Unscramble the following words...

k s g i a h g v t n i n _______________________

l y o d h i a   a l e m ______________________

y k r u e t _______________________________

f t g i s n u f _____________________________

a y m f l i _______________________________

d n n i i a   r o n c ________________________

r d a a e p ______________________________

n c o u a o p r c i ________________________

b r v e m n e o ___________________________

r l p i g s i m _____________________________

l i m l a i w   d r o b a f r d ________________

e t t r a y   f o   n s p i f e d i r h _____________

f r a w y o l e m _______________________

f h l u a k n t __________________________

m g a w o a a n p ______________________

e h i f c   s a a s o s t i m ________________

m h p y u l o t _________________________

t a f e s _______________________________

s a a t s t h u m c s s e __________________

k p p i u m n   e i p _____________________

l o f b l o t a ___________________________

n o h j   s t i h m _______________________

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