti21.gif|9:17:32 pm| aLiCat|mailto:|http://|| can we have an update, please? sorry i haven't signed ur guestbook soooo long! u r a QT!!

~alicat|8 February 2004|wYWyqA|monster1.gif|emoti24.gif|0:38:24 pm| Leslie Truelove|||Alabama|
I hope all is well i enjoy reading the updates and im so happy alex is doing good
my prayers are with yall
Leslie|8 February 2004|wZa3a1|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|6:23:09 pm| Peggy Fulton||http://|Davenport|Andrea, Todd, Alex, & Nick

Looks like things are going well. Glad you were able to have a great holiday! You all deserve it. Our prayers are with you and we think of you often.

Love Peggy & Jeremiah
|11 February 2004|LEveJy|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|07:47:08 am| Bill & Reatha Schlegel||http://|Midwest City, OK|Just caught the message from Grandma. Thought I might say HI! Were fine here and was also wondering about an update(?) Hope everything is going well. We enjoy the pics and messages as the little ones grow so fast. Lori's Will started Kindergarten last fall. Her little one Lena is already four. Tell everyone hi for us.
Love ya!|11 February 2004|dejU3y|monster1.gif|emoti16.gif|2:59:34 pm| Jo ||http://|Indiana|Can we please have a update?|12 February 2004|nUvibu|monster7.gif|emoti24.gif|0:35:47 pm| Pam @ Dr. Sanford's office||http://|Tacoma Wash|< Hi Alex and family! We think of you often and every now and again someone asks "Hey how is the Martini family doing" I hope all is well!

Stop in sometime and show us your baby brother!

Love, Pam|12 February 2004|5EmU7Y|monster1.gif|emoti1.gif|9:47:02 pm| Elle|mailto:Gorgeousel@aol.come|||

Happy Valentines Day, From Everyone at Post Pals|14 February 2004|DAzuby|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|11:54:13 am| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex! I hope that you are feeling great!!! Tell mommy that I'm sorry I haven't called her yet, but will call real soon I promise I miss you guys a lot and hope to see you soon. Say Hi to dad and Nick for me too. Love ya sweetie!|15 February 2004|R2upYN|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|10:25:50 pm| Khalita||||Well, praise God for no relapse. I am thinking of and praying for you guys. I just wanted to leave you a little note to let you know. Blessings!|18 February 2004|6rijE6|monster4.gif|emoti24.gif|1:34:33 pm| Mary|mailto:Kaplan|http://|DC|Could we please have an update, it's been a VERY long time since we've had one. Lots of people would like to know how Alex is doing.|18 February 2004|jeqadA|blank.gif|emoti24.gif|3:59:39 pm| Bethany Vinton|||Riverton, Wyoming|Hello Miss Alex,

I was just checking out websites from Miss Katia's site and found yours somewhere along the line!! :) You are one tough little gal and I admire your strength and courage! Keep fighting sweetie! You are an awesome girl! *warm hugS* and much love :)|22 February 2004|4igAPA|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|01:36:37 am| carol gentry||http://|Tennessee|
Alex, Great to hear from your family. Glad the holidays were great for you all, as was ours.
Very happy that you are continuing to do well. I will continue to pray for you and your family.Keep smiling and continue with the positive outlook. Tell Nick hi for me. Love and Kisses, Carol
|22 February 2004|hapubo|monster3.gif|emoti6.gif|10:53:57 pm| Dora the Explorer||http://|Durham, NC but two weeks Columbia, MO :-(|Hooray for updates Mommy! Thanks! I just thought I would say hi and procrastinate some studying. Hopefully I will see you next week. Your hair is simply adorable, and Nick, I guess I will have to dye my hair blonde so that I can still be his favorite girlfriend! Love, love, love and MORE love! I talk about you all of the time with the Bates' I show pics to the nurses sometimes . XOXOXOXOXOXOXO |23 February 2004|8onAGu|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|04:05:10 am| Teresa||http://|Blue Ridge| Hi, I am thrilled to hear everything is going so wonderfully. I always worry when it is so long between updates, but always assume no news is excellent news. You are always in my thought and prayers. Congratulations on your 10th anniversary mom and dad. That in itself is something special these days. Enjoy many, many, more. |23 February 2004|x4oNYD|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|10:32:29 am| Virginia Cooper (nee Nordman)||http://|Millville NJ|Greetings from South Jersey!! You were missed at the 20th reunion at SRHS. I've been following the updates on Alex and you all are in my prayers. My parents are currently living in the Raleigh/Durham area as are all my brothers. I am hoping I can connect with you guys when you go in April. Please know if you need anything, my mom and dad are right there. Please call or email and let me know the details and again, if there is anything you might need, please let me know. My number is 856-327-0780 and my email is Take care!

Gin Cooper (Nordman)|23 February 2004|Wudimi|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:00:18 am| Laura, Ken, Nathan & ^^Angel Jillian^^|||Naples, Florida|Glad Alex is doing so well and I hope she gets to go to school soon. Happy belated anniversary. Our 10th wedding anniversary was also February 19th. I never thought in ten years we would be where we are now but I wouldn't trade it for anything and I would do it over and over again. Thanks for the update. Take care and God Bless. |24 February 2004|6maziW|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|11:14:14 am| Lyndsey||http://|Tacoma|Hello!! My name is Lyndsey! Or should I say Red? Its me the bird from Red Robin! How are you guys? I would just like to say that I adore both Alex and Nick! They are so funny! I honestly can say the every Tuesday i look forward to seeing you guys! No kidding, one tuesday when you guys werent there i almost went home early!! all the kids were scared of me! I would love to talk to you guys, but im not allowed to through the mask! so I always talk to you through Becky, hopefully, we can talk again soon! till Tuesday....
Lyndsey|28 February 2004|7DEHeb|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:14:41 pm| Allison||http://||HI guys! What a wonderful page to read! The kids are so amazing we can't wait to see you at the Rainbow Walk this year. Good Luck to you in DC. We are all so proud of you. Allison|1 March 2004|rA6o3U|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|8:23:40 pm| Laura Lisseth Garnica||http://|Fillmore CAlifornia|Hey Alex i am so glad we got an update I dont even know you but you already became my rolemodel I written in your book before like i told you before your a wonderful little girl I could have never gone through wht you did i admire you a lot and your great when you come back from washington please write I look forward to hearing good news i will be praying for you I will lite a candel for you|2 March 2004|nemozi|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|5:37:51 pm| LaKota's mom,debbie||||Hello,
Sending lot's of prayer's your way.+++++++++++++++++++++
Thank you so much for your prayer's for LaKota, They mean so much to us.
Thank you for your friendship.
God be with you.
Love,LaKota and her mom,Debbie
"When it hurts to look back and your scared to look ahead you can look beside you and your friend's will be there."

|2 March 2004|6eTUwi|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:14:38 pm| Rose||http://|Brazil|Soooooo happy with the news... Wonderful pictures. Alex looks great - her smile says everything !!!!!
May you all have only GOOD SURPRISES in life from now on. You deserve the BEST.|3 March 2004|MMudiv|dgb63.gif|emoti2.gif|05:47:17 am| Lindsay||http://||hello alex..i am 10 now and i was diagnosed with AML just now. dont know alot about it and im glad ot hear that ur recovering..hopefully i will do the same|8 March 2004|WLUziB|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|4:17:48 pm| Crystal Monique Hernandez||http://|oxnard ca|Hey Alex how are you doing,I hope your feeling a lot better. Well I just want to wish you the best and your family too ok, tell your grandfather Mr.Mainbourg I said hi he was and will always be my favorite teacher.

|12 March 2004|BuSiMo|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|11:00:29 pm| Stephanie Hanson||http://||I just wanted to write and say hello and let you ALL know how much I enjoyed meeting you on the plane and having the opportunity to talk and see what wonderful people you are. You touched my day and I thank you.

Keep in touch and let me know how everything is going.

Best regards,

Your Flight Attendant

Stephanie|13 March 2004|NmuweJ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|8:21:15 pm| LaKota's and her mom,debbie||||Hello Stopping by to let you know that you are in our thought's and prayer's.
Sending lot's of prayer's your way.++++++++++++++++++++++++
It's was snowing here.....UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank Goodness
the sun is out now......................"YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love,LaKota and her mom,Debbie.
Have a wonderful day.
God be with you.
|18 March 2004|wZUvUG|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|07:56:02 am| Grandma||http://||Hi my precious girl!! I miss you so much and can hardly wait to get on that plane to see you. This time we're bringing Popop, Auntie Wendy and Charisse!
We need to have a talk with Mommy about updating your site. So many great things have happened for you in the last month and I'm sure everyone is anxious to hear how you are doing. Oh oh....Mommy is going to give me a bad time for this!
You have a big celebration day coming on April 1st., a one year transplant anniversary. You're blessed with the best Mommy and Daddy who've loved, protected and cared for you so well on this journey and the finest medical team ever.
Love you bunches and will see you soon!
|23 March 2004|XE1UWy|blank.gif|emoti4.gif|06:59:54 am| LaKota's and her mom,debbie|||h|Stopping by to say Hello, and sending lot's of prayer's your way. +++++++++++++++++++++
Have a beautiful Thursday.
Love,LaKota and her mom,Debbie

God be with you.

"Have faith in God," Jesus answered. "I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, 'Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."
- Mark,11:22-24
|24 March 2004|ro3AZu|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:30:35 pm| Ciara A. Willis||http://|Indiana|Hey how's it going? Hope everythings ok.

Right now I am working on my project. It's on leukemia. I was wondering if you could give me Alex's story on her fight against leukemia. If you could that would be just great.

Much Love,

!~* CC *~!|29 March 2004|33ABi3|monster1.gif|emoti24.gif|10:37:56 am| Khalita||||Hey, hey,'s one of my favorite families in the entire universe? Please know that I'm thinking of and praying for you. I miss you guys. I hope getting Alex enrolled at school isn't too terribly hard on you. I'm sure that you're FILLED with mixed emotions on that one. Blessings and know you're loved!|31 March 2004|PTaXy6|monster1.gif|emoti12.gif|1:58:43 pm| Janet Arsenault|mailto:|http://||WOOHOOOO Alex!!! Tell Mommy and Daddy we expect pictures within 24 hours of you going to school!!! We are so proud of you!!!|1 April 2004|NmEZUV|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|04:16:34 am| Barry Lyn Buchmann||http://|Pinehurst, Idaho|I was extremely happy to read the update on all of you this morning. Every day I look for an update. Going to school huh, I just know that you will be the hit of the class.|1 April 2004|DbyVUv|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|07:23:11 am| Marian, Mike and Mikey|||Riverside, CA|Hi Alex and fam!

