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GI Joe's Review

We just added GI Joe's and I wasted no time putting them to the test. After having so much fun on our single kayaks, we decided we wanted a two person kayak. I found a great kayak here and used our 20% off coupon what a bargain! Shipping was relatively inexpensive considering how huge the kayak is. I can't say enough about GI Joe's customer service. A few days after the kayak shipped, there was a message on our answering machine from the delivery company informing us that they didn't deliver to Raft Island where we live and that we would have to drive an hour away to their local hub to pick up the kayak! This of course did not make me happy! I called GI Joes and they were on it immediately. Even though they were amazing and elevated it to a supervisor the minute I finished telling them about the message, it was a Friday afternoon and I figured there was no way they would be able to get it fixed in time for the kayak to be delivered as scheduled on Monday. Boy was I wrong! Monday afternoon at 1:00 Todd and I were unwrapping our beautiful kayak and taking it for a paddle! Thank you Ashley at GI Joe's! - Andrea Martini