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Alex's Coupons Posters
Alex's Coupons brings you low cost, secure and reliable Linux Posters for as little as $10/month (prepaid annually).

Check out our Five Posters Packages. Then Sign Up for the Package that suits you best. We offer a 30 day, "no questions asked," Money Back Guarantee, along with a reputation for outstanding customer service to make web hosting an enjoyable experience for you.

If you have any questions about Posters please Click Here to contact our Posters Support.

In addition to hosting we also run an award winning Web Design firm - Glen Cove Computing. Among our awards are a SXSW Interactive Festival nomination for Redjellyfish.com. Check out our portfolio for other samples of our work. Then give us a call at (253) 858-6025 or email us for a quote.


RedHat Linux is the traditional web hosting platform that powers web sites on an extremely reliable and robust platform. All Linux accounts contain access to the best live automated control panel offered anywhere! 

Linux has the traditional advantage in the hosting game. Linux is the OS that powers most of the popular sites out there. At Alex's Coupons we run RedHat Linux as our Linux based hosting OS. Linux has gained a reputation for being a rock-solid, extremely stable, operating system.


Alex's Coupons is home to the best account control panel anywhere! Our live Control Panel provides a web based interface for basically every single option available in your Linux account.


You can set up mySQL with your account for database hosting. We do recommend this option only to users experienced with SQL management. More information on mySQL is available here.


Our Linux accounts support numerous CGI programming languages, including the most popular of them all, Perl. We also fully support SSI (server side includes). Our control panel provides a number of already-written CGI programs that can be incorporated into your web site just by copying a line of HTML.


If you are going to even consider e-commerce, then SSL is a must! Using our secure certificate you will be able to incorporate secure transactions into your web site, giving your customers total confidence in doing business with your company.


Your data is very important, and keeping it secure is something that Linux still does best. Multiple processes are available on Linux to insure that your users only have access to the data they should, and not your private files.


The most popular site development program on the market, Microsoft FrontPage, allows webmasters to create, modify, and add features to their site. FrontPage "web bots" allow for CGI-emulated programs without having to go to all the work usually required to set up CGI program.


Linux can be a bit intimidating to first time users; however, we make the accounts as simple as possible to use. Common sense aliases such as "WWW" or "FTP" are shown as soon as you FTP into your account so you know exactly where to put what type of files. 


We'll reply to all support inquiries within 24 hours or less. We strive to resolve all issues quickly and efficiently.


No other web host can beat our mix of features, support, reliability and price.


Sites We Host 

ABC Painting
Alex Update

Baylink Ferries
Cal Maritime Academy

California Rideshare
Glen Cove Computing
Jeffco Painting
Just Desserts Cafe

Real Estate Workshops
Vallejo Transit
XKT Engineering

Great Features! 

Web Based Control Panel lets you easily add over 40 features to your account in real time.

Full shell account access to your account using SSH.

PHPMyAdmin for MySQL Administration.

Outstanding uptime, with average server load below 10% at all times.

The latest versions of Perl, PHP, MySQL, and Apache. WAP / WML capabilities.

Ability to add custom components giving you control on how to design the site.

FrontPage Server Extensions available on every account.

Full Access to CGI-BIN for Professional and higher accounts.

Free access to pre-installed SSL certificate available on Professional or higher accounts.

Graphical Stats giving you an easy to read report of how many visitors are coming to your site with 100's of details about them.

Password protect your site or directories from the easy to use Control Panel.