We were just looking at your web site last night...hoping for some new pictures, but content just to look at the old ones again. Tell your mommy, "Good job with the update!" The new pictures are really cute! You and Baby Nick are sure adorable!

We miss all of you so much and hope everything works out to see you in NC soon. We're flying back on April 28th.

Lots of love and hugs!

The Mitchem Family

|1 April 2004|XjezEw|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|07:56:17 am| Natalie Mitchell||http://|Concord, California|Hi Alex, Todd, Andrea and Nick!
Am so glad to get your update. It's always nice to hear about all of your adventures and that all four of you are doing so well!
I just LOVE the pictures! Especially Alex's...she will always have a special place in my heart and still is the prettiest baby I've ever seen! (No kidding, and you know how many I see each day!)
Take care and keep those updates coming!
Natalie|1 April 2004|miri1Y|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|09:52:48 am| Justin Salo |mailto:|http://|Riverside Cali|hey good job on going to school for the first time hope ya had fun your grandpa talk a lot about you in his classes. you seem very strong so keep fighting!!! |1 April 2004|G1oVED|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|10:17:18 am| Laura Bailey||http://|Pennsylvania|Hi Alex (and family!),
I often read your site for updates but have never signed before so I figured it was about time I did!. Happy transplant birthday!! and have a great time in "real" school today. I am so glad you are doing so much better..there are lots of people (like me) that you don't even know praying for you! hugs and prayers
Laura (Jay, Evan and Greg too)|1 April 2004|NE1aza|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|11:53:52 am| Virginia Saifer||http://|San Francisco|Hi Alex,

It is great to see you are going to school. I’m very excited for you. I hope you have a great first day. All of us at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society are very excited to see you healthy and happy.

P.S. Do you still have your cycle bunny?

|1 April 2004|zviHY4|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|2:22:27 pm| missy cally||http://|riverside| hey alex how was your first day of school. hope u had fun. well say hi to your grandpa mr.Meinburg for me well bye.
|1 April 2004|LZASu4|dgb63.gif|emoti13.gif|2:46:08 pm| Lisa|mailto:Hamm|http://|California|
I am glad Alex is able to go back to school and is doing well. Stay healthy|1 April 2004|nYWine|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|3:29:11 pm| Roberta Pace||http://|Riverside, CA|Alex,
I teach school with your Grandpa and he told me today was your first day of school. I hope you had a great first day and that you and your family get to celebrate.
Know that there are lots of us at RHS who are praying for you and know that God is doing great things in your life. Stay healthy and learn lots.|1 April 2004|7EMAxU|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|4:04:37 pm| Christine Russo||||I am so happy to see the news that things are going well for you all. I know you guys have been through so so much and been tested to beyond your limits, and am thrilled to see you reaping the rewards of 2 beautiful healthy kids. Congrats on the one year post transplant milestone today. The first year of many, many more to come....

XOXOXO,|1 April 2004|vaJERi|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|7:20:12 pm| aaron larsen||http://|riverside rubidoux|wats up alex ur grandpa talks about you all the time i just wanted to tell you i hope ur doin better see ya later|1 April 2004|6maZiN|monster4.gif|emoti10.gif|8:50:42 pm| JAVIER AGUILAR|mailto:|http://|RIVERSIDE|COGRATS ALEX


JAVIER AGUILAR|1 April 2004|BhetuM|monster1.gif|emoti8.gif|9:35:13 pm| Carol Gentry||http://|Tennessee|Alex, I am so happy for you!!!!!Get out there girl and go for it. Life is just waiting for you to join it. Keep the faith and the beautiful smile turned on. Also, take care of your beautiful little brother. Your Mama and Daddy sure do have two adorable kids!!!! I will be thinking of all of you and will keep you in my prayers. Love and kisses, Carol|1 April 2004|zduBy6|dgb66.gif|emoti6.gif|10:29:09 pm| Dianne MacMillan||http://|Anaheim|
Yea Alex! We are so happy that you are in big school and not just the "little room." Have fun and learn lots. Love, the MacMillans |1 April 2004|ryWiSa|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|10:49:30 pm| Lauren Izzo||http://|Rubidoux |Hey Alex Congratulations on starting school. Hope you have fun.

Much Love Lauren|2 April 2004|b2onoq|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|06:44:46 am| Laurie Pusateri||http://|New Windsor, MD|Hi Alex,
I am so happy to hear you are going back to school. That is great!!!!!|2 April 2004|42EDaQ|dgb64.gif|emoti2.gif|07:33:20 am| Uncle Les and Aunt Kay||http://|California|Hi Alex! WOW! What good news! I bet you were really excited to get to go to school with all your new friends. That good news made us very happy! We pray for you and Nick and Mommy and Daddy every morning. Love you bunches, Uncle Les and Aunt Kay|2 April 2004|8TobAX|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|09:55:04 am| Larissa|||Texas|Alex,
Happy "Birthday"!! What a wonderful anniversary to celebrate!! I am sooo proud of you. Your strength and spirit continue to amaze me. I wish i could meet you and hug your neck. You are so precious. I am sooo thrilled that you are getting to go back to school with all your friends. That will be wonderful, and you deserve it. Here is to lots more good news and wonderful celebrations.
God Bless,
Larissa Brewton|2 April 2004|7e7Y6y|monster4.gif|emoti6.gif|11:52:10 am| Sally Moore & family||http://|Anaheim Hills, CA|Hi Alex!

We were so excited to get the latest update. We can't wait to hear about all your school stories now. We know you will do great. You will have so many new friends. We know they will feel just as blessed as we do to have you in their lives. The girls were jumping up and down when they read the update. Allison said "Wow, mom, God answered our prayers again." We are also glad that everyone else in the family is doing well. We hope you come down to see us soon. We flew into Seattle in early March, but flew right back out to Montana. The girls were looking out the plane windows trying to figure out where you live. Well, we have to go. Take care all of you and Congratulations!

Sally, Warren, Taylor & Allison|2 April 2004|vZUduh|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|1:45:14 pm| valerie lopez||http://|rubidoux,ca|hey alex.hope you had a super day yesterday in school finally out of that small room. your grandpa always has u on his mind. He told us about your pictures in school and how happy you looked. take care and keep fighting!
your friend, val|2 April 2004|HAhyQe|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|4:38:53 pm| LaKota's and her mom,debbie||||Hello Sunshine,
Sending lot's of prayer's your way. +++++++++++++++++++++
Have a beautiful weekend!!!!!!!
Love LaKota and her mom, Debbie
God Be With You My Friend.
~*~ LaKota's Page ~*~

Don't forget to be kind to strangers. For some who have done this have entertained angels without realizing it.
--Hebrews 13:2

|2 April 2004|mgYgyZ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:35:07 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi my Princess,
Grandma and Grampa are so very worried about you. Stay strong little one and show everyone what a true fighter you are!
Love you bunches.|2 April 2004|dWA6eZ|blank.gif|emoti11.gif|6:41:52 pm| Allison Richard Koko||http://|LA|

Praise the Lord!!! Alex in school, it brings tears to my eyes. I remember Koko's first day at school and it was so exciting and frightening at the same time. I was one of "those" parents that hid in the bushes and peeked in the windows to watch her at school.

We look forward to seeing you in Durham at the Rainbow Walk.

Way to go Alex!!!! Love, the Sutter's|2 April 2004|pdeNyb|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:23:54 pm| Gina Colby||http://|CA|I am praying that Alex has not relapsed. Your family has been through so much for so long, this really just doesn't seem fair. Please keep us posted. Our prayers are with you.
|3 April 2004|5U1ime|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|07:30:18 am| Auntie Wendy||http://|Orange, CA|I love you Bubba! Uncle Grape, Charisse and I are all hoping you get better right away!!! Charisse can hardly wait to play with you again. Love you oodles and bunches!!!

Auntie Wendy|3 April 2004|seZety|blank.gif|emoti28.gif|07:49:33 am| Donna Graham||http://|Bolingbrook, Illinois|Hey, Alex! Spenser and Seth send super huge hugs for you....hope you're feeling better real quick! Give Mom a big hug for me, too!!!
|3 April 2004|xjesi3|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|08:23:07 am| Dagny|mailto:|http://|Georgia|Alex, I am sending you lots of love and thoughts of health. I am praying this is not a relapse! Take care, and get back to school...I am waiting for that post soon!|3 April 2004|nvu4Yn|blank.gif|emoti3.gif|09:14:24 am| Nancy Ramsey|||Erie, Co|So sorry to hear you are having troubles, we know the feeling! I hope to hear good reports soon and this is just a blip on the screen. We miss you guys and hope to see you at Duke.

Love, Nancy, Sam, Coop, Kenzie and Nolie|3 April 2004|WNAwu8|blank.gif|emoti7.gif|09:27:34 am| Beba Knezevic|mailto:knikola@eunet.yu|http://|Novi Sad Serbia|WE pray for you and love you and care for all you go trough|3 April 2004|ZuMUhe|dgb63.gif|emoti2.gif|11:15:25 am| Eryn Westmoreland|mailto:Froglover31089|http://|Rubidoux, Riverside, California|Alex, Congrats on your first day at school...
hope you have as much fun with your teacher as I do mine (your grandpa Bob)He is also my track coach. Mr. Mainburg is awsome..and loves you very much. Keep up the fight. and me and my family will keep praying for you.

