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September 20, 2006
Exclusive Coupon from Taraluna! Exclusive Offer from Better World Club!
Taraluna wants you to feel good about shopping with them so the products and gifts that they carry are fair trade, organic or otherwise green.

They offer an alternative to mass produced, chemically infused, and sweatshop labor products. Their gifts and products are environmentally sustainable, socially responsible and as natural as possible. If you are a conscious consumer looking for more you have come to the right place.

Taraluna has graciously allowed us to offer the following exclusive coupon to our visitors:

10% off Purchase using coupon code Alex

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Switch to a roadside assistance club that lives up to your values. If you want the safety and security of proven roadside assistance, but not the baggage of a company dedicated to more roads, more pollution and more gas guzzling, switch to Better World Club, the greener, cooler alternative to AAA. They give you the same quality 24-hour roadside assistance, plus:

  • great travel discounts
  • free maps and trip planning
  • hotel and rental car discounts
  • Bicycle Roadside Assistance plan

Better World Club has graciously allowed us to offer the following exclusive offer to our visitors:

10% off Regular Rates; 15% off Regular Rates if you own a Hybrid

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Is Your Mailbox a Junk Mail Graveyard?
(reprinted from Ideal Bite)

The Bite:

Junk mail is more than simply annoying it also uses valuable natural resources like trees, water, and energy. Give your postman a lighter load to carry this year and eliminate your catalog clutter.

The Benefits

Shop online and save resources! U.S. catalogue companies sent out 17 billion catalogues last year - 59 for every man, woman and child in the nation. 

Discourage non-recycled paper by halting catalog sends. Many of the biggest company mailers and mags use no recycled content.

Cut paper use.  Magazine production in the U.S. uses more than 2.2 million tons of paper per year and the number is increasing annually. 

Personally Speaking

We both signed up to stop our junk mail with the DMA link below. It works, but you need to re-do it each time you move.

Wanna Try?

Other thoughts on eliminating junk mail?  Tell us about them at the Ideal Bite Blog.

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Exclusive Coupon from BTC Elements! Featured Product

BTC Elements provides sustainable products that are high quality and stylish, inspiring consumers to create an earth friendly and socially conscious lifestyle. We strive to channel the power of the consumer into a path that creates broad prosperity for the shopper, the producer, and the environment.

BTC Elements has graciously allowed us to offer the following exclusive coupon to our visitors:

10% off Sustainable Apparel and Accessories for Men and Women using coupon code 4Alex

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The Envirocycle ComposterEnvirocycle has created this composter, which produces quality compost and compost tea quickly and easily. Its user-friendly, eliminates mess and odor, and is compact making it perfect for those with limited space. The Envirocycle composter produces quality compost by its rolling and mixing action which keeps the ingredients well mixed and aerated. Use it on your house plants, outdoor plants, flowers, trees, shrubs, garden and lawn.

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