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Top > Childhood Cancer > Books > Children's Books
  • A Day With Dr. Waddle by Center for Basic Cancer Research
    Children, just like adults, often have questions about cancer, particularly when the illness is in their own family. A Day With Dr. Waddle was written and illustrated by staff members of the Cancer Center at Kansas State University to help children understand cancer. Your day with Dr. Waddle begins in a research laboratory where Dr. Waddle, a friendly duck, who just happens to be a scientist, explains that cancers are diseases of cells. Dr. Waddle describes a cell and tells how scientists do research, like detectives, to find clues to diseases like cancer. A Day With Dr. Waddle is a coloring book and a workbook, and ends with six good health habits for children to follow. . Although originally designed for children ages 7 - 10, Dr. Waddle is popular among all age groups.

  • Chemo Crusader and the Cancer Fighting Crew by Melodie Homer
    This full color booklet has been developed for school-age children who have recently been diagnosed with cancer. The booklet uses superheroes - Chemo Crusader and Ray D. Ashun a.k.a. Xray Ray to explain cancer, its treatment and accompanying side effects in a simple and non-threatening way.

  • Kathy's Hats : A Story of Hope by Trudy Krisher
    Ages 4-8. Kathy describes the hats she has worn since she was a baby--winter hat, sunbonnet, Easter finery--until the year she gets cancer and chemotherapy leaves her with a new need for hats that makes her dislike them for the first time. A realistic, straightforward and upbeat picture of a child coping with cancer and surviving it.

  • Sadako by Eleanor Coerr
    Ages 6-10. Rewriting her 1977 book Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (1977) for a younger audience and using pastel illustrations first created for the award-winning videotape of the same name , this picture book tells the moving story of a young girl dying of leukemia as a result of the bombing of Hiroshima 10 years earlier.

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