Eryn (the weasel)|3 April 2004|DYrETA|monster3.gif|emoti25.gif|1:08:37 pm| BPL|mailto:|http://|Northeast Ohio|I was excited when mommy told me you were going to regular school. Then mommy told me you got sick again. I hope you are feeling better soon and get out of the stinky hospital. Take care, rest & get better soon!
|3 April 2004|QxAVeN|blank.gif|emoti11.gif|1:46:08 pm| Amanda||http://||Hi, Alex! I'm praying that you haven't relapsed. I hope you feel better soon, so you can get out of the hospital. I hope you have a very happy Easter too!|3 April 2004|1oviDy|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|2:17:06 pm| Lisa Post||http://|South Windsor, CT|Oh my, I was so happy to read how well Alex and Nick are doing and the wonderful trip pictures, and then to read tonight's report just doesn't seem to add up. I will say a special prayer for Alex tonight that everything will be just fine and her seizure activity is not related to any type of relapse. P.S. Sorry I haven't signed the guestbook in such a loooong time. God Bless!|3 April 2004|ptUSiW|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:33:11 pm| michelle ulloa|mailto:|http://||I WRITE TO YOU IN ONLY KIND WORDS. I WISH THE BEST FOR LITTLE ALEX AND FAMILY. IM GLAD THAT ALEX HAD A WONDERFUL FIRST DAY IN SCHOOL. I CAN SAY THAT I ALREADY KNOW ALEX BY HOW MUCH YOUR WONDERFUL GRANDFATHER TALKS ABOUT YOU. WELL TAKE CARE AND YOULL BE IN MY THOUGHTS WHEN I PRAY. AND GOD BLESS

|3 April 2004|maHovy|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|10:59:30 pm| Kathleen Theriault||http://|Toronto, Ontario, Canada|Hi Alex! I hope you are feeling lots better and that you are having fun in 'real' Kindergarten!! Love from your Jan'98 friend, Drake! |4 April 2004|GY1eGA|monster7.gif|emoti25.gif|08:39:46 am| Debbie and Greg Prichard (angel baby Noah's parent||http://|Honolulu, Hawaii|Aloha Alex,
We were so sorry to learn that you had to go to the hospital and are hoping that you are now feeling much better. We will continue to keep you in our thoughts and prayers little one. God bless you,
Debbie and Greg|4 April 2004|boTY5o|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|10:23:07 am| Sandra (audreysmommy)|mailto:|http://|Texas|Hi Alex! I am so sorry to hear that you were in the hospital recently and wanted to send you some get well soon wishes. I hope you keep improving and are back to yourself very soon.

From the looks of things you had a super 1st day of school! I hope to hear more good updates about you and your little brother very soon.

Love, Audrey (and Mom) from the Jan98 group|4 April 2004|RQEqoJ|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|3:20:16 pm| BPL|mailto:|http://|Northeast Ohio|Hooray!!!! You are out of the hospital!!! That is terrific news!!! Your first day of school looked like you had fun! Keep smilin'

|4 April 2004|DSy7ib|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|5:42:32 pm| Laura & Mark Andrade||http://|San Diego|Hi Alex, We're so glad that you are home again...and you got your Grandma to come up for a visit too...well done!
Your are always in our thoughts and prayers...your mom, dad, & brother too!
Love ya,
Mark & Laura|4 April 2004|TzA1Eg|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|8:14:57 pm| Nicki Green|||Sydney Australia|Dear Alex
We read your website all the time to check on how you are doing. Originally we learnt of you through the Jan 98 playgroup. So glad to hear that you are at school - hope you have fun!

love, Nicki, Lyndsey (6) & David (9)|5 April 2004|WYSAny|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|12:19:04 pm| Linette Burnette|||VA|Dear Martinis:
Just hoping you'll send encouragement and prayers for the family of Austin Price. They just found out that his older brother Cole now has ALL. They are at a hospital in Asheville, NC. Website is: Glad to hear Alex is much better. Take good care!
Linette & Tom
|5 April 2004|rETUTY|monster1.gif|emoti5.gif|0:01:06 pm| Corinne, Dave, Amelia Roberts|mailto:|http://||Alex: We're sooo excited to see your classroom,it looks like a fun place. Do you have a favorite part of the day at school yet? We're glad you are feeling good.
|5 April 2004|Dbe7E7|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:21:55 pm| Sally Moore||http://|Anaheim Hills, CA|I am so glad you are okay again. You keep everyone on their toes. It looks like you had a fun 1st day of school. Your classroom is so colorful and cheerful. It looks like you will have many new friends too. I really hope you had a great time. I know you will be a super student! Please tell your grandmas I said "hello". I never know where they are anymore. Tell her I miss her and hope she is okay. Tell the rest of your family I said "hello" too. Well, gotta go back to work. I just returned from Taylor's softball game. They tied 1-1. It was a really great game. Goodnight for now!

Sally|6 April 2004|pzyHub|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|6:29:26 pm| Chris Tubig|mailto:|http://|Tacoma, WA|Hello Ms. Alex,
If you couldn't tell from my picture, this is Chris from Chevy's. I was just on here for my first time. I just want to say that you are an awesome person, and Jamie and I were so happy to see you & your family on Thursday, you couldn't even imagine. It had been so long, we missed you and wondered where you were, so to see you made our month on a good start. I hope you are feeling better, and have that wonderful smile on your face that I see every time you come in.
(To Andrea & Todd: You guys have the strongest little girl, and I was shocked at what I first read, but I am glad everything is alright. I hope Alex is feeling better. It was really nice to see you guys, and I'm sure I will see you as soon as Alex is feeling OK.)
It was really nice talkin' to ya, but now I must depart. But I am sure that I will talk to you soon.

Sincerely - Your Friend,
Chris|6 April 2004|TDiTaD|dgb63.gif|emoti2.gif|7:01:10 pm| Jamie Lynn Wills||http://|Tacoma, WA|

Good Afternoon Alex and family.
I just wanted to tell you Alex that you are a very special girl and you have a special (BIG) part of my heart. Everytime I see you, you make my heart all warm and fuzzy inside. When i saw you last week (thank you for coming in!!) you brought tears to my eyes sweetie, you are so strong and your smile is the BEST. I hope you are feeling better girl, and when the time is right i would really love to have you over. I hope all is well and your family is doing great. Time for me to get to work, have a great day and I am sure we will see you soon. God Bless Your Family!!!!
With much love,
|7 April 2004|1DoBup|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|09:42:24 am| hannah peggs||http://|riverside|hey alex my name is hannah and im in ur grandpas english class i hope u feel better and get well so0o you can go back to school!! and meet new friends!! well get well soon |7 April 2004|HXibYB|monster7.gif|emoti28.gif|3:35:09 pm| LaKota's and her mom,debbie||||Stopping in to say Hello !!!!!!!!!
Happy Easter to you and your family.

We have been gone for a few day's, sorry about not getting back sooner and signing the guest book.
Sending lot's of prayer's your way. +++++++++++++++++
Love, LaKota and her mom, Debbie
~*~ LaKota~*~
God be with you.

Then your light shall break forth like the dawn, and healing shall spring up quickly.
Isaiah 58:8

|7 April 2004|Deryro|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:26:27 pm| Jodi Green||http://|Roselle Park, New Jersey|Martinis,

I'm so glad to hear the good news about the lumbar puncture. I've been waiting for an update, practically holding my breath. Keep up the good work, Alex!!!!!


Jodi|8 April 2004|zMagam|monster5.gif|emoti8.gif|11:18:16 am| Lisa Post||http://||Yeah! So glad to read the good news! Happy Easter indeed!!!|8 April 2004|QduPAm|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|6:19:40 pm| Kat||||Happy Easter Love Everyone at Post Pals

|10 April 2004|JRuRAG|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:20:05 pm| E. Bunny||http://|Bunnyland, USA|Alex and Nicholas,

I hope you had a very "hoppy" Easter!

E. Bunny|11 April 2004|WojALU|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|10:13:43 pm| LaKota's and her mom,debbie||||Hello Beautiful Friend's,
Sending lot's of prayer's your way. ++++++++++++
LaKota will go in April 19th for the 5 day's of testing before the transplant, then April 27th she will have the transplant. "Please pray that this will be the miracle LaKota need's on Earth for a long Healthy Life on Earth. "THANK YOU.
Love,LaKota, and her mom,Debbie
God Bless you my friend's.
~*~ LaKota's Page ~*~

The Lord him self goes before you and will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid, do not be discouraged."
Deuteronomy 31:8

|14 April 2004|Hziba8|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|07:14:30 am| Rose||http://|Brasil|Thank God, Alex is alright. It must have been horrible moments for you all.
Hope the family virus has gone for good and you had a great Easter.
Lots of kisses.|15 April 2004|dgodeP|monster4.gif|emoti16.gif|09:29:55 am| Kathy Haws|||T.O., CA.|I was checking in to see how everyone is doing. Glad to hear the great news and hope Alex gets to go back to school real soon.|17 April 2004|W1UHes|monster3.gif|emoti6.gif|4:55:25 pm| Chris Ullrich|||Nebraska|Hi Alex
I am glad you are feeling better.
I love all your photos and the updates on your website. I also tell Isabella's Momma and Papa update, update, update. Us Grammy's stick together when it comes to photos and updates. I was thinking...maybe everyone could put on a little video cam so it can come to our computer, just for the grammy's, this way we would go to our computers and see you when we wanted...we might not get anything done all day, but we would have the biggest grins on our faces.

Our Prayers are with you always!!!!
Much love
Isabella's Grammy Chris|18 April 2004|SVY2un|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|07:20:15 am| Samantha Moore||http://|Riverside|Hi Alex!!
My name is Samantha. I'm in your grandpa's class. I love hearing stories about you, and about how great you are doing. We are praying for you!!

*Samantha|20 April 2004|bowEze|monster4.gif|emoti1.gif|5:11:09 pm| Dr. James H. (Jimmy) Kiersky||http://|Atlanta|My heart, my thoughts and my prayers are with you all. I was just diagnosed with AML myself and am completing Day Six of the first bout of the chemotherapy regimen. Love to you all.

