Match the clues to the NFL
football team name.

    a. People who love to use credit cards.

    b. Cochise, White Eagle, Lone Wolf

    c. Referred to as bald

    d. "Remember the ________?"

    e. Aquatic mammals

    f. Sea fairing birds of prey

    g. 737, F-16, Lear, and Concord

    h. Scandinavian warriors

    i. Panda, Brown, and Spectacled

    j. Canonized people

    k. Large black birds

    l. Random Access Memory chips

    m. Young male horses

    n. Leo, Simba, and Clarence

    o. Revere, Adams, Henry, Jefferson

    p. Seven to the power of two

    q. Buffalo Bill, Lone Ranger, Wild Bill, Will Rogers

    r. Sir Henry Morgan, Blackbeard, Long John Silver

      ___ Cowboys
      ___ Titans
      ___ Saints
      ___ Rams
      ___ Jets
      ___ Chargers
      ___ Vikings
      ___ Eagles
      ___ Bears
      ___ Lions
      ___ Colts
      ___ 49ers
      ___ Chiefs
      ___ Patriots
      ___ Dolphins
      ___ Seahawks
      ___ Buccaneers
      ___ Ravens
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