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Application of Pre-Woven Cane Video
Learn the techniques for installing pre-woven cane in chair seats. Complete step-by-step process for both groove type and frame type chairs. A chair using pre-woven cane can be distinguished from one needing hand woven cane because it has a groove around the perimeter of the area to be caned.
VHS format. 43 minutes.

Price: $29.99

Carving Techniques and Projects with Sam Bush and Mack Headley, Jr.
In this tape you'll discover the basics of woodcarving, see how to carve an 18th-century scallop shell and gain an understanding of the production techniques of that era. 85 minutes, VHS

Price: $19.95

Chair Caning Video
Find out how to weave conventional pattern cane by hand with a simple color coded seven step process. Also covers: tools, determining size of cane, removing old cane, and preparing new cane for weaving. 60 minutes, VHS

Price: $29.99

Fine Furniture Finishing
How-to videotapes for clear wood finishes, faux finishing, and decorative painting. Buy two or more tapes and shipping is Free!

Price: $29.95/each

Mastering Woodworking Machines
Mark Duginske offers a master's insights into machine woodworking, and some honest shortcuts that will help you in your own journey toward woodworking precision. You'll see how to do fast, elegant joinery with basic power tools (with no need for expensive gadgets) and how to achieve zero-frustration, complete-control woodworking with machines. 60 minutes, VHS

Price: $19.95

Mastering Your Bandsaw with Mark Duginske
Through his books and magazine articles and in seminars across the country, Mark Duginske has helped thousands of handsaw owners tweak their wayward machines into precision tune. Now, on video, Duginske shows you how to get optimum performance from your band saw, as well as some really extraordinary handsaw tricks and techniques. 60 minutes, VHS

Price: $19.95

Router Jigs and Techniques with Bernie Maas and Michael Fortune
Discover dozens of ways that the router can be used to increase your productivity--and creativity--in the shop. In this tape, you'll learn basic router joinery and how to rout the subtle shapes necessary to create a handsome hand mirror (plans for the hand mirror are in the accompanying booklet). 60 minutes, VHS

Price: $19.95

Steam Bending
Your woodworking will take on a new dimension once you can master curved shapes. But, when you want to curve a piece of wood, do you saw it, laminate it or steam-bend? Steam bending is the way to go when you need to preserve the wood's full strength and its natural appearance (sawing curves weakens wood by shortening the grain, and lamination produces visible glue lines). In this video Lon Schleining, using household appliances and common woodshop tools, takes you through each step in the process of steam-bending brackets and crest rails for chairs. VHS

Price: $11.95

Turning Wood with Richard Raffan
Richard Raffan demonstrates the moves that are so important to skillful woodturning. Then he leads you through six useful projects from his companion book, Turning Wood.
110 minutes, VHS

Price: $19.95

Versatile Router I
This is the first in our series of videos about the most versatile power tool in the shop. For Pat Warner, a clever router engineer, the basic idea is to use the router as a "finishing" tool: do all your rough-cutting and hogging with other power tools, then remove the last 1/32 in. of wood with the router, in a clean, surgical stroke. In this way, with the help of router jigs and templates, you can easily make almost any kind of joinery and edge work, in straight lines or curves, crisp and free of tearout. VHS

Price: $11.95

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