-Jimmy|20 April 2004|ZQEbob|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:11:00 pm| aLiCat|mailto:|http://||hey alex! i haven't signed on for so long. i'm sorry!! hope all is well at school! by the way, just in case u were wondering i'm in 6th grade in VA. i hope u have fun at school and have fun! dad, ur doing gr8 w/ the updates!!!

sry i'm obsessed with that sign!|23 April 2004|3xEQo4|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|4:51:21 pm| KAYLA RILEY||http://|Adelaide, Australia|Hi Alex! This is my first time writing to you. I am 5 also and had a Cord blood Transplant on 26/02/04. I am in my 2nd Remission with AML M4/5. I hope I can start school next year. I'm glad you're going back to school now. Have fun. Bye for now.
Kayla|1 May 2004|8epebi|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|06:42:24 am| Chris Ullrich - Bella's Grammy|||Nebraska|Mothers Day Prayer

I Pray for you that on this special Mothers day,
God fills your heart in a truley beautiful way.
And may, He in His reach from heaven above,
Flow the wonderful family spirit, of His love.
I pray He grant, truley sweet and Angelic care,
That you may know, He is, always there.
I pray within God's great vast Love for you
In life, daily onward, In all that you may do,
You feel His love, His strength, His peace,
This Mothers Day blesses a spiritual release.

Have a Blessed Mothers Day
|6 May 2004|sUqoQY|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|08:50:38 am| Laura, Ken, Nathan & ^Angel Jillian^||||Just stopping by to wish you a happy Mother's Day!|9 May 2004|Dy8oPi|monster1.gif|emoti24.gif|3:38:20 pm| LaKota's mom,Debbie||||Stopping by let you know that you are in our thought's.
Sending lot's of prayers your way.+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
God be with you my friend's.
Love LaKota and her mom, Debbie

|24 May 2004|drasA6|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:49:07 pm| Laura garnica||http://|Fillmore california|Hey alex I am glad to know you over came your though times .LIke i said before you are a brave little girl.Keep on trying i hope you are doing okay in school anyways happy memorial day|31 May 2004|6JUvUn|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|08:59:25 am| Grandma|mailto:smaimbourg@sbcglobal|http://||Hi Sweet Pea,
I love you and miss you. I'm so happy you love school and are doing so well. I can't wait to see how you look with your 2 front teeth missing. Please tell your friend Michael hello for me. You didn't waste any time finding a little boyfriend!
Tell Mommy to stop planting her garden and start updating your website okay????|7 June 2004|8ixE2e|blank.gif|emoti3.gif|8:15:22 pm| Nancy Tucker||http://|Iowa|Hi Alex. Hope you are having a great day...
Thanks Grandma for the "mini update" |8 June 2004|Hvone4|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:22:21 pm| Laura Andrade||http://|San Diego, CA|Hi Alex (and everyone),
I'm just checking up on you. I'll assume, "no news, is good news" and that you are doing well. Just wanted you to know that you and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers.
Love ya!
Laura & Mark |9 June 2004|HsUhin|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:20:25 pm| Nancy Tucker||http://|Iowa|Andrea----THANK YOU for the update!!!! Your children are cute as always..
Alex-have fun at horse camp... Take care and stay strong|11 June 2004|QwU1em|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:34:49 pm| Marie Hamilton||http://|Oak Harbor WA|Hi Alex, Just hope you have a wonderful time at horse camp. My Great Granddaughter is going to horse camp this year again,she has been there many times,not the same one you are going to,but still horse camp. She is 10 years old and lives with me and her PopPop,Her name is Morgan,and she is in the 5th grade come September. Hope you have lots of fun this summer,and I'll be checking in on you again, Love you, Marie|12 June 2004|RaRegU|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|02:32:50 am| Laura, Corey and Christopher Gollon|mailto:|http://|Palm Coast, FL|Hey Alex! We're sooo happy to hear you're doing great! Have fun at horse camp, sweetie!

Andrea, thanks so much for the wonderful update. You have great knitting talent and should have no problem selling your beautiful creations. We're thrilled that you'll have family moving closer to you guys. It means the world, we know.

Todd and Andrea, your children are beautiful and we keep you all in our prayers always...Laura, Corey and Christopher Gollon (Jan98 PG)|12 June 2004|H1U6u5|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:01:39 am| Kelly and Tim Richards||http://|Woodinville, WA|Hi Alex, Nick, Andrea & Todd,

So good to hear things are going well! Murphy and his law can go jump in the lake for good. Alex Horse camp sounds like so much fun. We live by many stables here in "horse" country (Woodinville),so I will think of you every time I go by the horses on our walks with our dogs. We think about you all often and understand that no news is probably good news when the web site goes for periods of time without being updated. You all sound deleriously happy and that makes all of us that think about you and pray for you really happy too!!! :) Have a wonderful summer and good to hear about your family finally making the move to our neck of the woods. They won't regret it.


Kelly and Tim|12 June 2004|bihAVU|monster7.gif|emoti8.gif|07:20:27 am| Laura A||http://|Vista, CA|Thanks for an awesome update! I'm so glad things are going well...and your family moving up is good!
Love ya all,
Laura & Mark|12 June 2004|tArE5A|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|10:02:54 am| Ceyonne Ledesma|||ventura|Hi guys,

We are so glad everything is going well. We just got back from our first vacation in 3 years!! I was going to ask you a question about her medicines and how they wean her off of them at Duke.

How did they get her down on her anti rejection medicines? Every other day wean? Slow every day wean?

Just curious, Thanks!

Ceyonne|12 June 2004|peziZY|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|6:35:27 pm| BJ||http://|MA|I have been following your family for a long time, I am SO happy Alex is doing so well!
I, too, relax by doing beads, if you don't mind me asking, which coupon is for a bead site?
Thank you!
You are all in my prayers!
BJ|12 June 2004|J4ozeN|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|7:03:11 pm| LaKota's mom,Debbie|||ST.CLOUD MN|Stopping by to let you to know that we are thinking of you.
Love LaKota , Debbie & Steve
God be with you!!!!!!!!
~*~ LaKota~*~

|13 June 2004|rSiLib|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|1:36:10 pm| Rhonda Joubert||http://|Bakersfield, CA|Life is good, because GOD IS GOOD all the time and all the time GOD IS GOOD!! Wishing you continued blessings from the Lord!!|14 June 2004|RGEqEZ|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|09:32:21 am| Kathy Martinson||http://|Seattle, WA|Hi Andrea, Todd, Alex and Nicholas!!

So great to hear from you again and know that you are leading a "normal" life!! I loved seeing the pictures...what a pleasure it was to fly you last year. The children look just fantastic!!!

I'm hoping you'll again find a Corporate Angel flight for this summer and that it'll be me who gets to take you!! (Our Seattle EFO group is being closed on Aug. 20th. So if we want jobs we have to move to Chicago area. I'm not going!)

My daughter's baby (first grandchild) is due retirement will be a blessing.

Thanks for keeping in touch...Andrea - your knitted dress is just darling!

My best to all of you and hug the kids for me!
Kathy|14 June 2004|ryVahy|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|09:51:57 am| Grandma||http://|California|Hi Sweet Pea,
It was soooo good to spend time with you and get lots of your wonderful hugs and kisses. I just got home and miss you already!
Hope you had fun celebrating Daddy's birthday.
See you again soon.|14 June 2004|TBEVEX|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|8:51:07 pm| Roselane Gomes||http://|Brasil|

I am deeply happy with the good news about Alex, and the rest of the family !!!! From now on, everything will stay on the right track and you can have a long long long long life together, enjoying all the wonderful things that life offers.
Many kisses and hugs from Brasil. You deserve all this happiness and more. |16 June 2004|BgEZAV|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|05:14:01 am| Ed||http://||glad to hear that alex is doing so good, but as i was looking through your picture page, I wonder who is Lindsey?|20 June 2004|wDyrYG|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|3:39:59 pm| Chris Ullrich - Bella's Grammy|||Nebraska|
Hi Andrea, Tod, Alex, Nick...Glad to hear everything is Going great! ! !
Isabella and the whole crew finaly got to come to Nebraska, after almost 3 1/2 years (to Grammy's house.) It was GREAT!!!
Have fun on your Vacation, and know you are in our Prayers.

BIG HUGS|23 June 2004|4ojoxo|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|07:27:22 am| Melissa Miramontes|||Azusa, Ca|Hi Andrea, Alex and the gang.. I am so happy to read that you all are doing great. I think the last time I seen you Andrea was in Rainbow day clinic. I was waiting with Manny in the waiting room. I think you all were already almost about to head home home. I can't believe it's been that long. I am so happy for all of you. Alex looks so beautiiful with all of her hair. Stephen and I weren't able to head back to Duke for the walk. But, I don't think we were ready to go back there anyway. Well I hope your family continues to stay happy and healthy. With all of our love.

Melissa, Stephen, Samantha, Stevie & our Angel Manny|24 June 2004|tzAdiz|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|0:24:15 pm| Allison|mailto:|http://||Wow! It was great to hear you all so happy and healthy! God Bless you! Allison, Richard & Koko|24 June 2004|wqe8Uw|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:34:07 pm| Chris Ullrich - Bella's Grammy|||Nebraska|HI ALEX AND FAMILY

HAVE A G-R-E-A-T 4TH OF JULY!!! |4 July 2004|S8urUd|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|07:16:00 am| Andrea J. Mitre (Alex's wife)||http://|Woodridge, ILl|Marian and Mike,

I am Andrea, Alex's wife (General Employment). I talked to you once or twice on the phone. Can you please email me separate to I have something to tell you and don't want it posted.


Andrea J. Mitre
630-852-2050|6 July 2004|3o3YnU|blank.gif|emoti5.gif|07:39:27 am| Joel Ruderman||http://|Maryland|Andrea, Told & Alex,

I recently read your webpage and was ecstatic to hear that Alex had been in remission for 14 months.

Our son Hunter was at Duke back in July 2000 and received a transplant that has saved his life. We remember you and your family very fondly and hope that Alex will continue to remain cancer free for many, many decades.

Good luck.

Joel|7 July 2004|3HotEH|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:36:21 am| LaKota, and her mom Debbie||||Stopping by to let you know that your in our thoughts and prayers.
Sending lots of prayers your way. +++++++++++++++++++++++++
Love LaKota and her mom,Debbie
God be with you!!!!!!!!!!
~*~ LaKota~*~
|10 July 2004|Rogu7E|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|2:48:59 pm| Jamie, Julia & Chris||http://|Tacoma|

Good evening, well today was a fabulous day!!!! We all wanted to say thank you. Today we had a chance to spend time with Alex and the family. Alex you are an insperation and I am happy to see you smile. Thank you Andrea and Todd for taking us to the zoo, we enjoyed every minute of it. Julia had a wounderful time and asked if we could hang out again. Best wishes to you all. Oh one more thing, Alex you bring a LAARRGGEE SMILE to my face everytime i see you. THANK YOU! Have a wounderful day! Until next time, God Bless!
Much Love,
Jamie, Julia & Chris

|11 July 2004|xLUBuq|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|7:09:17 pm| Laura & Mark||http://|Vista, CA|Hi Alex & family,
I've been thinking of you, hoping that you are having a really good summer!
Stay healthy!
Love ya!|15 July 2004|nzAdYp|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|10:07:25 am| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA |It was WONDERFUL to see you guys this afternoon. Thanks so much for calling to see if I was home. I wish you hadn'd moved so far south. I'd love to see you more often! It's been far too long!!!

