Organic Treats Do the Trick...

The Bite

You don’t have to choose between chemical-laden commercial candy and those tiny boxes of raisins when buying treats for the neighborhood ghouls and goblins. Hand out organic sweets this Halloween and be the hippest house on the block.

The Benefits

Supports sustainable agriculture.

When parents pilfer their children’s candy (and you know they will), they might get turned onto organics.

Feel better about bingeing on the leftovers.

Personally Speaking

Heather’s never had a trick or treater visit her Brooklyn apartment, but she plans to buy some organic chocolate “just in case.”  Jen plans on dressing Cricket up as a mule and giving out organic candy to the Montana kiddies.

Wanna Try?

Endangered Species Organic Milk Chocolate Bug Bites and Dark Chocolate Bug Bites. Each *Bite* (love the name!) contains a trading card promoting beneficial bugs as alternatives to chemical pesticides (64 for $28.99).

Endangered Species Chocolate Chimp Mints. All profits go to support the Jane Goodall Foundation ($0.45 each when bought in bulk).

Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Miniatures. Seriously yummy. ($.29 each or 25 for $6.99).

Organic Lemon Lollipops by Candy Tree. (7 pops for $2.35).

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