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Auto Repair For Dummies
The ultimate handbook for the machine nearly everyone relies upon but few understand, this guide demystifies the maze of mechanics under the hood of any car with simple maintenance tips and clear, comprehensive, and non-technical discussions of how cars work.

Automotive Handbook
In every field there's a single, indispensable reference work that sets the standard by which other books are measured. The new 4th Edition of the "Automotive Handbook" is the standard for practical, concise and illuminating explanations of the design and operation of automotive systems. Its lucid presentation of both basic and complex automotive principles, engineering theory, and applied mathematics is without peer.

Car Smarts
An Easy-To-Use Guide to Understanding Your Car and Communicating With Your Mechanic. Thoroughly illustrated, "Car Smarts" is written especially for those who may never work on their own cars, but want to speak confidently about car repair.

How Cars Work
An Illustrated Guide to the 250 Most Important Car Parts and how they work.

Modern Automotive Technology
Provides an easy-to-understand, current text summarizing the operation and repair of all makes and models of vehicles. Text uses a building block approach that starts with the simple and progresses gradually to the more complex.

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