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  • Childhood Leukemia : A Guide for Families, Friends & Caregivers by Nancy Keene
    This most complete parent guide available covers not only detailed and precise medical information about leukemia and the various treatment options, but also day-to-day practical advice on how to cope with procedures, hospitalization, family and friends, school, social and financial issues, communication, feelings, and, if therapy is not successful, the difficult issues of death and bereavement.

  • Childhood Leukemia: The Facts by John S. Lilleyman
    The Facts explains the new science, the new treatment strategies, and addresses the concerns for parents and the children themselves. the book explains how various leukemias develop, what might be involved in the cause of some types, and how they can best be treated. The book has been restructured into 16 smaller chapters some of which are completely new and all of which have been revised and updated. Also new to this edition is the concept of 'shared care' between children's cancer units and local district hospitals. Written with the concerns of the parents in mind, the book offers essential and reassuring advice on coping with this distressing illness.

  • Childhood Leukemias by Ching-Hon Pui
    Childhood leukemias represent nearly one third of all cancers in children and present a unique challenge to oncologists, pediatricians, hematologists, and other health professionals. Dr. Ching-Hon Pui has assembled an expert team of authors to develop the most comprehensive, clinically-oriented, and authoritative reference dedicated to these diseases.

  • Finding Strength - A Mother and Daughter's Story by Juanne N. Clarke
    A touching personal memoir and an insightful examination of our health-care system, Finding Strength explores one family's response to personal crisis.

  • Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes by Eleanor Coerr
    Based on a true story, a young girl faces the battle of her life when she is told that she has the atom bomb disease, leukemia, thus she turns to her native beliefs by making a thousand paper cranes so that the gods will grant her one wish to be well again.

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