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Top > Childhood Cancer > Medical Resources > Leukemia
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  • Childhood Leukemia Center - Patient-Centered Guides
    The Patient Centered Guides Child Leukemia Center is for parents and others caring for a child with leukemia or other cancer. You can find articles and resources about Childhood Leukemia, diagnosis, treatments, coping, care, news about breakthroughs and a FAQ.

  • Med Help International Leukemia Resources
    Leukemia articles, support groups, and resources for patients from Med Help International.

  • Possible Environmental Causes of Childhood Leukemia
    A recurring thread in the online ALL Mailing List is: "What caused my child's leukemia?" We all wonder whether we might have used a pesticide, household cleaner, paint, etc. which caused our children to get leukemia. Or was it electromagnetic fields, or radiation? The links and information on this page are the result of several of these discussions.

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