Write in the answers to these questions from
the famous poem by Clement C. Moore.

    1. Why did St Nick put his finger aside his nose and give a nod? ___________________

    2. What was "not even" stirring all through the house? ___________________

    3. How many reindeer did he see? ___________________

    4. What did St Nick do to get his "team" to fly away? ___________________

    5. What had he and mamma just settled down for? ___________________

    6. What visions did the children have snug in their beds? ___________________

    7. What did St. Nick exclaim as he drove out of sight. ___________________

    8. What did St. Nick have flung on his back? ___________________

    9. What to his wondering eyes appeared? ___________________

    10. The color of St. Nick's beard was compared to what? ___________________

    11. The smoke from St Nick's pipe formed what shape over his head? ___________________

    12. He heard "prancing" and what else on the roof? ___________________

    13. How was St. Nicholas dressed? ___________________

    14. What did the author do after he tore open the shutters? ___________________

    15. What did St. Nick hold tight in his teeth? ___________________

    16. St. Nick's cheeks looked like what? ___________________

    17. What were St Nick's clothes tarnished with? ___________________

    18. St. Nick's belly did what when he laughed? ___________________

    19. What was his nose described to look like? ___________________

    20. How were the stockings hung by the chimney? ___________________

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