I just had to write tonight and give Andrea a hard time, see I was right, it has been OVER 1 MONTH since you updated on here. It was wonderful to see how great Alex and Nick both look. I would never guess what either of the kids have been through in their lifetimes if I didn't know. They act just like any other kid their age. You definately have your hands full, but what a joy it must be to have both of them to run after every day.

Let's talk soon so I can schedule a play date to come down and see you again.

Love you guys,
|18 July 2004|QuzYna|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|5:19:32 pm| Poppy |||Milton Keynes, England| Thinking of you lots, love from Poppy and everybody at postpals. xxxxxx |20 July 2004|6vy1e6|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|0:43:37 pm| Laura & Mark||http://|Vista, CA|Hi everyone,
Just wanted you to know that we are thinking of you & hoping you are having a wonderful & healthy summer.
Love ya!
|29 July 2004|MhYTed|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|11:01:47 am| Michelle|mailto:|http://|Birth Center- TG|Todd and Andrea- I am so glad to see that all of you are doing well. I was one of the birth center nurses that had the pleasure of taking care of you while you were recovering from your c-section, and I enjoy looking at updates of the kids every now and then. God bless you all!|1 August 2004|mbiGaJ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|05:02:47 am| Misty Schiffner|||Charlotte, NC|Hey Guys! I just stumbled across your website and I am amazed at all you went through during the birth of your son! I am the very proud mama of a 28 weeker who weighed 1 lb. 6 oz. and it was enough stress dealing with her birth and having a healthy 2 yr. old at home, and also no complications from my c-section! I am in awe at you guys and your continuous up-beat attitude through it all! I will keep checking in on your wonderful family and also keep Miss Alex in my daily thoughts and prayers! Keep it up guys, ya'll are amazing!!!! |1 August 2004|zYsu1U|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|7:19:34 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi Princess!
It was sooo much fun spending time with you at camp. You've had a busy fun summer. It's great to see you running and playing day and night. You've got way too much energy for us to keep up with you.
I hope you have a great time in summer school and meet lots of new friends.
Maybe Mommy will have a few free minutes to update your site now...LOTS of people have been asking how you're doing!
Love you so much!|1 August 2004|xbU3YS|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|8:19:54 pm| Mindi Chouinard||http://|Tacoma|Hi Alex, Andera, Todd & Nick! Just wanted to pop in and say hi. I hope you all had a SUPER time at Camp Agape. It was such a joy to be with you this past week and share your beautiful Alex and my buddy Nick. I'll be popping in periodically to see how things are. Take care. Wishing you God's continued blessings for health, happiness and joy!

Nurse Mindi|1 August 2004|rADibU|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|10:05:07 pm| Peggy Fulton||http://|Davenport, IA|Andrea & Todd

It was great to read all the good news on Alex's website. We think of you often and missed you in April. Maybe next year.

We will continue to pray for Alex's progress and the goodness to remain in your lives. You all deserve it!!

All our Love
Peggy & Jeremiah|5 August 2004|NeWiDY|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|08:39:09 am| Randi ||http://|Brady|hey heard your doing great and still praying for you |5 August 2004|sdugur|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|0:02:07 pm| Linda Tim Jeremy & Matthew|mailto:|http://|near 1 lake or another :-)|Hi guys!

How are you? No news is ALWAYS good news...but someone has to grind Andrea into an update... hehe
Popping in to say hi to y'all!

Linda & Crew

PS Extra hi to Alex...J & M say "HI!" My dad too to all of you :-)|8 August 2004|JMemiZ|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|8:42:59 pm| aLiCaT|mailto:|http://||hey alex how've u been!! it's been about 2 months since an update!!!
wOw! i'll be praying hard u stay energetic and HAPPY|10 August 2004|7WyNA1|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|08:41:24 am| Corinne ||http://|Walnut Creek, CA |Hello Martini gang. Just thinking of you, Alex (I think of your brother and folks sometimes, too [grin]), and wondering how your summer is going. You are always in our thoughts - you beautiful thing, you.
So.Have you learned any silly hand games at school yet? Have your mom show you. Amelia loves hand games and they were one of the highlights of kindergarten.
Just popping in to say Hi from HOT Walnut Creek. Help your mom write an update on your site (no pressure, Andrea)!!
Ciao Bella.
Corinne, Dave & Amelia|10 August 2004|6JEdum|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|2:20:17 pm| Laura & Mark||http://|Vista, CA|HI Everyone,
We're assuming that you are all well & enjoying a fun-packed summer. Just wanted you to know that we're thinking of you & you're always in our prayers.
Love ya,
Laura & Mark
PS Andrea, the update doesn't have to be long & extensive...just a few words & pictures. Of course, long & extensive is better, but after 2 months (dig), we'll take any news! We join the "no-pressure" (ha, ha) gang.|11 August 2004|qryXUQ|dgb66.gif|emoti16.gif|11:18:35 am| Natalie Zavareei|||Bethesda, MD|Hi, my name is Natalie. I just spent the last 2 hours reading most of your journal entries. I was truely touched by the strength that you and your husband posess to fight so hard for your daughter. My daughter, Hayden, was resently diagnosed with AML-M4. Hayden is 6 years old. She is in her 23rd day of her first round of chemo. at Georgetown Univ. We are originally from NC and are thinking of going to Duke should we need a BMT. Hayden has 2 sisters, neither which are a match, and we were told Duke was the place to be. At this point we do not know if Hayden will need at BMT although her WBC was 216,000 when she was admitted and she has a normal carrier type (no inversion 14 or 11q23 inversions) Obviously you have much more experience than we do - any words of advise? Iwish you daughter the best - I know she deserves it. Please give her a hug for me!
Natalie Zavareei|14 August 2004|QiWYGe|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|6:57:27 pm| Grandma||http://||Hi SweetPea,
I've just been reading some of your guestbook posts....Looks like Grandma is not the only one complaining about updates! I know Mommy has lots of great pictures of you to share and lots of good if she could just sit down for a few hours and prepare a new post, we would all be happy.
Popop is coming to see you today...wish I could join him. I'll make sure he has a surprise for you in his suitcase.
I miss you bunches and will see you soon!
|15 August 2004|GLY2EX|blank.gif|emoti10.gif|11:49:16 pm| Debbie and Greg Prichard (angel baby Noah's parent||http://|Honolulu, Hawaii|
Aloha Martini family...thank you for sending us the update notice. We have been so busy, and living on this little isolated rock keeps us even further out of touch sometimes than we should be. We are so very touched by all of the photos...Alex is truly amazing!!! So beautiful...and her hair...long enough to braid! Awesome!! We truly hope that you continue to enjoy such a remarkable summer full of great happiness, love and memories to overshadow the unfortunate ones. What an amazing update. Blessings of peace to you all,

Debbie and Greg|16 August 2004|sehyha|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|04:07:26 am| Teresa Epton||http://|Duncan B.C|Hi their it is so good to hear from you and that Alex is doing good i am so happy to hear you all are having a good summer as for me i am working all summer fun huh |16 August 2004|Lade1e|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|05:07:49 am| Barbara J. Gray||http://|Houston, formerly San Francisco|Hello family,
I'm a former Leukemia Society TNT cyclist from San Francisco. I've been following you since you first came out to our team day; I believe it was the day you got news of her first remission. Our team raised funds & cycled in Alex's name. Much love & prayers,
Barb|16 August 2004|NGU1Uz|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|2:01:59 pm| Nancy Robertson||http://|Snohomish, WA|Hi Alexandra,

It was great to meet you and your Mom & brother today. Hope you enjoyed the flight!

Lance & Nancy|16 August 2004|rWYneP|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|9:26:28 pm| Mindi||http://|Tacoma|Hi Martini's
I loved the latest update an all the camp agape photos. I miss snuggling my Nick and watching Alex's energy. I'd love it if you post more camp ictures. Hey, don't make us wait so long for the next update. I want to know how Dr. K's visit with the miracle went!!!

Take acre and safe journey!

Mindi|17 August 2004|hYGiqA|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|8:05:04 pm| marlyn marshburn||http://|anaheim, california|it was a joyous morning, when ALEX and her famous grandmother came by for a visit. such a charmer, thank you, Marlyn|17 August 2004|PYVuHE|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:37:10 pm| Teresa King||http://|Mineral Bluff, Ga|Hi Alex, I am so thrilled to hear you are doing so well! It's hard to believe you have gotten so much bigger. In school already, no less. You will have a great time in school in learning. I will pray for you continued good health and in your learning in the coming year. School already started here believe it or not. They started on August 4th. My son is already wanting it to be next summer! I tell him not to rush time so much, he will be grown before I know it! I will tell you the same thing. Hope this is not to long. I will go for now. May God continue to bless you each and everyday. Teresa|18 August 2004|VyvYQU|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|1:06:29 pm| Corinne Dave & Amelia||http://|Walnut Creek, CA|

Phew! What a fun filled summer you have had (having). Thanks for the great update, Andrea.

What was your horse's name at camp, Alex?

We're thinking of you and will be Lighting the Night brightly for you in Walnut Creek. |23 August 2004|xPaSyZ|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|08:00:09 am| Shannon Proctor||http://|Des Moines, Wa.|I had a great time being Alex's buddy at a camp put on by University Presbyterian Church. We went swimming, made crafts, and did lots of scooping rocks into buckets!
I made the mistake of volunteering Andrea to go up on stage during one of the evening programs...oops! She got me back by making me go up on stage and having Alex crack an egg in a dixie cup I held in my mouth (Alex missed) and doing an eating contest with a Sunday Alex apparently made with her feet!
My prayers are with Todd and Andrea and their beautiful kids Alex and Nic!!!
Shannon|29 August 2004|XYwEDa|monster7.gif|emoti13.gif|1:42:40 pm| Linda, Pharmacist, Mary Bridge Home Infusion||http://|Tacoma|

We are thrilled with how your summer has gone.
Alex no longer needs our services !YEA FOR ALEX!

