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The National Children's Cancer Society

The National Children's Cancer SocietyWhen we started Alex's Coupons in October 2001, it was always with the hope to make a difference in the pediatric cancer world through education and charitable donations to pediatric cancer organizations.

While educating people and providing information to families of newly diagnosed children happened immediately, getting a donation schedule in place, has taken a bit longer. We are pleased to announce that beginning this month Alex's Coupons will make a monthly contribution to a pediatric cancer charity. In addition to making the donation, we will introduce you to the charity and tell you how they directly helped our family when we were in the midst of Alex's battle with leukemia. We encourage you to take some time to read about each charity and see what wonderful work they are doing every day to help make the lives of families dealing with cancer treatment just a little easier. We will also provide you with a link to the charities website donation page and would like to ask you to go and make a donation of $1.00. That's it, just $1.00.

Some of you are asking why such a small amount... Every day we have over 7,000 visitors to Alex's Coupons. Just think for a minute if everyone who visited every day donated a dollar. That's $210,000 a month! What a difference that could make! So many of these charities saw a huge drop off in donations after September 11th, then with the unending string of natural disasters they have been unable to get back to their pre-September 11th level of donations. Therefore, they have had to cut back drastically on what they can do for families. We would like to try to do our part to help alleviate this problem. So, take just one of the many dollars that Alex's Coupons is helping you save and pass it on to a very deserving charity!

November's charity is The National Children's Cancer Society. Alex's Coupons has made a $1,000.00 donation to this amazing organization. NCCS helped us countless times in the seven years that we struggled to keep afloat while Alex when through all her treatments. They provided desperately needed financial support to help pay for insurance premiums, rent in North Carolina, meals and travel expenses. Although insurance covered Alex's treatments, NCCS helps families that need help paying for chemo, donor searches and harvesting, as well as transplants.

The National Children's Cancer Society is grateful for the generous support of Alex’s Coupons,” said Krista Rudd, Communications Director for the N.C.C.S. “As a family who has battled cancer, the Martinis understand all too well the emotional and financial stress a childhood cancer diagnosis brings. Their gift will provide hope for families during a very difficult time.”

The National Children's Cancer Society was established in 1987 to improve the quality of life for children with cancer through financial and in-kind assistance, advocacy, support services and educational resources. Since its inception, the NCCS has provided more than $35 million in direct financial assistance to over 17,000 children with cancer and their families in the United States, and has distributed over $154 million in donated pharmaceuticals and medical supplies to 65,000 children at 52 facilities in 35 countries. In addition NCCS meets the BBB Wise Giving Alliance's standards for charity accountability.

Please take a moment to visit the NCCS website and make a donation. Remember we can make a huge difference with everyone giving just $1.00/day!

FYI: Please note that all donations we make are personal donations that are not tied to how much Alex's Coupons makes in a month.

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