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Did you know when buying items and services online there are often great discounts readily available?

During the payment process many online stores will have a field to enter a coupon or promotion code. Entering a special code will give you a discounted rate or free extras.


STEP 1: Make a note of the online store you are buying something from. For example Sears

STEP 2: Visit

STEP 3: Enter the name of the store from step 1 into the search box and press the "Get Coupons" button

STEP 4: You should now be presented with any coupons or offers available for that store. The coupon code will be listed in the "Coupon Code" column. Make a note of the coupon code and click on it to be taken back to the store. In some cases there will only be a "Click Here" link instead of a coupon code.

STEP 5: If the offer has a coupon code enter it at checkout. If the offer does not have a coupon code the promotion will be added to your shopping cart automatically.

STEP 6: Need help finding a coupon? Contact us & we'll search for you!

Thanks for shopping through Alex's Coupons!