Wishing your entire family the best and brightest of futures,

Mary Bridge Infusion Specialty Services|1 September 2004|bAQUWY|dgb66.gif|emoti6.gif|11:56:21 am| Dan Glanville||http://|Seattle, WA|Thanks for the great times at camp side-by-side!|1 September 2004|hHE6es|monster5.gif|emoti8.gif|8:28:01 pm| J.H.||http://|St Louis|Hello I found this site off My daughter Ashley is 1 year and 4 months post treatment for AML. She was 3 months old when diagnosed. She's fought the brave fight and this amazing little girl will be celebrating her second birthday in a couple of weeks! It's great to hear stories of reminds you that the world is indeed a very small place. Thank you for your work in raising awareness of Children's cancer. My husband and I are hoping to start fundraisers as well to raise money and awareness in the St louis area. Good luck and bless your family!|3 September 2004|ZZi3Ab|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|09:49:57 am| Laura & Mark||http://|Vista, Ca|Hi Everyone,
We're so glad you made it down to So. CA after all! So, how was the checkup with Dr. K.? We're assuming that all is well, but would love a little one-liner announcement to confirm this.
(Andrea, apparently I've broken the ice on becoming a nag, got rewarded last time with a personal update, and now I have no reservations...just what you wanted in a friend!

Just thinking of you & sending good wishes your way...
Love ya,
Laura & Mark|4 September 2004|BQApaQ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|07:42:17 am| gazalle mohageri ||http://||I miss getting up in the morning to throw napkins at you guys. The Lord blessed me many times through you at camp. Thanks for making me smile so much!|7 September 2004|tYzUqa|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|09:05:48 am| Grandma||http://||Hi Princess,
Mommy says you're already making excuses to stay home from school...It sounds just like her when she was little!
I miss you sooo much. I'm going to have to save some money for a plane ticket again!
Did you have fun with Shannon? Well Mommy has lots of new pictures from camp that she can post soon we all hope!
Love you!|7 September 2004|RaSuTo|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:39:42 pm| Khalita|mailto:|http://||This is going to be quick because I don't have much time but I love you guys and think about you all the time. I'm glad you're home but I MISS YOU! Hugs and I'm praying for you always!|10 September 2004|s3iTyZ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:56:10 pm| BEREGOV|mailto:|http://||vERY NICE GREAT WORK|11 September 2004|SYGUjY|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|10:31:50 am| Stephanie and RachelJoy||http://I love you Alex - don´t worry about school because you will do great - just have some patience...
Lots of love from your brazilian fan.|13 September 2004|MtA5AM|monster5.gif|emoti1.gif|04:11:40 am| Laura & Mark||http://|Vista, CA|Thanks for an awesome update!!! We are so glad that you are all well, and we LOVE all of the pictures in this update. Everyone looks great...and happy...and healthy. It's wonderful to see. As always, your family is in our thoughts and prayers.
Love, Laura & Mark|15 September 2004|4UhyQA|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:14:14 am| holly simpson||http://||Great Site!!|17 September 2004|TezUMa|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|05:11:46 am| Jennifer Bonagofsky Palermo||http://|Puyallup, WA|Well, Alex, I'm sure you never thought one of your teachers would be signing your guestbook. I'm amazed at how far you've come. I love seeing your smiling face at Harbor Heights.|17 September 2004|NsuNoJ|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|6:51:31 pm| Marlyn Marshburn||http://|Anaheim|So good to the summer photo's. Love them all, especially Alex in Pool (lei on).. and the family with grandparents! Nickolas will eventially stop yelling! Honest,,,,thanks again Andrea, enjoy the two naps a day.|21 September 2004|RUdUVu|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|11:51:47 pm| Jenna Fowler|||Kamloops BC. Canada|
Hey Alex!
My name is Jenna and I came across your website. I love meeting and making new friends! You are certinally a Fighter, and an inspiration to all! You are full of: Love, Life, Laughter, Joy, Hope, Smiles, and Courage, bravery and all those other good qualities you have! Keep Smiling, your beautiful smile! I will come back again to say hello. I am glad you are enjoying school. You are beautiful on the inside and outside! Your smile just shines!
Your in my thoughts and prayers.
Your new friend Jenna|22 September 2004|2joBun|monster1.gif|emoti25.gif|1:32:23 pm| Martin||http://|Iran|Hi I am glad you are doing fine, I will pray for you keep up the good work and enjoy|27 September 2004|JY2uvu|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|02:14:57 am| Lisa MacKay||http://|Lynnwood, WA|Hi Alex~ I'm sorry I haven't called your mom to find a time that I can come down and see you. I miss you and your beautiful smile and have to get down to see you, mom, dad and Nick soon. I hope that you are having fun at school. I bet you are learning lots!!! What are you going to be for Halloween? I hope you get lots of good candy when you go trick-or-treating. Have a great weekend sweetheart and I'll talk to mom soon to set up a day to come and see you.

Love ya!|29 October 2004|h7UgEQ|monster7.gif|emoti6.gif|7:43:18 pm| keijo leppioja||http://|sweden|I am so happy for this bible verse, when a little boy give to the Lord liittle bread and little fich and Jesus bless them to the many hangry the men.Here i have something that give
to the lord and maybe he will bless this few the words to yours joy and blessing.John 3.16.Can your pray for revival on the earth? Loving keijo sweden|2 November 2004|dAreje|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|01:58:59 am| Nancy||http://|Iowa|Hi Alex and Family......hope you are all doing great.. I keep checking to see if there is an update.........I guess no news is good news...Thinking about you and keeping you and your family in my prayers.........Blessings to you.|7 November 2004|xExYHA|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:47:21 pm| Laura & Mark||http://|Vista, CA|We love you guys and hope that all is news because you are too busy with "regular/mundane/NORMAL" life. But, geepers, we sure would love an pressure.|9 November 2004|xPY4uv|monster1.gif|emoti13.gif|09:38:56 am| Allan Svensson|||Sweden| Hi, I found your Web Site by Google, and I wish you the best you can get, the peace of God through Jesus Christ. Welcome to visit my Site. |14 November 2004|pqyqYW|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|08:55:42 am| Rose Gomes||http://|Brazil|Dear Alex, It is with a smiling heart that I read about you... I hope you continue to have a great time at school and that life is GOOD to you for the next 100 years.
Lots of love, kisses and hugs. |16 November 2004|tMygAZ|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|04:28:00 am| Sandra Maimbourg||http://||Hi SweetPea,
I miss you very much. Hope your sinus infection is getting better! I know you'll do really well with your surgery on Tues...and you'll love getting your magic milk.
Guess what??? We have snow all over our mountains. It looks like tones of Icecream Mountains" all around us. Popop is freezing, he's not too used to cold weather.
Give Nicholas a big hug and kiss for me.
Grandma |21 November 2004|DiNyhA|blank.gif|emoti3.gif|7:24:17 pm| Laura and Mark||http://|Vista, CA|Hi Alex,
Hmm...I'm reading about know that you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers today, as always, but a bit extra today just to send you extra good luck for that surgery. Since it doesn't sound like Grandma is up in WA, I'll assume the best, that you are doing okay and that the surgery is minor.

I also just wanted to remind everyone to use Alex's coupons for your Christmas shopping!

Happy Thanksgiving!
Laura|23 November 2004|8BiXeB|monster1.gif|emoti10.gif|11:17:19 am| Khalita||||I think about you guys all the time and I need to get by here more to sign in. But, please know that I haven't forgotten you and you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings. |9 December 2004|boQaXA|blank.gif|emoti8.gif|3:39:47 pm| chris Arnold||http://|montreal|Hi Alex! Hope you are doing well, and loving school. Hope to see an "update" from mom or dad soon too! LOL. (hint, hint). Hope you and Nicholas have a wonderful christmas.|9 December 2004|phA8YS|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|3:42:38 pm| alyssa||http://|Georgia|hey!! i know that u will survive cuz... All things are possible through ChRiSt!! i'll keep you in my prayers! good luck!!

•*aLySSa*•|12 December 2004|VHAQAN|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|3:13:34 pm| Ginger B||http://|NM|Just checking in.. looking for an update..
We think about you often.. hope all is well!

Have a great Christmas!

Ginger... ginrob|17 December 2004|8NUxY4|monster1.gif|emoti12.gif|7:36:21 pm| aLiCaT|mailto:|http://||hey gurlie how ya doin? haven't heard from ya in a while. i'm doin great! hope u hav a merry christmas and a happy new year! sorry i feel smiley today!|18 December 2004|TjUTYg|monster4.gif|emoti12.gif|11:12:37 am| Nancy||http://|Iowa|Hello Alex and Family.. Merry Christmas to all of you... We sure do miss hearing from you..Hope all is well and you are continuing to stay strong and healthy.. Is Grandma going to spend Christmas with you this year... (Hello Grandma--see if you can give us an update!!) Have a Blessed Christmas and a Healthy New Year.........|18 December 2004|rerySE|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:34:31 pm| The Roberts Family||http://|Walnut Creek, CA|Happy Day, Alex. Are you loving the holiday parties at school? Did you have a holiday school play or concert?
I hope your brother shared a piece of his birthday cake with you.
Lots of love and hugs to you! You make us all smile.
Merry Merry Christmas.
p.s. Ask to borrow your dad's wireless keyboard so you can post your own updates!
|20 December 2004|5A7i8o|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|1:54:50 pm| Diane DeGroff|||Raleigh, NC|Wishing you a safe, healthy and blesed Christmas - you truly have a miracle child in Alex and she must be destined to do something great in this world!

May your New Year continue to be healthy and free from any problems!

Enjoy your family - they're beautiful.

