System Configuration Summary
There should be an image of a foler to the left of this line ... If not, or, if there is a broken image, then you have one of the FTP Settings incorrect, either the virtual path to the Images/Docs directory, or the upload path. Please check these....You can FTP manually to your website to ensure that the "folder.gif" file was properly uploaded to the right directory (Indicating that you have the install path correct, and the virtual one wrong)

Testing for presence of required perl libraries...

File::Copy present.

Cwd present. (Feels like current path is cwd ???)

DB_File present, you may use the binary database format.

DBI present.... SQL OK

DBD::mysql present.... mySQL OK

Perl version: 5.010001
Running on: linux

Looks like everything is ok. Press the button below to return to the installation program. You'll need to complete the same FTP informatio form as you did for the test (using the same values you did for the sucessful test) and then the installation should motor along unattended, and in it's entirety....