All I Want for Christmas is an iFrogz

Note: I'm hoping that my wife Andrea (or some other member of my family) will see this post and find out what I really want for Christmas, and I'm not talking about Bert Boxers!

Ever since I got my video iPod earlier this year I've been looking for a decent case for it. I bought a cheap one ($20) from Office Depot a few months ago, but in addition to being a cheap piece of crap, it's also really ugly. Well I was surfing the other night and I came across iFrogz and I think I've finally found my case. They have a Flash application that allows you to customize the colors of your case and see in real-time what your case will look like. You can even upload your own photos for the overlay image (i.e. the image that goes over the dial). I chose a beach color scheme to match the image that I uploaded for my case:

This is by far my favorite photo of Nick and Alex together. Mostly because it captures one of those rare moments when they're not fighting! We're even planning  to use it for our Christmas cards this year in the somewhat unlikely event that we get our Christmas cards out this year. Since Alex was born we've managed to send out Christmas cards twice in nine years. Granted we've had some pretty good excuses in the past (e.g. Leukemia, transplants, near death experiences, etc...), but I'm really hoping we manage to get them sent out this year. If only because I really like this photo!

Now back to my pathetic plea for a decent Christmas gift. In addition to all of this great stuff, the iFrogz case even comes with a free belt clip (Geek Chic!). Note to Andrea: I promise not to wear the belt clip in public (she hates when I wear Geek wear!) And finally there's a 10% off purchase coupon (holidaysavings) right now that brings the price down to $26.10!

All in all these look pretty slick so hopefully someone will get the hint and donate the boxers she probably already bought to Goodwill! I'm sure somebody else could really get some mileage out of "Talk Nerdy to Me" boxers!

-- Todd

P.S. They even make iPod Cases called Tadpoles for kids!


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