God Bless!|22 December 2004|5o2Ete|blank.gif|emoti5.gif|06:23:56 am| Khalita||||Just wanted to wish you guys a very Merry Christmas. I hope things are going well. I love you! (UPDATE!!!) :)|22 December 2004|JoriLo|monster1.gif|emoti9.gif|4:46:51 pm| Todd Martini|mailto:||Gig Harbor|Hi Everyone,

Just a quick post to let all of you know that we're doing well and that we hope to post a real update before the end of the year. Hope everything is going great. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone!

-- Todd

|24 December 2004|ZetUHE|officialgfx.gif|emoti8.gif|02:01:33 am| Chris Ullrich - Bella's Grammy|||Nebraska|A PRAYER FOR CHRISTMAS

God Give Us eyes this Christmas
To see the Christmas Star.
And give us ears to hear the song
of angels from afar

And, with our eyes and ears attuned
for a message from above,
Let "Christmas Angels" speak to us
of hope and faith and love

Hope to light our pathway
When the way ahead is dark,
Hope to sing through stormy days,
with the sweetness of the lark

Faith to trust in things unseen
and know beyond all seeing
That it is in our Fathers love
We live and have our being

And love to break down barriers
of color, race and creed,
Love to see and understand
and help all those in need.

Lord, bless those we love this Christmas Day,be they near or far away Bless those good friends who mean so much and those with whom we're out of touch. We bring them all to You in prayer, and ask You to keep them in Your care.

Please know that you are thought of, in a very special way, not just this beautiful season but every day.|24 December 2004|3aSyXu|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|6:15:58 pm| Linda, Tim, Jeremy & Matthew|mailto:|http://||Hi Todd, Andrea, Alex & Nicholas

Merry Christmas!

What...a page change by you..[insert]..

it can't be?!

Hope all the lack of news is all your great news...thought of you, I wanted your fabulous turkey recipe...went to my saved link & it was to Parents Place so of course it didn't I made Tim do the turkey himself (hehe)...just as well, he did great.

Happy Birthday Nicholas...& Happy early Birthday Alex too...!!!

Can't wait for your latest pictures & news...we have quite the white Christmas here, my folks just left, all is well in our part of the world.

Take care & be good, best wishes

Linda|25 December 2004|RSAgy8|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|1:37:41 pm| Rose||http://|Brazil|This wonderful picture says everything!!!!! Hope 2005 brings smiles all the time.
Millions of hugs. |27 December 2004|XeWYme|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|10:23:42 am| Todd Martini|||Gig Harbor, WA|Just a quick note to let you know that I had to revert to a backup copy of the guestbook, so any posts after 12/27/04 have been lost. Hope everything is going great. Take care.

-- Todd
|2 January 2005|LPU6iH|officialgfx.gif|emoti10.gif|5:52:05 pm| Laura, Ken, Nathan & ^^Angel Jillian^^||||That is a bummer about the guestbook because I did leave you all a message basically wishing you a happy and healthy New Year. God Bless!|6 January 2005|VtaReb|monster4.gif|emoti10.gif|08:40:19 am| Nancy||http://|Iowa|Happy New Year Alex and Family... Happy Birthday Alex....May you continue to stay healthy...

(Todd--You mentioned an update hopefully by the end of the year.. Was that the end of 2004 or 2005?--) Your Christmas picture is great...Blessings to your family.. Nancy|9 January 2005|2zexan|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:51:18 am| Heidi Buono| |http://|east greenbush new york |hi all and a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO Alex !!!!! hope all is going great. I hope you have lots of cake presents and fun on your big day Alex.LOVe your cousins Heidi Mike Patrick Zachary and Leah. |9 January 2005|GEgiZU|monster7.gif|emoti26.gif|11:49:53 am| Eva Holland and Rodney Reeves|||Michigan|HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ALEX...

May your day be as beautiful as you!!

Love, hugs, and forever moving FORWARD...

Eva and Rodney|9 January 2005|HjEvum|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|2:55:03 pm| Dora||http://|Salt Lake City, UT|Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday dear ALEX!!!!
Happy Birthday to you...


Lots of Love, Dora |10 January 2005|3iWe2i|dgb66.gif|emoti6.gif|04:30:32 am| Stacey Campbell||http://|jan.98 playgoup|Happy Birthday Alex! I hope you enjoy your special day!|10 January 2005|bu6uzo|monster4.gif|emoti2.gif|06:49:28 am| Janet Arsenaul|mailto:|http://||Happy Birthday Princess Alex. Glad things are looking better and better each day! Harry sends his birthday wishes to you also!|10 January 2005|h3Anir|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:55:35 am| Christina|||montreal|Happy Birthday! Hope it was a great day!|11 January 2005|wabU2Y|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|06:30:36 am| Trina, Doug, and Ryan Georgi||http://|Temecula, CA|Happy Birthday Alex!!!
Knowing you family, you probably were spoiled rotten...good!...every girl should be.

Lots of love to you all & we miss you!
Trina, Doug, and Ryan|11 January 2005|T5i1yW|blank.gif|emoti13.gif|11:57:44 am| Angie/arglass|mailto:|http://|Jan98 PG|Happy Birthday Alex!!|11 January 2005|37oqom|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|2:44:11 pm| Linda|mailto:|http://||You know....just as I get quite certain that I have the 2 most wonderful & beautiful kids in the whole world...then I get an email & update from you....& then I think it might at least be a tie!!

I LOVE your updates, you are ALL having so much fun & living such a NORMAL WONDERFUL life together !! How absolutely joyous to see & share !!

Thank you for making my day, my month...& for reminding us always how very great you all are...& also how very lucky we all are.

And by the two as parents....truly amazing & inspirational to all.

Happy Birthday Alex & best wishes to all of you :-)

Linda, Tim, Jeremy & Matthew|11 January 2005|JAViSa|monster1.gif|emoti3.gif|3:01:49 pm| Aunt Kay Maimbourg||http://|Southern California|
Dear Alex,
Wow! You are really growing up into a beautiful young lady! Today's the first day of you being SEVEN YEARS OLD! I hope you had a great birthday with lots of presents and cake and everything you wanted!

Uncle Les and Aunt Kay

P.S. Looking forward to hearing all about your fun adventures! |11 January 2005|vRoTU3|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|3:02:23 pm| Sandra (audreysmommy)|||Texas| Happy 7th Birthday Alex!! It was wonderful reading your update and hearing how well you and your little brother are doing. I hope you had a fantastic day and that your birthday party is the best! Your mommy is *very* talented!!


Sandra from the Jan98 board |11 January 2005|h5AZAh|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|6:03:03 pm| Dianne MacMillan||http://||Hi Alex, Andrea,Todd and Nick,
I was delighted to read about how wonderfull things are going. Happy happy Birthday Alex. I thought about you and prayed for you all day yesterday (on your birthday) God bless you and your wonderful family. Hope I get to see you when you come down to visit Grandma and Grandpa.
Love, Dianne MacMillan ( the lady who wrote the leprechaun book :) |11 January 2005|M2AXyB|dgb66.gif|emoti2.gif|6:57:00 pm| Annette DePriter||http://|North Carolina|Happy Birthday Alex!!!!

God is so GOOD!!!!!!!!!! What a blessing you have been to all of us!

I have recently remarried! My little Seth now has a new daddy on earth, but still talks about his daddy Kirk in heaven :)

And we are moving across country to Tacoma!!!!! I even got to eat in Gig Harbor the last time we were there!!! We'll only be there for about a year, living at McChord AFB. Take care ALL of you! xoxoxoxoAnnette DePriter|12 January 2005|nPEGaH|monster1.gif|emoti6.gif|07:12:21 am| Beverlee||http://|Toronto, Canada|Happy Birthday Alex! Come say hi to us at the Jan98 board, Andrea. We're all delighted to read about Alex's birthday and her adventures as a normal kid. We're here:

Big smiles and hugs,

Beverlee (bev)|12 January 2005|G4uwY6|blank.gif|emoti1.gif|5:38:01 pm| angel jen|||Tennessee|Happy Birthday!!!

Angel Jen
Care Mail|13 January 2005|4YLe7y|monster1.gif|emoti23.gif|4:13:49 pm| LaKota, and her mom Debbie||||Hello, and Happy Birthday!
Sorry that I don't always sign in, but I do check your web page all the time, Just want to let you know that you are in our prayers and thoughts.
Sending lots of prayers your way.++++++++++++++++++++++
Love LaKota and her mom Debbie.
God be with you.
~*~LaKota~*~|15 January 2005|jiXi7e|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:24:06 pm| Natalie Skergan||http://|Raleigh, NC|Hello sweet family! I am in tears as I read your update and look at the pictures of your beautiful family. Tears of joy, of course. I know you are enjoying your two precious miracles. I am in awe of the strength of your children and you as parents. You are all an inspiration and I will always remember what you all went through to get to this point. Andrea- your invitations are gorgeous and I know you enjoyed every minute of the big event! Know that I think of all of you often. Hugs to all of you.
With Love,
Natalie|21 January 2005|7Xu4YZ|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|3:59:44 pm| Crystal Hernandez||http://|Whittier, Ca|Hey Alex Happy belated birthday I know I havent been on here a while but I've been real busy with school but its almost over then Im off to college i graduate this year but enough about me i would love to here more about how youve been so send me a letter and a couple of pics k. Oh and tell your Grandfather Mr. Mainbourg i said hi ok. You are always in my prayers and I hope your feeling good. Hope to here from you soon. God bless you.|21 January 2005|xpaTa6|monster7.gif|emoti1.gif|10:49:56 pm| Tony Pellicane|||Escondido, CA|Just wanted you all to know how great it is to hear your approach and how strong you stay. It doesn't seem so sometimes from within us but it's empowering to hear others moving forward in the midst of this battle. We ourselves are 270 days post BMT and our daughter has a nasty bruise so we are duly apprehesive about our bloodwork tomorrow. Not many folks out there w/ 2 relapses under their belt but these little gals are amazing and it helps to know the strength is in us to move forward. Our hopes and wonderful thoughts are with you all and Alex. All the best!|23 January 2005|qaRiRA|blank.gif|emoti25.gif|5:50:04 pm| Monica Martin||http://|Louisiana USA|Hello,Alex I found you on the Share the Love site. Hope that this is a very Blessed week for you. Jesus loves you, I am Praying for you. Monica |24 January 2005|wuzUjE|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|1:57:34 pm| Lisa White, Ph.D.|||Chapel Hill, NC|Hi Alex and family, We meet you at Duke with the guitar player John T. We were talking about you the other day and I'm THRILLED to see you just celebrated your 7th birthday! Happy Birthday Alex, make mom and dad treat you like the birthday girl everyday of the year! I bet you're a great big sister to Nicholas! You're doing great! My son, Gabriel is 10 now and passed 5 years off treatment for leukemia last Sept. so go Alex go!
hugs and kisses from NC
Lisa White and family|25 January 2005|VNaby6|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|10:14:04 am| kay & jenna sailsbury|||chesterfield va|Hey Andrea & Todd!

