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Home Decorating for Dummies by McMillan & McMillan
Designed for the do-it-yourselfer, this book provides all the basics for home decorating, including styles, lighting, room-by-room design, and accessorizing. It shows you how to create stunning rooms by mastering your own personal decorating style. Expert advice and cost-cutting tips will help you create the home of your dreams, whether you want to paint one room or redesign your entire house.

Home by Design: Transforming Your House Into Home by Sarah Susanka
Sarah Susanka's first three books have launched a revolution in residential architecture with the message that it's not the size of the house that matters, but the quality of its design and details. Her books strike a chord in homeowners, who are finding that bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Now, in Home by Design, Susanka presents 30 design concepts that can transform any house into a welcoming home filled with character, beauty, and comfort. Opening readers' eyes to what's possible, she makes spatial design accessible to the layperson. Each of the design concepts here, from entryways to public/private space to window positioning, is illustrated with examples from houses by leading architects. Homeowners will learn how to assess their environment to discover what works or doesn't, and find the necessary tools to create the homes they really want.

New Decorating Book by Better Homes & Gardens
For nearly 50 years, home decorators have turned to Better Homes and Gardens New Decorating Book to transform their houses into warm, personal havens for their families. The tradition continues with this all-new edition. It's your personal guide to the styles, colors, textures, fabrics, wall and window treatments, flooring, lighting, and accessories that define todays interior design. More than 900 photographs, 100 illustrations, and friendly, informative text offer you ideas for every room in the house: the kitchen, living room, family room, dining room, bedrooms, guest room, kids rooms, baths, home office, and even outdoor areas.

The Home Decorator's Bible by Anoop Parikh
Written by a team of acclaimed professionals in the field of interior design and beautifully illustrated with 350 full-color photographs and 500 drawings, this is the book to turn to for solid advice, instruction, and up-to-the-minute decorating ideas.

Use What You Have Decorating by Lauri Ward
Transform Your Home in One Hour With Ten Simple Design Principles Using the Space You Have, the Things You Like, the Budget You Choose. Finally, a practical home-decorating book for the reader who is not a millionaire! Rather than call in a professional design consultant to tell you which walls "must go" and throwing out everything you own in favor of new and expensive designer fabrics, furniture, and fixtures, Ward starts with what you already have and makes dramatic transformations by arrangement, use of color, and a few inexpensive additions of objects or materials. Her idea is to use what you already have and like, and operate on a budget you can afford to make your home more satisfying and aesthetically pleasing to you without being a slave to passing trends, fads, and radical transformations that end up making you feel like a stranger in your own home.