Wow, what a cool guestbook---hope it goes through ok. I read your site regularly and keep up with Alex, but have never signed in. I am thrilled with how well Alex has done---what a MIRACLE she is!!!!!!! How is her sight doing now? I hope well! She is such a trooper! We will keep our prayers going for her!! I needed to ask you about the airline you have used to come to Duke with Alex-(Angel ?). Not sure what it is. I'm not sure, but this may be a long-shot, but we're gonna have to come to San Diego for surgeries to Jenna's knees (the 1st trip in Feb.) & I wanted to see if we could find anyone to fly us for medical reasons. If you have any info for me--please call or e-mail. Thanks so much for your time--I know life is very busy! Love Ya'll! Kay |25 January 2005|7eZU8y|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|5:48:26 pm| nancy ramsey|||erie, co|Hello, I know it has been such a long time since I have said hello, but here I am, I hope things are well on your end. We have been fighting Roto virus and spent some time in-patient at children's last week. Things seem better this week, not all gone but better. Nolan has been growing and looks more like a 2 1/2 year old now, maybe not acting like one but we are working on that. I would love to see you guys sometime!! So if you ever get this way let us know. We miss you.
Love, Nancy and Nolie|28 January 2005|qoSyTa|blank.gif|emoti3.gif|08:01:41 am| angel jen|||Tennessee|Always remember, angel jen loves you!

God bless!|31 January 2005|6edU2U|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|3:23:29 pm| Stephanie Strom||||
We are finally back on line, and RachelJoy's website is also up and going again.
I am trying to get around to catch up on our cyber buddies, and I'm delighted to read that Alex is doing so well.

Stephanie and RachelJoy
|5 February 2005|qipa7Y|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:10:06 pm| Jenna||http://||Happy belated birthday!

jenna|10 February 2005|vNA8eZ|monster3.gif|emoti2.gif|0:37:58 pm| Monica Martin||http://|Louisiana|Hello, just wanted to stop in and wish you a really special Valentines Day. May GOD Bless you with much to laugh about. JESUS loves you, Monica|11 February 2005|4yPYWe|monster5.gif|emoti2.gif|07:59:27 am| LaKota, and her mom Debbie||||Stopping by to let you know that we are thinking of you and sending lots of prayers your way.++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
Love LaKota and her mom Debbie.
God be with you.


|11 February 2005|TJUbA3|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|11:14:28 am| Crystal Hernandez||http://|Whittier, CA|Hey Alex how you doing I hope good just wanted to say and let you know that im always thinking of you and that you are always in my prayers hope to here from you soon ok bye.|12 February 2005|B2ihEd|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|5:42:07 pm| Lisa MacKay||http://||Hi Alex~ I hope that you are enjoying school and playing with your friends. Tell your mom and dad that it's been over a month since they updated and it's time to let everyone know how you are doing. I'm keeping you in my thoughts and prayers every day and am hoping to see you sometime soon. Enjoy the beautiful sunshine!!!|24 February 2005|BBAVEn|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|10:19:31 am| Melissa Rasmussen||http://|Indiana|What a great website. I wanted to say hello to Alex and family. I too have a baby that has just been diagnosed with a rare form of Leukemia. He however was 5 weeks old when he was diagnosed so we have just started our journey. Alex you are so strong and beautiful and I can only hope that my little baby will be able to have as many birthdays as you.. Keep up the good work. Live strong little one.

Melissa mom to Baby DOnovan Dx 1/18/05 Very High risk mature B cell ALL|27 February 2005|LAQiRa|blank.gif|emoti21.gif|07:09:25 am| Lisa Post||http://||Hi! I know it's been a long time since I've been to Alex's site, and boy was I happy to read and SEE how well she and Nick are doing! AND HOW BIG THEY HAVE GOTTEN!!! They sure are precious! God Bless for continued great health!|1 March 2005|SE6iSe|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|05:41:08 am| LaKota, and her mom Debbie||||
Just want you to know that your in our prayers.
Sending lots of prayers your way.+++++++++++++++++++++
Love LaKota and her mom Debbie.
|1 March 2005|4jAVAW|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|09:14:53 am| Jennifer Phelan|||Pennsylvania|Hello,
I stumbled across this website somehow. I was looking for new bedding for my son's room and this screen popped up for Alex's coupons, then I saw the link to Childhood Cancer and I had to hit it.

I've been a bereaved mom for 4 years and 4 months now. I lost my daughter, Georgiana, after a 17-month battle with AML. Well, actually she had Lymphoma first and the treatments cauased her relapse, which was AML. She needed a BMT for any chance of survival, but we never got that far. Georgiana passed 4 weeks before her 8th birthday.

It is SO GOOD to read a story of hope like Alex's. I have become so negative towards the "cures" that we all hear about because so many children I have met have lost their battle. Alex's story gives HOPE, and God only knows that this world needs alot of that.

I will continue to keep Alex in my prayers and will definitely pray for a long, healthy road ahead for her.

Mom to Beautiful Angel Georgiana
12/21/92 ~ 11/26/00
|8 March 2005|8dE3yJ|monster5.gif|emoti28.gif|5:26:18 pm| Laura & Mark||http://|Vista, CA|Just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all and wishing you the best.|9 March 2005|vEPAja|monster5.gif|emoti6.gif|09:03:51 am| Khalita||||Just wanted to let you know that I continue to think of you all the time. I pray that things are going well. Take care! You are loved!|12 March 2005|8huXa2|dgb63.gif|emoti6.gif|08:15:16 am| Tom & Cheryl ||http://|Williamsport, MD| Just received an email from our daughter, Shauna, with the link to your page. We are so happy to hear how well Alex is doing.

We will continue to pray for her and the family.|14 March 2005|zewebY|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|3:52:58 pm| Greg Holt|||Duke PBMT|Its late, i am watching the NCAA basketball tourney, sitting in room 5212 of the PBMT unit and decided to do some further research on cord blood transplants and i came across your story. Such an amazing and hopeful story. My son is engrafted and we a waiting for the FISH test to see if the cells are donor cells. Thank you for posting your story. Your daughter is such an inspiration and confirmation that there is always hope and to never give up.

sincerely, Greg|17 March 2005|TiMuwE|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|9:16:37 pm| Todd Martini|||Gig Harbor, WA|Hi Everyone,

I posted a mini-update on Alex's Place with 7 new photos and information on a new bill to increase funding for public cord blood banks.

Hope everything is going great. Take care

-- Todd

Todd L. Martini
Alex's Coupons Easter Guide
|20 March 2005|dUnERY|officialgfx.gif|emoti2.gif|01:28:04 am| Post Pals||http://||

|20 March 2005|t7oBuS|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|03:41:34 am| laura sierra||http://|des moines,washington usa| it was so good to see the pictures! ive been thinking good thoughts. isnt it amazing how fast children grow! they are both so big now! happy spring!|21 March 2005|siVAtY|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|9:52:40 pm| Lisa Sheppard||http://||What an inspiration. Your daughter must be so wonderfully strong and brave and so must both of you. We, too, have experience leukemia (Acute Lymphblastic Leukemia) within our family and it is an experience I wish on no one. I saw the hell it put a 31 year old through and can't imagine what it was like with a child. I commend your whole family for making it through.|25 March 2005|6AhEWo|monster7.gif|emoti2.gif|09:44:52 am| John S. Golden||http://|GiG Harbor, WA|Hi to all of the Martini family - esp. the children. I was happy to hear of Alex's good news and that Nick is growing like a weed.

Best wishes to you all. I plan to contact my congressman about the bill you cited.

John Golden
One of Nick's Docs at Tacoma General NICU|29 March 2005|goPuZE|monster3.gif|emoti6.gif|9:40:53 pm| Jerry||||I hope you get well soon.


NorthStar Chiropractic|1 April 2005|SZyrY4|monster1.gif|emoti2.gif|8:56:31 pm|Q Miss Jessica||http://|Asheville N.C.|Hi Alex and family. Wow Alex looks like you got a heck of alot of snow where you live too this winter huh? Did you and your brother have fun in the snow? How are you doing with school sweetie? I have you in my prayers. I was looking up childhood cancers online and came across your story. You truely are an inspiration to many. You look smashing in your little glasses and I have glasses too!
Miss Jessica|3 April 2005|zU3esU|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|2:56:19 pm|Q Tracy and Katia|||Tampa, Florida|Alex, can I just say your pictures look great! You know what a miracle you are? I am so glad to hear you are doing well. I know that 6 months is a long long time. I hope it will go by fast without much worry and anxiety:) Love, Tracy and
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|5 April 2005|TASEwA|blank.gif|emoti6.gif|5:43:11 pm jessica ann albertino|mailto:|http://|9501 mokena il birch ave|hi alex im jessica i just wanted to let you know that im 13 going on 14 april 19 o5 i read your story and i just wanted to say nice job i mean iv never heard anyone like you i mean your so brave i practiclly cry when i get a needle well i have 2 go ill write you again when i come to the library next. |7 April 2005|tbozYR|monster1.gif|emoti25.gif|4:12:09 pm|Q Pastor Stephen|||Texas|Hi,
I am just dropping in to let you know that we are praying for you and thinking of you as a ministry.
Our thoughts and prayers are for and with you and yours.
Have a great day!|14 April 2005|4ExuQe|monster7.gif|emoti12.gif|8:00:20 pm|Q Mann|||New York |Look for great bonifications buying something? Great Store The online electronic shop for you and your family.|23 April 2005|SE5yRo|1|1|1:31:20 pm|Q Todd L Martini||||test|23 April 2005|Pa2oqi|blank.gif|emoti2.gif|2:05:15 pm|Q